Passions Update Wednesday 10/24/01



Passions Update Wednesday 10/24/01

By Eva

 In Bermuda, "Diana" talks to Liz and Brian and thanks them for all they have done for her. She also tells them that she wishes she had never remembered the man she loved because now that she knows he is dead she feels more lost and alone then ever.  Liz asks "Diana" if she is sure the man she loves is dead. " Diana " says the only clear memory she has is of grieving over his body.  "Diana" fears that now she will never get back home because no one is looking for her.

Outside Tabitha's house, Hank talks to Luis and expresses his doubts about David's motives for offering to help rebuild Grace's house.  

Inside Tabitha's house, Sam catches Grace waving at David who is working outside.  
Meanwhile at Theresa's house, Ethan and Theresa go into the kitchen to fill out yet another marriage license application.  Chad and Whitney worry about what will happen if Ethan finds out about Julian and Theresa's marriage.  

At the Crane mansion, Julian is angry that Rebecca tricked him into signing a marriage license application.  Julian tries to stall Rebecca by saying he can't marry her while Ivy is contesting the divorce.  Rebecca tells him she consulted her lawyer and he told her that Ivy can contest the divorce as long as she wants but the divorce is still legal so there is nothing to prevent them from getting married tomorrow.  

In Ivy's bedroom, Ivy talks to the head of Crane security and tells him to go to Bermuda to see what he can dig up about Julian and Theresa.  

In Tabitha's house, Sam and Grace continue their conversation, Grace says "Sam I love you and in my heart you are my husband" Grace urges Sam to be Civil to David because he must be a decent man or else she never would have married him.  

In Ivy's room, When the security man leaves Ivy vows that if Julian and Theresa are keeping something from her son that could hurt him she will fill Theresa's life with pain.

Elsewhere in the mansion, Rebecca becomes suspicious when Julian remains hesitant about marrying her tomorrow.  Rebecca asks Julian if he married Theresa in Bermuda.  Julian says that is ridiculous and again repeats the story about Theresa mistaking the annulment papers for loan papers.  Rebecca tells Julian if he doesn't marry her tomorrow she will be forced to tell everyone he killed his sister.

Meanwhile at Theresa's house, Whitney wonders how Theresa will be able to sign the marriage license application when she is already married.  Theresa says she is positive the annulment papers will go through in time because Rebecca is pressuring Julian to marry him so he has to file the papers.  Theresa tells Whitney "signing the application isn't a crime but filing it is a crime."

At the Crane mansion, Julian calls Harper to ask about the annulment papers.  Harper tells him that he is sending a messenger to pick them up in Bermuda as soon as the courthouse opens so it is possible his marriage could be dissolved tomorrow. Harper warns Julian that if the papers don't go through in time and he marries Rebecca he would be a bigamist.  Julian carefully considers his choices 1 go to jail for killing Sheridan 2 go to jail for bigamy 3 get killed by Ethan and Luis for marrying and sleeping with Theresa.  Julian decides to marry Rebecca and take his chances with bigamy.  

In Bermuda, "Diana" cries because she fears the man she loved was her only chance at finding out her true identity and since he is dead she may never find out her true identity.  

Meanwhile at the book Cafe, Luis tells Hank that seeing David's love for Grace and how he never gave up hope that he would find her makes him doubt that Sheridan died. Luis thinks he gave up hope on Sheridan too soon.  

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, Sam confesses to Grace that he is scared that if she remembers her past she will remember David is the love of her life.  Grace says its pointless to think that way because she doesn't remember anything before she met him.  Grace asks Sam if he still has feelings for Ivy.  Sam tells Grace that Ivy isn't the Great love of his life Grace is the great love of his life and he doesn't have feelings for Ivy anymore.  Grace tells Sam she fears Ivy will be a bigger threat to their marriage then David.  

At the Crane mansion, Rebecca tells Ivy she and Julian will marry tomorrow.  Ivy warns Rebecca to watch her back because being Mrs. Crane carries a lot of unexpected baggage.

Meanwhile at Theresa's house, Theresa signs the marriage license application.  Ethan says he wants to take it down to the courthouse right away because he has a friend who can file it tomorrow morning.  Theresa stops him and Ethan wonders why.  
Theresa tells him that she wants to go with him to file the application and she can't today because she is busy with wedding preparations.  Theresa urges him to wait until tomorrow and Ethan agrees.

In Bermuda, "Diana" wonders if she didn't try to take her life because she was so devastated over losing the man she loved.  She says that maybe she was so unhappy that is why she doesn't want to remember her past.  Brian says that he doesn't think she would ever do that because he thinks she was happy with her life.   Brian says even though she may feel lost sometimes she never has to feel alone again.  

At the book Cafe, David offers his sympathy to Luis and says that he was once in a similar situation.  David tells Luis to not give up hope.  Luis likes David and tells Hank that he seems like a decent man.  Hank thinks that David seems too perfect.
Hank wonders why David didn't turn up when Sam investigated Grace's past 20 years ago.  Luis says that maybe he was out of the country on assuagement and couldn't be reached.  Hank still senses there is something that isn't right about David.

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