Passions Update Tuesday 10/23/01



Passions Update Tuesday 10/23/01 (Wednesday 10/24/01USA)

By Glynis

Ivy is getting help from the Head of Security about what .Julian and Theresa were involved in together. They are hiding something that Ivy wants to find out what that something is. She wants the man to find out what the secret is and he is not to return until they find out what the secret is.

Chad and Whitney are with Ethan and she is glad that Chad hasnít decided to tell Ethan that Theresa and .Julian spent the night together. Everyoneís lives could just go up in smoke. Theresa and Ethan are signing their marriage licenses together. Whitney warns her not to do that, but she does it anyway. Ethan wants to go over to the courthouse right away but Theresa tells him that he canít do that. He wants to know why not.

Julian is trying to get out of marrying Rebecca the following day. He finds her actions hasty but she doesnít care. They are not going to wait anymore. Ivy will be contesting the divorce and Rebecca doesnít want to give her the chance. Julian promotes that he is not hiding anything from her. Julian has been acting very nervous. Rebecca asks him point blank if he is married to Theresa.

Grace tells Sam that David knows that he doesnít have a chance with her. Grace thinks that Ivy is the one that they have to worry about. Sam tells her again that Ivy isnít the love of his life. Grace canít remember the things that Sam said to Ivy when she was in her coma. Sam had to do that to save her life. Sam didnít realize that things had been so hard for Grace. Grace thinks that if they stay honest, they will be okay. No one will every be able to get in between them if they do that for each other. He reaches over and kisses his lovely wife. David sees them through the window.

Rebecca shows Ivy that Julian has signed the marriage license. Ivy thinks that will never happen. Rebecca proves that there is no reason why she canít marry Julian now. Ivy warns her that Julianís wife usually gets stuck with lots of other baggage. She will learn that. She gives Rebecca a taste of what it is like to be a Crane wife. Rebecca thinks that she will handle things just fine.

Julian gets on the phone and talks to Harper about his situation. Harper tells him that more annulment papers are coming but he canít promise how soon. Julian has to play on an clean up this mess later. Julian could go to jail for this. If Luis finds out that Julian married his sister, he will kill him on the spot.

Sheridan is trying to piece together her life that she has lost. She thinks that maybe she wanted to die but Brian disagrees. He thinks that she really loved her life. She is a lot like the people on the island, but they know who they are and where they have been. Everyone comes from different places, but they ended up there because they decided to leave their past behind them, but ĎDianaí didnít have that choice. Sometimes she may feel lost, but she will never feel alone again.

Luis is with Hank out for a coffee. David is at the same coffeehouse getting an order and he sees Hank and Luis together. He tells Luis that he is sorry to hear about Sheridan. He has been in the same circumstances himself. Luis believes in miracles and he looks at David as an example. Luis finds him to be alright. Hank finds him to be too alright. Hank thinks that David should have been able to find Grace long before he did. David returns and finds that Sam and Grace are having a moment. Grace canít tell Sam that she doesnít have any feelings for David. She canít do that because David is the only one that has keys to her past. She keeps seeing Davidís side and that seems like she would like him to stay in town forever.

Julian comes downstairs and hears the women fighting. Ivy asks him why he looks so miserable. She asks him if more of his secrets are exposed.

Hank and Luis are talking when they hear Beth shouting into the phone. They go over to her. "Please tell me that this is a mistake."

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