Passions Update Monday 10/22/01



Passions Update Monday 10/22/01

By Eva

Outside Tabitha's house, Kay tells Simone that David is Grace's husband.  Kay is depressed and thinks her whole life is ruined because her parents aren't legally married. Kay tells Simone that she has tried to be good and this is what happened to her.  Kay tells Simone that all the good people of Harmony have bad things happening in their lives so what is the point of being good.  Simone tries to encourage her friend by telling her that good always wins in the end but Kay refuses to listen and makes a decision to just grab what she wants and not worry about being good.

At the Crane Mansion, Ivy discovers Julian and Theresa's annulment papers and when she sees Theresa's signature on them she deduces that Julian and Theresa were married in Bermuda.  Ethan asks Theresa if this true just as Rebecca walks in and says "I'd like to know the answer to that question myself."  

Meanwhile at the Harmony police station, Luis hopes that someone in Bermuda will recognize Sheridan's picture on the flyer which he has faxed to all the major hotels in the area.  Sam worries that his friend may get hurt again and advises him not to get his hopes up.  

In Bermuda, "Diana" is positive that the fax is about her and she is positive it will prove her true identity.  

At the police station, Sam offers support to Luis Sam tells Luis that he and Sheridan have the special kind of love that he and Grace also share and if it was Grace that was missing he would be searching for her too.  Luis also offers Sam support to Sam about his marriage to Grace.  Luis says that he is confident that Sam and Grace can survive whatever comes their way.  Sam tells Luis that he should consider taking a leave of absence from the police department.  

In Bermuda, "Diana receives the fax cover sheet that says that a photograph is to follow but the fax machine runs out of paper before the photograph comes through.   "Diana" tells Liz and Brian that she is eager to find out who the man in her memory is so that she can go back to her life.

Meanwhile at the mansion, Rebecca also takes a look at the annulment papers and comes to the conclusion that Theresa and Julian were married in Bermuda.  Rebecca accuses the Lopez-Fitzgerald family of being gold diggers who are only after the Crane money.  This makes Pillar fighting mad and she starts to go after Rebecca but Ethan holds her back because he is sure there is a reasonable explanation for the situation. Ethan patiently waits for an explanation from Theresa.

Outside Tabitha's house, Simone begs Kay not to use the situation with her parents as an excuse to be bad. Simone tells Kay to follow her mother's example and be good just as Simone finishes saying this Simone and Kay are shocked to see Grace kissing David.  

In Bermuda, "Diana" thanks Brian for all his help and support.  she says that in the memories she had she could feel that this man and she loved each other very much. "Diana" tells Brian that she wants to know everything she can about the man in her memories.

Meanwhile at the police station, Luis shares the good news about finding Sheridan's flower with Beth.  Beth tells Luis that she sent him the flower to give him a special memory of Sheridan.  Beth says she didn't intend to give him false hope and she asks Luis to forgive her.  

Outside Tabitha's house, Kay gets angry and accuses David of taking advantage of her mother.  Grace steps in and says that David did nothing wrong because she let him kiss her.  

Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Theresa tells Ethan that she thought she was signing loan papers for the money Julian loaned her to start Ethan's law practice. Ethan believes Theresa and thanks her for trying to do something to help him but he won't take money from Julian.  Ethan tears up the check from Julian.

In Bermuda, The police Captain wonders why the picture of Sheridan didn't go through to Liz's hotel.  The Captain is about to send the picture again when Luis calls and tells him to cancel the fax.  The Captain tells Luis that he sent the fax to every location on the list but one hotel.  Luis says to cancel the transmission to that hotel. "Diana" receives the fax and says "oh my God" The fax page is blank because the transmission was canceled.  Liz calls the Police Captain who tells her the fax was a mistake.

In Harmony Luis grieves for Sheridan all over again but this time he shares his grief and memories of Sheridan with Beth.  

Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Ivy and Rebecca both wonder what Julian is doing with annulment papers.  Julian says that Harper drew them up because he thought Ivy might want an annulment.  Ethan says his mother will not get an annulment and will continue to contest the divorce.  Ethan tears up the annulment papers.  

Outside Tabitha's house, Kay lashes out at David for tearing her family apart.  Grace defends David and tells Kay that David has done nothing wrong.  Sam walks out and sees Kay crying and asks David what he has done now.

In Bermuda, Brian shares "Diana's" disappointment over the mistake.  Liz tells "Diana" that things will work out when the time is right.  Brian urges "Diana" to be patient and try to remember.  "Diana' has a memory of grieving and crying while staring at the man she loves.  "Diana" assumes the man she loves is dead and she begins to cry as Brian holds her.

In Harmony, Luis shares with Beth the time he and Sheridan were locked in a vault and he almost died but he came back to her because he couldn't stand to see Sheridan in so much grief.

Outside Tabitha's house, Kay is so angry at grace she blurts out that she found David and grace kissing. Kay apologizes to her father he tells her everything will be all right but Kay doesn't believe him and runs in the house crying.  

At the Crane mansion, Ivy and Rebecca finally agree on something they don't buy Julian's story about the annulment papers.

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