Passions Update Wednesday 10/17/01



Passions Update Wednesday 10/17/01

By Eva

 At the Crane Mansion, Rebecca moves in but she and Gwen are more then a little surpassed to find Pilar still working there.  Pilar and Rebecca have an argument when Pilar refuses to obey her orders.  Gwen advises her mother to wait to move into the mansion because now that Ivy is contesting the divorce it might take some time for her to become Mrs. Crane.  Rebecca says that as long as Ivy is staying in the house she has to protect her territory.  Rebecca vows to find out what is going on with Julian before the day is out.  

In Julian's study, Julian talks to his lawyer about his sticky situation with his two wives and fiancée.  Julian orders Harper to get his marriage to Theresa annulled without saying anything to Alistair.  Harper refuses and quits but just as Harper is headed toward the door Alistair calls and wants to speak to Julian and Harper.

Meanwhile at the Lopez- Fitzgerald house, Whitney begs Theresa to tell Ethan the truth before he finds out the truth for himself.  Ethan walks in and asks what he needs to know the truth about.  Theresa covers and says that she wanted to surprise him with breakfast.  

Luis dreams of Sheridan but he can only see her silhouette she tells him that she is there and that she is alive.  In his dream he opens the door to his room and follows Sheridan outside.  Sheridan is holding a rose and she tells him that as long as the roses outside the cottage are in bloom outside the cottage he will know that she loves him and whenever he looks at a rose he will know that she is there with him.  When he goes to hold Sheridan she disappears and Luis wakes up.  

At the Crane mansion, Alistair wants to know why Ivy is moving back in the house. Julian tells his father that Ivy is contesting the divorce and Ethan is helping her.  Alistair orders Harper to get Julian out of this mess because he needs to marry Rebecca as soon as possible Rebecca knows too many dangerous secrets about the Cranes.  

At the Lopez- Fitzgerald house, Ethan decides to open his own law practice because Julian has black balled him and he can't get a job at any Law firm in Harmony.  Ethan says he wants to help women like his mother who are trapped in marriages that are beyond their control.  Ethan asks Theresa if she would consider going back to work for his mother Theresa refuses because Ivy is still angry at her because she thinks Theresa sent the e-mail to the tabloid.  Theresa says she wants to be Ethan's secretary.  Ethan agrees to the idea.  

At the Crane mansion Rebecca and Gwen try to figure out what is going on with Julian.  Rebecca has a feeling that Julian doesn't want to marry her.  Rebecca tells Gwen "If I find out that Julian doesn't want to marry me I am going to make him pay and I know enough about Julian to bring down the entire Crane empire." Pilar wonders why Rebecca brought a shotgun into the house.

Meanwhile at the Lopez Fitzgerald house, Theresa he can use the Lopez- Fitzgerald living room as an office for his new office.  Luis agrees to the IDA.  Luis also decides to go back to work.

In Bermuda, "Diana" has a dream about crashing into a car.  Brian wonders if he should wake "Diana" up but Liz talks him out of it because maybe through her dreams she can discover her identity.  Brian tells Liz that he wouldn't mind if "Diana" wouldn't remember her past. Liz thinks that Brian wants "Diana" to spend enough time with him in Bermuda so that eventually she will fall in love with him and when she does remember her past she won't want to leave him.  "Diana" begins to wake up.

Meanwhile at the Lopez - Fitzgerald house, Ethan worries that now he doesn't have the Crane money he won't be able to start his law practice. Theresa decides to take advantage of her status as Mrs. Crane to ask Julian for the money Ethan needs.

Meanwhile at the Crane Mansion, Pilar overhears Julian talking to Harper about his night with Theresa and how much he wishes he could be with her again.  Pilar gets angry and goes after him again.  She punches him and slaps him.  Pilar tells him that if he touches her daughter again she will kill him herself with poison.  Julian cowers in a corner and promises not to lay a hand on Theresa.

Meanwhile at the police station, Luis's fellow police officers welcome him back to work and express their sympathy.  Luis starts to work but sees Sheridan's picture.  A fellow police officer brings Luis some mail.  Luis asks his friend to bring him a box because he wants to go home to answer his mail.  When Luis starts putting his mail in the box he sees a red rose on his desk and says Sheridan is alive.

In Bermuda , "Diana' Can't remember her dream and Brian is hopeful that when she remembers her past he will replace the man "Diana" loves. "Diana" is worried that she can't remember her dream and decides to go for a walk.  Brian wants to tag along. "Diana waits while Brian talks to Liz.  "Diana notices a red rose on Liz's window.

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