Passions Update Monday 10/15/01



Passions Update Monday 10/15/01

By Eva

 At the Crane mansion, The cat fight continues as Ivy fights to gain entrance to the Crane mansion she can recover in her own home.  Rebecca refuses to let her in and Ivy tries to charge in the door in her electric wheelchair but Rebecca holds on to the back end of the wheelchair to keep Ivy from moving.  

In the Crane study, Julian strongly urges his lawyer get his marriage to Theresa annulled as soon as possible.  Mr. Harper says he will do everything he can but since the marriage took place overseas an annulment takes more time.  

In Theresa's room, Pilar grows more angry as she imagines Julian kissing Theresa. Pilar scatters the things on Theresa's table and throws them to the floor some red ink opens and spills on Theresa's wedding dress.  Pilar cries at the sight of Theresa's dress.  Theresa arrives sees her mother crying and goes to comfort her and calm her down just then Ethan arrives and wants to know why Pilar is crying and if their is any way he could help.  Theresa covers for her mother who remains silent she tells Ethan that her mother is very upset because Sheridan died and Luis is in pain over her death.  Theresa also tells Ethan that Pilar is very upset and worried about Ivy and her injuries.

Meanwhile at the Lobster Shack, Luis is surpassed to find Beth and Hank and his date waiting for him.  When the girls excuse themselves to go to the restroom Luis confronts Hank about setting up a date with Beth.  Hank says it wasn't a date it was just a friendly dinner.  Luis informs Hank that he isn't interested in any other woman that Sheridan was the only one and he won't be disloyal to Sheridan's memory by dating another woman so soon.  Luis tells hank to make his apologies to Beth be he isn't ready for this right now.  Luis heads outside for some air.  

In Bermuda, "Diana" is distracted by the article on Sheridan crane that she read when she unwrapped her sandwich.  She wonders if she could be Sheridan Crane. Brian explains that when the first found her they all thought she might be Sheridan and he even called the Crane family but just before he spoke to them about her Liz saw the newspaper article that said that Sheridan's body had been found and that the body had been identified by fingerprints and dental records.  " Diana" is disappointed.

Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Julian hears the commotion going on outside and heads out to see what is going on.  Julian asks Ivy "are you still alive."  Ivy says that she knows that he tampered with her IV Julian she has no more claim on the mansion and he pushes Ivy's chair away from the door and lets it go while Eve chases after the chair.  Julian shuts the door and goes to have a drink with Rebecca.  Ivy vows to make them pay if it takes the rest of her life.  Ivy tells Eve that she is going to stay in her own home because Julian and Rebecca won't get rid of her that easily.

In Bermuda, Despite Brian's efforts to distract her "Diana" continues to be sad because she fears no one is looking for he she tells Brian she feels empty inside.
Brian tries to cheer her up by telling her that he knows someone must be looking for her.  "Diana" asks Brian to help her look for her family he promises to do anything she wants him to do.  

Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Ivy crashes her wheelchair through the door of the Crane mansion she screams when she sees how Rebecca has redecorated the house.  

Father Lonigan arrives at Theresa's house to speak to Pilar.  Pilar tells him that she will never forgive the Cranes.  She also says that she is beginning to lose her faith in God because she can't understand why God would let something so terrible happen to Theresa.  When father Lonigan asks what the Cranes have done to Theresa Pilar tells him Theresa's secret.

Outside the Lobster Shack, Luis has a vision of Sheridan but when he runs toward the vision it disappears.  Beth sees him and tells him she has never gotten over him but she realizes that Sheridan was the only woman for him.  Beth tells Luis she only wants to be there for him as a friend.  Beth says that she and Sheridan became friends and had many long talks.  Luis asks Beth to share with him what they talked about Beth agrees that they should mourn Sheridan together.  They both go back into the Lobster Shack to have dinner.  

In Theresa's bedroom, Theresa tries to persuade Ethan to postpone the wedding until Luis and Ivy are doing better but Ethan thinks that a wedding is just what everyone needs to cheer them up.

In Bermuda, "Diana" burns the newspaper article about Sheridan Crane in the fire before she and Brian head back to the hotel.

Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Rebecca stops Ivy and they continue their argument. Ivy tears up the divorce papers in front of Rebecca and tells her that she is still Mrs. Crane.  Eve tells Julian that if he doesn't allow Ivy to stay in the mansion while she recovers she will tell Luis and Ethan about his marriage to Theresa.  Julian tells her to go ahead and tell them everything.  

At Theresa's house, Ethan sees Father Lonigan talking to Pilar and asks the Father if he can marry he and Theresa as soon as he has space in his calendar but Father Lonigan refuses to marry Ethan and Theresa.

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