Passions Update Wednesday 10/10/01



Passions Update Wednesday 10/10/01

By Eva

 At the Book Cafe, Sam once again explains to Grace why he said the things he said to Ivy.  Grace says that their is no need to explain because she knows that he only told Ivy those things to give Ivy a reason to live.  Sam and Grace discuss the best way to explain about David to the kids.  They decide the straight forward truthful approach is best.  Sam assures Grace that their lives will remain normal.  David arrives and interrupts their conversation.  Sam asks him to stay because he needs to speak to him.

At Tabitha's house, Tabitha begs her friends in the basement for more time to make Kay evil again.  Kay knocks on the basement door.

In Bermuda, Brian asks Sheridan her name but Sheridan coughs and Liz gets her some water.  When Sheridan can finally speak she can't remember her name.  Liz calms her down and says she will check the missing persons reports to see anyone is looking for her.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Whitney begs her Mom to stop Luis and Ethan from killing Julian.  Eve refuses because she says he deserves whatever he will get for doing the things he did to Theresa.  Theresa also begs her mother to stop Luis and Ethan from hurting Julian because if they kill him they will go to jail. Pillar says Julian deserves what he gets for stealing her innocence.  Luis and Ethan get ready to pound on Julian even though they don't know what Julian has done to Theresa they know he has done something to her and that is enough to make them both angry.

At Tabitha's house, Tabitha's friends grant her more time to turn Kay to evil on one condition, if Kay doesn't turn evil and break up Charity and Miguel Tabitha and Timmy will roast in hell.  Tabitha runs upstairs to try and get Kay away from the basement door.  

Meanwhile at the hospital, Whitney begs Chad to stop Ethan and Luis but he tells her if Julian did something to Theresa he deserves everything that Ethan and Luis will do to him.  Ethan tells Julian "I will kill you myself if you did anything to hurt Theresa."  

Meanwhile at the book Cafe, Sam tells David that he believes everything he has said about he and Grace being husband and wife.  Grace and David are both surprised to hear this news.

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, Tabitha tells Kay that she was talking to her plants in the basement when Kay questions her about the heat and smoke in the basement Tabitha says her plants use a special grow lamp with a special air born fertilizer. Kay wants to go see how the greenhouse is set up because she wants to put one in the new house for Grace.  Tabitha says her plants are very sensitive to light and she sends Kay to the kitchen to make some tea.

In Bermuda, Sheridan is very upset when she can't remember her name Brian assures her that everything will be OK because when she sees her name on the list of missing people she will recognize it and then she will be able to go home.  

Meanwhile at the hospital, Theresa tries to stop the beating but her brother and Ethan tell her to get out of the way.  Hospital security arrives the guards grab Luis and Ethan.  Julian tells them to arrest Luis and Ethan for assault and battery.  Once the guards realize that it is Luis and Luis explains that Julian did something to his little sister they tell Luis to take the fight outside so they won't have to arrest him.

At Tabitha's house, Tabitha tells Timmy that once Kay finds out her parents aren't really married she will turn evil again.  

Meanwhile at the book Cafe, Sam tells David that he believes that David and Grace are married in the eyes of the church and the law but in his heart he and Grace are married and will always be together and matter what happens.  

In Bermuda, Liz tells Sheridan that all the people who were reported missing during the storm have been accounted for.  Sheridan's upset to learn that no one is searching for her.  She feels very alone and she worries that she has no family or friends or any place to go.  Brian offers to let her stay at Liz's hotel for as long as she needs to and he vows to get her back home when she remembers her name.  

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, Kay tells Tabitha that things have been hard for her since Charity has come to town but she doesn't blame Charity for the bad things that have happened to her family.  Kay now knows she was responsible for the bad things that have happened to her family.  Kay tells Tabitha that from now on she will be good so only good things will happen to her family.

Meanwhile at the book Cafe, Sam and Grace decide to call a family meeting to tell the kids about David.  Beth recognizes David as a famous photographer and decides to show him some of her pictures from her trip to get his opinion.  He tells Beth that the pictures are very good and asks where they were taken Beth tells him they were taken in Hartford Connecticut.  David covers and says that it has been 20 years since he has been to Hartford and it has Changed a lot.  Beth points out the Church where David and Grace were married and tells David that she was there and it was a beautiful church.  David turns around and stares at Sam and Grace from his place with Beth at the coffee bar.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Whitney is surpassed that her mother has no regard for Julian's life.  Eve finally stops Luis and Ethan from taking Julian outside in order to set a good example for her daughter.  Eve tells Ethan and Luis that she will tell them what happened and once they have all the facts they can decide what to do with Julian.  Eve tells them that Pillar was upset because Julian had gone to Ivy's room and upset her.  Pillar backs up her story and the guys let Julian go.  A nurse comes out and tells Julian to stay away from Ivy's room and not to tamper with her IV anymore. Ethan gets angry again and grabs Julian but Luis and Chad stop him.

Meanwhile at the book Cafe, Sam calls Kay and tells her to get the kids together for a family meeting.  Grace worries about how the kids will react to the news.

At the hospital, Eve tells Julian to get his marriage to Theresa annulled or he will be a dead man.

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