Passions Update Monday 10/8/01



Passions Update Monday 10/08/01

By Eva

In Bermuda, Brian dials the phone number to Crane Industries but hangs up the phone quickly.  Liz and Doc wonder why he doesn't want to make the call when Brian doesn't respond right away Liz tells Brian that the reason he isn't eager to place the call is because he is smitten with the mystery woman.  Liz says that if the woman is Sheridan she belongs with her family and fiancée.  

Meanwhile back in Harmony, Luis prays in the hospital chapel for God to bring Sheridan back to him.  Ethan comes in when Luis asks how Ivy is doing Ethan says she is doing better despite the fact the Doctor had to give her a sedative to calm her down after Julian's visit upset her.  Ethan shares his disappointment with Luis about finally realizing that Julian doesn't care about anyone but himself.  Ethan tells Luis that at one time he exactly thought Julian had a softer side but now he is glad that Julian isn't his real father. Ethan says he doesn't know how Julian has gotten away with all the rotten things he has done. Luis says that one day Julian will find himself in a situation from which he will not be able to escape.

In the hospital hall, Theresa and Whitney try to calm a distraught and very angry Pillar but she is to angry about what Julian has done to her daughter that when Julian walks by she goes after him.  Pillar slaps and punches him she also takes her long nails and tries to gouge out his eyes.  Pillar leave scratch marks all over Julia's face that draw some blood.

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, Tabitha and Timmy are called down to the basement for a not so friendly visit with her friends in the basement.  Tabitha tells Timmy that their friends in the basement may not be happy because Charity isn't dead yet.  Tabitha fears that she and Timmy are doomed.

At the hospital chapel, there is a sad tone in Ethan's voice as he tells Luis that he has finally realized that Julian is incapable of love.  He says that it has taken a long time for him to accept it but now he considers himself Lucky that he doesn't have any Crane blood running through his veins.  Ethan says that he feels sorry that Sheridan actually had Crane blood inside her.  Ethan and Luis both wonder how Sheridan was able to be such a loving kind and giving person having grown up in the Crane family.
They both share how much they miss her.  

In Bermuda, Brian finally speaks to Julian's lawyer Mr. Harper.  Brian tells him he has information about Mr. Crane's sister Sheridan and he asks to speak to Mr. Crane personally.  Mr. Harper refuses to give Brian Mr. Crane's personal number until Brian threatens to go to every newspaper in the country and tell them that Mr. Crane doesn't care about his sister.  Mr. Harper gives Brian Julian's cell phone number.  

In the hospital hall, Julian tries to explain things to Pillar but she continues to punch scratch and slap him until Eve arrives to break up the one sided fight.  Eve asks Pillar what in the world has got her so upset at Julian.  Pillar tells Eve she wants to kill Julian.

In Bermuda, Brian is still reluctant to call Julian's cell phone the phone rings its a call about supplies for Liz.  Brian goes to check on Sheridan or whoever the woman may be.  

Meanwhile at the hospital, Eve continues to press Pillar for more details on why she is so angry.  When Pillar is slow to respond Eve remembers that Pillar was upset earlier because she suspected Julian may have seduced Theresa.  Eve asks Pillar if Julian seduced Theresa through her tears Pillar nods her head yes.  

At Tabitha's house, Tabitha decides to beg her friends in the basement for more time because since they took away her powers she has been unable to fight the forces of good.  Timmy worries that they won't buy her flimsy excuses.  Tabitha tries to explain to her friends but they say now they are sending her back to the beginning by means of a vortex just as Tabitha and Timmy are sucked into the vortex we see Tabitha and Timmy were only looking into the future.  Since Tabitha and Timmy have seen their future they decide not to go down to the basement.  They go outside to think of a plan.

In Bermuda, Brian sits by Sheridan's bed and Daydreams that Sheridan is his wife and he is coming home from a hard day at work and they are happy.  He tells a sleeping Sheridan he wishes that his fantasy could come true.  

At the hospital chapel, Luis explains to Ethan why he was praying for a miracle because his heart is not able to accept that Sheridan is dead although his head knows the truth.  

In the hospital hall, Eve offers comfort and support to Pillar about Theresa.  Eve asks Whitney to explain what happened to Theresa as Whitney tells the story Eve has a memory about how Julian got her drunk while she was on a short break from singing at a nightclub.  Eve stops Whitney and a furious Eve storms off to find Julian who is in her office waiting for her to tend to his injuries.  

Outside Tabitha's house, Timmy tells Tabitha they should take a plane to New York and go to Honolulu from there.  They are about to make their getaway but they realize their feet are stuck to the ground unable to get free they fear they are doomed.

Meanwhile at the hospital Chapel, Ethan vows to love and protect Theresa he tells Luis "if anyone ever hurt her I would kill them."  

In Eve's office, Eve punches Julian and lets him know how despicable and horrible a pig he is for taking advantage of Theresa the same way he took advantage of her all those years ago.  When Julian explains that he had every right as a husband to be with Theresa Eve tells him that isn't an excuse for what he has done.  Eve tells Julian
"I should strap you to an operating table and let Pillar pluck out your eyes while I rip out your tongue so you won't do this to any other woman again."  Eve punches Julian again.

In Bermuda, Brian calls Julian but since he is in the middle of a confrontation he doesn't answer his phone but Brian continues to let it ring.  

In the hospital hall, Theresa explains to Pillar that she doesn't remember being with Julian because she was dreaming she was with Ethan and they were married and on their honeymoon.  Theresa and Pillar both cry and comfort each other. Theresa apologizes to her mother for not listening to her warnings to stay away from Julian.

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, Tabitha and Timmy decide to go down to the basement and face their doom together.  They say an emotional good-bye before they are pulled into the basement.  

In Eve's office, Eve goes after Julian with a scalpel and she tells Julian that she will show Luis and Ethan where to cut.

In the hospital hall, Luis and Ethan arrive and Luis wants to know what happened.

In Bermuda, Liz opens a package and gets a surprised look on her face.
Brian is about to hang up the phone when Julian finally answers his phone.  Brian tells him he has some news about his sister.

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