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Passions Update Wednesday 10/3/01

By Eva

At Tabitha's house, Tabitha and Timmy toast the fact that they escaped the warlocks and crazy Norma.  Tabitha is worried that when Charity realizes how powerful she is Tabitha and Timmy will be doomed.  

Outside Tabitha's house, Charity is very worried because she doesn't remember what she promised to give up in exchange for saving her friends.  She tells Miguel that she thinks she promised to never see him again.  Miguel says that she may be confused or she may have misinterpreted what the tree told her.  He says that even if she promised to never see him again nothing will keep him from seeing her again.

In Bermuda, Gwen offers support and a sympathetic ear to Ethan who is very worried about his mother.  When Ethan casually mentions that maybe he shouldn't be thinking about marrying Theresa while his mother is sick, Gwen asks if he has changed his mind about marrying Theresa. Ethan says he will marry Theresa just not right away.

In the Wedding Chapel, Julian confides in Bruce about his sticky situation and Bruce tells Julian that the Justice of the peace is hidden somewhere where no one will find him. Bruce tells Julian that the Justice of the peace is hidden in a closet outside the chapel because he wanted to tell everyone the truth.  Theresa and Whitney struggle to hide the fact that the Justice of the peace is hidden in the closet from a very curios Rebecca.

Outside on the beach, Chad tries to Luis to go back to Harmony with everyone.  Luis says that he isn't ready to leave the last place he and Sheridan were happy together. Luis tells Chad that maybe Sheridan might be on one of those boats making her way back to him.  Luis says he knows its a silly idea because he knows Sheridan is dead in his head but his heart hasn't accepted her death yet.  

On the fishing boat, Bryan vows to find Sheridan's family as soon as she gets medical attention.  He continues telling a sleeping Sheridan that he knows there must be someone out there who is worried sick about her.

Outside the Wedding Chapel, Julian stops a curious Rebecca from looking in the closet by telling her the hotel is infested with rats and there might be rats in the closet.  He promises to marry her in a wedding that honors their love as soon as they get back to Harmony.  Rebecca agrees and she and Gwen head to their room to pack.

Meanwhile at the beach, Chad offers words of comfort to Luis about Sheridan and what a wonderful person she was.  Luis tells Chad "Before Sheridan I saw the world in black and white then bam after Sheridan everything was in Technicolor." Luis heads back to the Hotel as the fishing boat prepares to dock.

At Tabitha's house, Tabitha tells Timmy that if Charity's powers come into bloom Charity will recognize Tabitha as a witch and get rid of her and Timmy.  She also tells Timmy that the only hope they have is if Charity gives up Miguel before they have a chance to make love.  Tabitha and Timmy go outside to eavesdrop on Miguel and Charity.

In Bermuda, Whitney advises Theresa not to tell Ethan the truth because in this case the truth will only cause more pain for the people involved.  Theresa and Whitney go inside the chapel and see Gwen talking to Ethan.

Outside Tabitha's house, Miguel urges Charity to forget about the past and concentrate on the future.  Charity says she won't be able to sleep until she finds out what she had to give up to save her friends.  She has the idea maybe if she talks to a tree again maybe it will tell her what she had to give up.  

In Bermuda, The fishing boat docks and Bryan heads to the hotel with Sheridan to call the doctor.  Chad, Whitney, Ethan and Theresa pack their bags to head back to Harmony.  One of the hotel clerks tells Luis that a fishing boat has picked up someone out at sea.  Luis thinks it may be Sheridan.  When the person is brought in Luis demands to see Who the person is but it is another woman.  Bryan brings Sheridan into the hotel using a different entrance so Luis doesn't see her.

On the airplane, Theresa continues to pressure Julian to have their marriage annulled.   When the flight attendant calls out Mrs. Crane both Theresa and Rebecca answer yes. Ethan and Rebecca wonder why Theresa answered She says that sometimes she forgets that Ethan's name is now Winthrop.  The flight attendant says that some luggage was left at the hotel with the name Mrs. Crane Rebecca says it must be hers because she changed all the names on the tags before she left Harmony. Luis arrives on the plane because he says there isn't any point in staying in Bermuda.

Outside Tabitha's house Charity talks to a tree and tells it to let he know what she will lose. After a few minutes the laves on the tree begin to move but their is no wind. Charity begs the tree to answer her question the tree says Miguel Miguel Charity hears it and knows she will lose Miguel.  Miguel doesn't hear anything but he holds Charity to calm her down. Charity hears the tree say Miguel Miguel again.

On the airplane, Ethan thanks Theresa for understanding that they have to postpone the wedding.  Ethan tells Theresa that for a while he thought she didn't want to marry her anymore.  Theresa says there is nothing she wants more than to be his wife. From the plane we hear Luis's voice say good-bye to Sheridan while we see Sheridan on a gurney waiting for the doctor with Bryan not very far away.  Bryan worries that if the doctor doesn't arrive soon it will be too late.

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