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Passions Update Monday 10/01/01

By Eva

In Bermuda, Rebecca continues to pressure Julian to marry her now. †When Julian hesitates she wonders if there is another reason he doesn't want to marry her. Julian says he just doesn't feel right about marrying her so soon after Sheridan's funeral. Rebecca reminds him if he doesn't marry her now she will tell everyone Julian had his sister killed.

Whitney tries to calm Theresa down when she worries that Luis and Ethan will find out she married Julian. Bruce burns the pictures of Julian and Theresa's wedding. The Justice of the peace has an attack of guilty conscience and tells Bruce he has to tell the truth but Bruce reminds him that he took a bribe to keep his mouth shut and if he knows what is good for him he will keep his mouth shut.

Meanwhile at the crematorium Chapel, Chad and Ethan watch Luis grieve over Sheridan. †Ethan and Chad both agree that it would tear them apart if they lost the women they love. †Ethan tells Chad that he is sure he and Whitney will work out their problems and get back together. †

Meanwhile at the hospital, Grace and Charity know that their prayers helped someone they know. †They wonder who their prayers may have helped. †

On the fishing boat, The men who rescued Sheridan see a strange bright light again. They begin CPR on Sheridan. †After several minutes of CPR the men get a very weak pulse from Sheridan. †They take Sheridan below and lay her in a bed and cover her with blankets to warm her up. †One of the men named Bryan goes above to talk to the captain so they can turn the boat around to get Sheridan medical attention.

Ethan overhears Theresa talking to Whitney about something disastrous. †When Ethan asks her what she is talking about she says she blames herself for everything that has happened. †Ethan tells her that she is not to blame for anything and they should leave the past in the past. †Ethan tells Theresa he wants to get married right away. †Theresa says she thinks it would not be respectful to get married so soon after Sheridan's funeral. †Luis overhears and tells to get married as soon as possible Sheridan would have wanted it that way.

At the hospital, Grace and Charity discuss the visions about Luis and Sheridan and Theresa. †Pillar overhears and wants to know what visions she saw concerning her children. †Though Charity is reluctant to say anything she finally tells Pillar the details of her visions. †Pillar is distraught and though Grace and Charity try to comfort her she remains inconsolable. †Grace sends Charity to get Eve.

Meanwhile at the wedding Chapel, Julian tries to stall and tells Rebecca he wants to make sure everything has been taken care of concerning Sheridan's funeral. †

Whitney is nervous for Theresa. †Julian asks to speak to Theresa about some matters regarding his divorce from Ivy. †(at least that is what he tells Ethan Luis and Chad). Theresa pressures Julian to get an annulment or she will tell everyone the truth. Whitney arrives and Julian tells Whitney and Theresa that Rebecca wants to get married right away. †Theresa and Whitney both tell Julian to get the annulment so they can all get on with their lives. †Julian tells Theresa that they could stay married and run away together. †Whitney and Theresa both tell Julian Theresa wants the annulment. †Julian tells Ethan not to waste any time and marry Theresa. †Luis says he can't imagine Theresa marrying anyone else.

On the fishing boat, The Captain refuses to turn the boat around he pulls a knife out on Bryan they fight. †The other rescuer watches Sheridan sleep and says "I don't know how much longer she can hold on if we don't head for shore right now this woman's a goner." †

Julian and Rebecca head for the wedding chapel. †Ethan tells Theresa he has a surpass for her. †Luis remembers Sheridan and says "if only I could have you back if only I could have saved you." †

On the fishing boat, After a good beating from Bryan the captain agrees to turn the boat around and head back to shore. †

Meanwhile at the wedding Chapel, Julian and Rebecca's wedding is about to start. †The wedding is interrupted by Ethan, Theresa, Whitney and Chad. †Ethan asks Julian and Rebecca if he and Theresa can share their day. †Theresa says she doesn't want to intrude on Julian and Rebecca's special day. †After much persuading Theresa finally agrees to Ethan's request and the double wedding begins. †

Luis wishes there was a way the sea could give Sheridan back to him. Bryan tells a sleeping Sheridan they will get her the help she needs.

 by Glynis

Chad and Ethan watch as Luis shows the pain of losing Sheridan. Chad canít imagine how Luis must feel. Ethan doesnít know what he would do if he ever lost Theresa. They have to give Luis time, what else can they do. His heart must feel like he is being torn apart. Whitney and Theresa arrive and they all canít believe that Rebecca showed up to Sheridanís wedding in a bridal gown. Ethan understands Rebecca and her wanting to get married aright away. Every moment is precious. Ethan wants to get married right away. Theresa is not sure. She thinks that they should wait. Sheridan is dead.

Rebecca is dressed in her wedding gown trying to convince Julian to marry her right away. He is trying to make her see that it is wrong to marry when her sister has just died. Rebecca tells him that if he doesnít marry her, he will be reading how he was the one that killed his sister in the paper. If he marries her, she will not be able to testify against him.

Luis is holding Sheridanís urn and talking to it. "I know that you are not coming back and I have to accept that, but how?"

Sheridan is alive. She barely has a pulse. She has been found by two seamen. They have to get medical attention to her or she will die. There is another sailor on board and he doesnít want to go back to shore even though Sheridan may die. He gets pretty beat up and then seems to agree to bring the boat back to shore.

Luis finds the others and hears Ethan asking Theresa to get married. Luis tells her that she should get married as soon as possible. If Sheridan were there, she would want Theresa to marry as soon as possible.

Julian wants to talk with Theresa in private and Theresa doesnít mind. Ethan and Luis give them a moment together. Whitney sees them walking off and Chad watches them. Theresa tells Julian to get the annulment as soon as possible. They are going to get found out. Her life is at stake. He knows that they had a wonderful wedding night, he just wishes that he could remember it. Whitney overhears this and rushes over to threaten Julian with telling everyone the truth. He alerts the girls that Rebecca wants to get married right now. Theresa tells him to make the annulment happen.

Pilar is upset that her family is always in trouble. Charity tries to calm him. She reveals that she has been having visions of Theresa. She was staring at a picture of Ethan crane and a man came up behind her and put his hand on her shoulder. She was drinking champagne. Pilar is very worried now. Her daughter decided to go and tell Julian to take Ethan back in the family. Pilar has to know if the man was Julian or not, but Charity canít be sure. Theresa is so naÔve and she could be making a horrible mistake. Charity has more to say. In the vision she saw Theresa making a mistake that could change her whole life. Grace tells her that earlier she prayed with Charity and she is sure that they were able to help someone. They donít know who, but they helped someone.

The whole group is there as Ethan begs Theresa to marry him. They decide to have a double wedding and the ceremony begins. Rebecca will marry Julian and Theresa will marry Ethan.

Luis is off alone with his urn of ashes. "I remember papa telling me to respect the sea and its great power". Luis has experienced the power of the sea first hand. The sea took his Sheridan away. She was the love of his life. The sea gives and takes equally. It might take the sand from the beach, but it will bring the sand as well to the beach.

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