Passions Update Wednesday 9/26/01



Passions Update Wednesday 9/26/01

By Eva

 On Warlock Island, Tabitha gloats to Timmy about escaping the warlocks and crazy Norma. Norma is still determined to kill Tabitha and Timmy.  Charity can't explain to Miguel and the others why she fainted and why she can't remember what happened to them.  Charity tells everyone that the only thing she remembers is that the tree spoke to her and told her she had the power to stop the storm.  Charity did what the tree and instructed and stopped the storm.

Meanwhile at the hospital Chapel, David continues to try and make Grace think that Sam still has feelings for Ivy.  Grace refuses to believe David and says there is only one thing she is sure of and that is that Sam loves her and Ivy is in the past.  

In Ivy's hospital room, Eve informs Sam that Ivy's heartbeat is very weak.  Eve says that Ivy needs something more from him.  Sam urges Ivy to live but Ivy asks him what she has to live for she is alone.  

In Bermuda, Luis waits anxiously for the doctor to examine the body to see if Sheridan's dental records and fingerprints match.

On Warlock Island, Everyone believes Charity's story but Kay.  Tabitha worries that Charity's powers to fight evil are getting stronger.  T. C.  and Hank arrive to pick up the kids.  

In Bermuda, Rebecca continues to push Julian to marry her as soon as Sheridan is confirmed dead or she will tell everyone he hired people to kill his own sister.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Eve tells Sam that she has done everything medically possible for Ivy.  In Ivy's mind she thinks that she is married to Sam and that they are raising Ethan together.  As everyone in the room hears her talking about this they notice that her heartbeat is getting stronger.  Eve tells Sam that in order for Ivy to fight to live she needs to think that she and Sam are a couple.  Sam needs to make Ivy feel like her wish has come true and Sam needs to tell Ivy that he loves her. At the hospital Chapel, David tells Grace she needs to face the fact that Sam still has feelings for his first love.  

In Bermuda, Rebecca tells Gwen she will do anything she has to do to become Mrs. Julian Crane. Theresa tells Julian that if he doesn't get their marriage annulled she will tell Ethan the truth.  The doctor finishes examining the body and informs Luis that the results were conclusive.  

On Warlock Island, The kids tell Hank and T. C.  what they have experienced on the island.  Charity tells T. C.  that the tree told her that if she saved her friends from the storm she would have to pay a price.  Tabitha figures out that the price Charity will pay is losing Miguel.  

Meanwhile at the hospital, Sam is hesitant about doing what Eve asks because he loves Grace.  Eve tells him "if you don't do this I'm afraid Ivy will die."  

In Bermuda, The doctor tells Luis that the fingerprints and dental records of the dead woman match those of Sheridan.  Luis is sure that the doctor has made a mistake he decides to compare the records received from Harmony and those taken by the doctor.

On Warlock Island, Everyone begins to head for the boat so they can go home.  Norma jumps out at them and says that no one is going anywhere.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Sam agrees to do what Eve wants him to do.  Sam tells Ivy that he will never leave her because life with her and Ethan means everything to him. He also tells her that all the dreams they had when they were younger have come true.  David asks Pillar and Eve if they have seen Grace they say they haven't seen her.  Eve and Pillar urge David to leave Harmony. David says that even if he left Harmony Ivy's presence would still stand between Sam and Grace.  Sam tells Ivy about their beautiful wedding. Grace listens just outside the door of the hospital room. Ivy realizes that she isn't married to Sam and she went back to Julian.  Ivy tells Sam she hasn't got any reason to live.  

In Bermuda, Everyone grieves over Sheridan's death.  Julian calls Allister to tell him Sheridan's death has been confirmed.  Luis prepares to tell everyone what he found when he compared the medical records.

On Warlock Island, T. C.  and Hank sneak up behind Norma and take the ax away from her they grab her by both arms and hold her tightly.  She screams that Tabitha is a witch and Timmy is alive.  She tells everyone she has proof.  

Meanwhile at the hospital, Sam tells Ivy that he had to move on with his life after she went back to Julian but "I have never stopped loving you Ivy not for a minute."

In Bermuda, Rebecca tells the Justice of the peace she is marrying Julian. Luis tells everyone the records match and he faces the fact Sheridan is dead

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