Passions Update Monday 9/24/01



Passions Update Monday 9/24/01

By Eva

Sam and David are at it again. David is pointing out that Sam doesn’t love Grace as much as he loves Ivy. Sam lunges at him grabbing his collar. Grace pleads for Sam to take his hands off David.

Norma is torturing one of the spirits when she realizes that two other spirits have her father’s skull. "Save me Norma! Norma! Save me!" The spirits hold up the skull as they marvel at the control that it has over Norma the freak!

Norma and Timmy are together. Tabitha is still sitting on the rack where she was being tickled to death. Timmy looks and sees that water is streaming into the cave. Timmy works to get his princess free and he does it. They can hear Norma screaming in the other cave trying to fight off the spirits. Tabitha and Timmy take this opportunity to escape and make tracks. The water is rising at an alarming rate. Timmy helps his princess down from the racks… Norma is in the other room and she manages to get her father’s skull back and the spirits roll out of her way as she is a terrible force to be reckoned with. Norma gets to where Tabitha and Timmy are standing in a corner. Norma is finally going to get her chance at trying to kill Tabitha.

The kids on the island have been swept into the water while trying to cross on a log. Charity is the only one that wasn’t taken by the wave of water. Kay panics and Miguel tries to save her. Charity watches frantically as her friends fight for their lives. Reese tries to look after Kay. He doesn’t know what would happen to him if anything happened to her. The kids are still thrashing around and Charity starts to pray. A voice comes o her telling her that she can save them. It is a voice from a tree. The tree is talking to her. "Most trees are alive but we don’t talk unless we have something to say… You and only you have the power to save your friends. Call upon your power to save your friends." Charity looks at her friends and thinks real hard about what the tree is telling her.

The body bag is there and Rebecca and Julian stand over it. Julian better hope that Sheridan is in that bag there. Rebecca has forgiven him and they can get married as soon as Sheridan’s body has been identified. Julian thinks back to his marriage to Theresa. He tells Rebecca that she is being callused and cold thinking that he could marry Rebecca right after learning that Sheridan is dead. She finds it hard to believe that he would be worried about marrying her when he is the one responsible for Sheridan’s death… Luis is there and he is warned that Sheridan is not in very good shape. The body has not only exploded, but it has been thrashed around during the storm. Luis starts undoing the body bag and Theresa stops her brother. This shouldn’t be his last memory of Sheridan. Luis feels that he doesn’t have to be protected. He continues opening the bag and everyone waits to see if he can recognize the body. "Is that your fiancée?" Luis is sure that the body is not Sheridan. The coast guard asks the other to have a quick look to see if the body belongs to Sheridan. He quickly unzips the bag. Chad and Whitney can’t say for sure if it is Sheridan. She had no birthmarks, and she took off her engagement ring. Her clothes were torn off in the storm. Rebecca thinks that they should just claim the body and get on with it. Luis knows that it isn’t Sheridan and he has a way to prove it.

Eve tells Sam that Ivy needs him. The last thing that she uttered before she went under was Sam’s name. Pilar knows that Ivy needs help from Sam right now. Pilar begs him not to let her die.

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