Passions Update Friday 9/21/01


Passions Update Friday 9/21/01

By Glynis

Sam is praying in church as Grace watches. Sam is telling God that if Grace died, he wouldn’t know what to do. David is watching as Grace comforts him telling her that she understands. Grace needs to go into surgery and she may die. Julian couldn’t care less. Grace can see that this means a lot to Sam that Grace survives. He cares about her because she is the mother of his child. Grace suspects that there is more to Sam’s feelings. He tells her that he was with Ivy in the park before and he realized how vulnerable she really is. She has been unhappy with Julian. She should have told him that Ethan was his son. She is hurting terribly and she knows that she made some mistakes. He feels for her. He feels sorry for the first time. He understands what she has been through. Grace tells him about being trapped in the shed with David and how he felt without her. Life is suddenly complicated. They have to face life face on. Ivy asked Sam to look after their son if anything happened. Sam wants him to have a life with his son. If Ethan is a part of Sam’s life, then he is a part of her life too. Sam doesn’t want to accept it but David is a part of their lives too. Sam can hide from this all he wants, but David is there and they have to deal with them. Sam thinks that Grace was married but maybe not to him. Sam has to stop fighting this. David walks in with coffees and offers it to Grace. Sam thanks him for the coffee but would appreciate him not calling ‘his wife’, ‘his wife’. Sam thinks that David is making things up. There is nothing in this for David. Sam has to accept this. Ivy is important to Sam, David sees that. Something kept Sam with Ivy, something kept him away from his wife. Sam threatens to fight David. David tried to be understanding and yet Sam still refuses to face the facts. In the eyes of God and the state, Grace is his wife. Sam tells her again that she is his wife. Nobody is going to take her away from Sam. David will be threatened all Sam wants, but he isn’t leaving Harmony without Grace.

Chad overhears Julian talking to Whitney. She helped him out and he offers her money. She tells him that he is a pig. He knows that Julian tried to take advantage of Theresa. She wants him to do something for her. Julian tells Whitney that she shouldn’t threaten him. He owns the hotel and he could have her and Chad arrested, but since she is a friend of Theresa’s he will let this slide. Chad is still listening. She wants him working on ending the marriage. Theresa needs to keep her mouth shut about the marriage. Whitney tells him that the sooner they get the marriage annulled, the better things will be. Whitney can barely shake his hand. Julian leaves and Chad comes over to her. Chad knows that she wants him to stay out of everything but he is worried about her. Apparently, he didn’t hear what Whitney was talking about with Julian and he is a little curious. She wants him to trust her about this. He is loyal to Ethan and he would want to tell Ethan what she knows.

Theresa is happy to lean that Sheridan is alive. She wants to be there when Sheridan returns. She is with Ethan and she wants to be with Luis. Everything seemed so bleak but now the starts are shining and everything is alive again. She is feeling much better and she attributes that to him being there with her. He apologizes to her for thinking that something else was going on with her. He jumped to conclusions and thought that Julian was taking advantage of her state. He loves her and she knows that. When he couldn’t find her and she didn’t answer to him. He began thinking crazy things. He behaved badly. Theresa doesn’t care about anything else. She feels that she is the one that should be apologizing. She shouldn’t have taken the sedative but she did because she thought that something happened to him and hid friends. Ethan feels the same way that he couldn’t be without Theresa. She has to tell him about a crazy dream that she had. The dream was about Julian in bed with her wanting to make love. How is she going to tell him? She thinks that the drug that the doctor gave her made her dream. She starts to tell him about the dream when Whitney appears telling her to get dressed to go and greet Sheridan. She tells Ethan to go out in the hallway with Chad so that she can have girl time with Theresa. Ethan gets up and leaves. Whitney tells Theresa that she didn’t have a crazy dream about her and Julian. She tells Theresa that she did sleep with Julian. Theresa denies it. Whitney tells her that she told her herself that she did sleep with Julian. This is why she can’t tell Ethan. Ethan and Luis will kill Julian if they find out. She should shut up and wait for the annulment.

Luis is talking downstairs to the coast patrol who is telling him that Sheridan is dead. Luis believes that she is alive. There is a body and they are going to need Luis to identify her. He will not believe that she was dead. The body was found at sea and is in a body bag aboard a coastal vessel. No one could have saved her and there was no chance at reviving her.

The kids are standing around during a rainstorm. They want to go and save Tabitha, but Norma comes out screaming at them that Tabitha is all hers. She goes running into the cave and the kids are very concerned about her state. Reese is sure that Tabitha is a witch and the spirits are trying to get back at her for something. He can’t explain Norma though. They have to find shelter before things get worse. The kids walk around the island trying to find someplace safe to stay. Miguel leads the way. There is a log to cross a small body of water to safety. The kids get in line and start crossing. Charity is the last to go. She has to tie her shoelaces. She watches as her friends start crossing the log to safety. Before she can get on the log, she sees a very high wave coming and the kids soon see it too and soon they are all screaming out loud and turning their backs to avoid the blow from the wave.

Inside the cave, Tabitha is on a rack tied up and the spirits are tickling her feet. Timmy wants to save her, but he can’t. he won’t leave her there. Timmy shouts for the spirits to let Tabitha go. Tabitha is in a medieval torture chamber. Norma arrives and secretly watches as Tabitha is tortured by the spirits. The spirits get a bottle of leeches and take one out of the jar to wave in Tabitha’s face. She starts shouting. Behind Timmy, Norma has arrived and she sneaks up behind Timmy with her ax, ready to strike. She shouts at Timmy to get out of the way. Norma wants to get to Tabitha to kill her before the spirits do. Tabitha hears Timmy and learns that Norma is there trying to get at her. Norma tries to knock through the rocks with her ax, but it doesn’t work. Instead she breaks the rocks down with her body and then she goes rushing at Tabitha with her ax. She is about to hit Tabitha with the ax, but the spirits make her disappear and place her in another part of the room. She turns around and intends to fight the spirits for the right to kill Tabitha. Norma is mad. She grabs two of the spirits heads and squeezes them together, almost knocking them out. Timmy runs in and quickly sets about free Tabitha. The spirits get a hold of Norma, holding her down on the ground and tickling her with the feather.

Rebecca sits with Julian at the bar downstairs at the bar and she wants to know who the latest little tart is. Julian fakes that he is insulted. She wants to know where he has been all this time. She doesn’t believe him being upset at Sheridan’s death. He was the one that set it up. The chambermaid that said that she saw Julian with a dark-haired woman walks by and Rebecca calls out to her and wants her to come over and talk with them. Julian takes a big gulp of his drink. The maid walked in and caught Julian on top of Theresa. Rebecca feels that she has a right to know. The maid comes over to Rebecca. Rebecca demands to know who the dark-haired woman is. Julian starts waving money over Rebecca’s head. The maid says that she saw Julian in another room with someone else and not Theresa. The maid walks past Rebecca and grabs the money from Julian’s hand.

Ethan and Whitney are dressed and in the lobby. Theresa can’t believe what she has done. Ethan and Chad come to see Luis who tells them that they are bringing a dead woman in a body bag. The coast guards think that the dead woman is Sheridan. Theresa goes to her brother and hugs him. The woman in the water fits the description of the Sheridan Crane. Ethan believed in a miracle. The body is being brought in for identification. Rebecca and Julian arrive to learn that Sheridan is being brought in, inside a body bag. The coast guard brings the body through and wheels it past the group in the hotel lobby. Luis sees the body go by and says, "No."

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