Passions Update Thursday 9/20/01



Passions Update Thursday 9/20/01

By Glynis

Ivy is in the hospital and she is feeling that she has to talk to him and tell him that truth. Sam shows up with Pilar and Ivy tells him that she has some things that she has to say. She thinks that she may die and there is something that she has to speak to him about and it is important. She wants him to promise that he will be there for Ethan. Sam makes that promise for her. He will be there. Sam is sure however that she is going to be fine. She should have told him the truth years ago. She thought that she was protecting Ethan but she made a mistake and she made a mess of her life. She never should have moved in with Julian. She should have stayed with him. Ivy has pain but she refuses to take anything. The pain in her heart is greater. She has done such horrible things in her life. She regrets them all. She goes through the people that she knows one by one. She didn’t really mean to hurt anyone. Sam wishes that he could get Ethan for her, but he isn’t sure that he can. Sam is sure that she is going to pull through, but Ivy isn’t that sure. She wouldn’t be there in the hospital if it weren’t for Sam. The nurse comes to move Ivy to the Operating Room. She wants Ethan to know that she loves him and that she is really sorry for the way that things turned out.

Luis is in the lobby of the hotel when Nora the Captain’s Assistant approaches him. There is no information on the woman at sea except that she fits Sheridan’s description. A young woman has been found at sea and is being brought in. Luis is sure that this is going to turn out to be Sheridan. It has to be her. Nora is having difficulty reaching her communications people. It is going to be some time before they can get news. There is nothing that he can do. She suggests that he goes to his room and relaxes. He agrees with her. He is going to get cleaned up for Sheridan. She means everything to him. Luis is sure that the woman that they are waiting for is Sheridan.

Chad approaches Whitney and she is going to be with Theresa and be with her. Chad tells her that Ethan went ahead of Whitney to see Theresa and make sure that she is okay. Whitney remembers seeing Julian in the room with Theresa. She hopes that he listened to her and got the hell out of there. Chad is trying to find out what Whitney’s secret is, but Whitney thinks that it is better that Chad doesn’t know what is going on. It is a good thing that Ethan didn’t catch Julian with Theresa. Ethan would have torn him from his limbs. Whitney remembers the marriage license. That was the evidence proving that Theresa married Julian. Whitney remembers that Theresa said that they both woke up. It is clear that they both woke up in the same bed. That means that Theresa not only married Julian, she also had sex with him. Whitney denies to Chad that Theresa would ever encourage Julian.

Ethan finds Julian with Theresa in his room. He freaks out and tells Julian that if he finds out that he was with Theresa he will kill him. Julian explains that he leaned over Theresa and she put her arms around him thinking that he was Ethan. Ethan is sure that Julian pretended to be him to get to Theresa. Julian has no scruples and the maid even saw him hiding and sniffing around Theresa. Julian denies everything. Ethan tells him that him that he knows what he is up to and that he is going to tear Julian’s heart out. Ethan chases Julian around the room being sure that Julian was trying to take advantage of Theresa. He is disgusting. This is the lowest. Ethan can’t believe that he thought that this man was his father. This is unspeakable. Julian is a piece of scum. Ethan is going to enjoy tearing Julian apart. Julian shouts out… Outside the room, Whitney and Chad hear Julian shout out and they wonder what is going on now in that room. Chad goes running over there.

David is with Eve in the hospital and he gets his arm taken care of. Eve needs a next of kin, but David has no one at all to call. Grace is the only one that he has. Grace walks up behind him listening and tells David that he can use her name as his next of kin. David thanks her for her help. Eve checks David’s dressing again. David remembers the things that have happened in the last few years. It is good that she is there now. She is grateful that he was there to help her with the falling tree. Eve looks at David’s cut. Grace is worried about the children. Why hasn’t Grace heard from the kids yet? They have to pray for everyone involved. They know that Reese is smart and will help the kids take cover. Waiting is the hardest thing in the world to do. David spent years looking for Grace and nothing happened until now. A nurse comes to take care of David and she takes him behind a curtain for privacy. Eve turns to her friend. She wants to know what is going on between she and David. Eve senses that something is different now. Grace admits that they spoke about the past. Eve can see that Grace is starting to remember things. Sam means everything to her and she wants to be with him. Ivy is being led to the operating room and Grace and Eve watch as Sam kisses Ivy’s forehead. David sees that too. Sam is worried because there is no one there for Ivy and she could die. Grace understands how he feels for her. He could see in her eyes that this is his fault. Sam is just happy that Grace is safe. Grace is grateful to David like Sam is grateful to Ivy. David saved Grace. Grace is a good person and she wants him to be kind to David for helping her out. Sam goes over to David and tells him that he is glad that he was able to help Grace. They shake hands. Grace wonders what happened to the kids. She can’t stand waiting. The storm is gaining strength outside. Sam feels that there is more that he can do. Eve is going to take good care of Ivy. Sam is going to make some calls and he leaves the group. Eve goes back to work.

Luis is in his room changing and getting ready to meet his fiancée. He is sure that she is going to come back to him. He thinks back to times that he has spent with her. He comforted her when she was said…kissed her in the rain…watched the tears fall from her eyes…kissed her over the table…made love to her in the bathtub with rose petals all around. He knows that she is going to come back to him. He is so sure. Luis orders that roses be brought to the room for his fiancée. He finds Sheridan’s ring and picks it up off the floor. He remembers proposing to her on his knees, and she accepting his proposal. His phone rings and he goes to it. The Captain’s Assistant calls him to tell him that the boat with his fiancée has docked. He goes to the lobby to meet Sheridan.

Ethan is holding Julian and getting ready to hit him when Chad and Whitney come into the room and grabs Ethan off Julian. Chad tries to calm him down. Squeezing the life out of Julian will do Ethan good. Whitney shouts out to Ethan not to do this. She says that she knows the truth and she can help them figure this out. Ethan listens to her. She tells him that he is way off about what is going on. She says that she was there with Theresa. Julian apparently knocked on the door and became worried. He wanted to see if Theresa was found. Julian offered to stay with Theresa until Whitney came back to the room after having to go out. He was on the bed because Theresa thought that he was Ethan and she pulled him to her. Whitney tells him that Julian being with Theresa was totally innocent. Whitney had to call her mother and left the room with Julian giving a helping hand. Ethan believes her finally. Ethan apologizes to Julian. Theresa wakes and calls for Ethan. She says that she has been having the craziest dreams. She had some dreams and they seemed very real. Theresa thinks back to the marriage that she had with Julian. She thinks that her dreams are too crazy and couldn’t have happened. Ethan tells her that everything is fine and that things are going to be just fine. Whitney and Julian leave the room and Julian thanks her up and down for keeping the secret of him lusting after Theresa. She did this for her friend. She thinks that Julian is a bastard and she doesn’t care about him at all. She hopes that he is doing something about the annulment. No one can ever find out about this. If they do she is going to kill him herself. Chad walks up behind Julian and .Whitney wondering what they are talking about.

Sam goes to the chapel to pray. "I know that I don’t talk to you and call on you a whole lot, but you may be my only hope right now. Keep my children safe…I pray that you will make sure that my children get home safely." Grace has walked in behind him and she hears him praying." My family is my life. They mean everything to me. Please watch over Ivy and see that she makes it through this. If she died I don’t’ know what I would do." David is outside the door listening too.

Ethan talks with Theresa. He is not going to leave her again. They kiss and she learns that Luis is back and safe too. Sheridan has been found out at sea and they are bringing her back now. That makes Theresa very happy. She wants to share in the happiness.

Luis is in the lobby waiting for Sheridan to arrive. The Captain comes by and talks with Luis. The Captain has had a terrible miscommunication. They have found a woman, but she wasn’t alive. The woman that they found was dead.

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