Passions Update Wednesday 9/19/01



Passions Update Wednesday 9/19/01

By Eva

In the ambulance on the way to the hospital Ivy goes into cardiac arrest. The Paramedics shock her several times to try to get a heartbeat.  

At the hospital, Eve and Pillar discuss Sam and Grace's situation.  They both worry and wonder if Sam and Grace's marriage can survive David.  

Meanwhile at the shed, Sam is surpassed to find David and Grace sleeping in each others arms.

Meanwhile in Bermuda, Ethan drops Theresa's lipstick under the bed and bends down to pick it up. Julian (who is hiding under the bed) worries that he might be discovered.  

On Warlock Island, Reese grows more suspicious of Tabitha and he tries to discover what she is hiding.  Tabitha tries to keep the kids from seeing the cave paintings which show her giving the wrong scepter to the warlocks.  Kay and Simone try to figure out where a light that is shining in the cave is coming from.  A warlock appears and sends a beam crashing down on Charity's head.  Miguel arrives to push charity out of the way.  Simone and Kay look on in horror.  Charity and Miguel are lying on the ground and they aren't moving.  Kay and Simone rush to their side a few minutes later Charity and Miguel wake up they are not hurt.  They all go to join the rest of their group.

Meanwhile in the ambulance, The Paramedics finally get Ivy's heart beating but she is very weak.

In the shed, Grace wakes up and is very glad to see Sam.  She begins to explain that nothing happened.  She explains that David's arm was injured and she bandaged it.  Sam tells Grace that he knows nothing happened between her and David but he does think David took advantage of the situation.  Sam tells Grace that Hank and T. C.  went to get the kids on Warlock Island after he fixed the beacon tower with Ivy's help. He also explains that Ivy was struck by lightning and fell off the tower. Sam, David and Grace head to the hospital so someone can look at David's arm.

In Bermuda, Ethan can't quite reach Theresa's lipstick while he is looking the doctor at the resort walks in and wonders why all of those people are in the room disturbing Theresa.  He explains to everyone that Theresa was very upset when she thought that Ethan, Luis, and Chad were dead so the doctor had to sedate her.  The doctor says they can spend a few minutes with her but they should let her get her rest.  Ethan and Luis feel bad because they suspected that Julian drugged Theresa and took advantage of her.  Theresa wakes up and is glad to see Ethan, Chad and Luis alive.

On Warlock Island, Reese is determined to find out what Tabitha is hiding. He notices that Tabitha is trying to cover up something that is on the cave wall.   Tabitha explains that there were some pornographic paintings on the wall and she was trying to keep the kids from seeing them.  Reese also notices that Timmy's hands are covered with mud just like Tabitha's and he insists that Timmy is alive.  Nobody believes him they think he has been under a lot of stress.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Ivy arrives and Eve begins working on her. When Ivy wakes Eve tells her she will need surgery to repair possible internal injuries. Ivy may also have spinal injuries.  Eve orders tests for Ivy.  Ivy refuses to sign the consent forms for the surgery until she talks to Sam.  She insists she has something to tell him.

In Bermuda, Whitney worries that someone may discover Julian hiding under the bed. Chad urges Whitney to tell him what is bothering her.  Whitney refuses because Chad will feel obliged to tell Ethan and that would make the situation worse.  Chad wants to know if this secret is bigger than the secret of Ethan's paternity.  Whitney tells him this secret is much bigger.  Chad and Whitney agree not to discuss the situation anymore.  

On Warlock Island, The cave begins to shake the warlocks appear again and give the kids the same warning as before, if the kids don't give them the one they want everyone will die.  

In Bermuda, Luis calls the shore patrol and finds out that they have found a woman that matches Sheridan's description.  Everyone is glad except for Julian who wonders what his father will do to him if Sheridan is alive.  Luis heads down to the lobby to meet the shore patrol captain.  

On Warlock Island, Miguel challenges the warlocks they get angry and tell Miguel "now you will all die you will be buried in this cave for all eternity."  The cave begins to cave in.  Reese finally gets his computerized tracking system working and the kids rush to find a way out of the cave. Tabitha begs Timmy to follow the kids and save himself but Timmy refuses to let his princess die alone.  

In Bermuda, The rest of the group in Theresa's room says their good-byes and leaves. Julian crawls out from under the bed and starts to leave but he decides to stay and watch Theresa sleep for a few minutes.  Ethan begins to head back to Theresa's room to pick up Theresa's lipstick but Whitney stops him.

On Warlock Island, Tabitha decides to give herself up for Timmy's sake.  Tabitha says some nasty things to Timmy to get him to leave and follow the kids.  She says she doesn't love him and that she never wants to see him again.  Timmy finally leaves. The Cave in gets worse and Reese's tracking system goes down and the kids can't figure out the way out of the cave.  Miguel says he thinks he knows the way out so they all follow him.  

Ethan is still worried about Theresa so he and Chad go back to her room to check on her.  Theresa half asleep tells Julian not to go and puts an arm around him.  Ethan opens the door and is surpassed to see Julian. He asks Julian what he is doing in Theresa's room.

On Warlock Island, The warlocks capture Tabitha .  She tells them that now that they have her they should let everyone else go. The warlocks grab Tabitha she lets out a loud scream and they disappear.  Timmy hears Tabitha and heads back to find out what the warlocks are doing to his princess.  The cave opens and the kids rush out. Charity figures out that Tabitha gave up her life to save them.  

Meanwhile Sam arrives at the hospital, Eve tells Sam Ivy is refusing to sign the consent forms for the surgery until she talks to him.  Grace tells Sam to go in and talk to Ivy.  Ivy says "Sam where are you I have to tell you the truth."

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