Passions Update Tuesday 9/18/01



Passions Update Tuesday 9/18/01

By Glynis

David and Grace are talking and they are still stuck in the shed. He is sorry that he has caused her so much pain. There has been no way for him to know that he has caused her so much pain. She wants to know if he had known that she had started a new life, would he still come for her? The selfless answer would be no. he should say that he would have left her alone. That would be a lie. He loves her with every fiber in his being. He has loved her ever since he saw her and she loves him just as much. He has to believe that her memory will come back to her and then she will come back to him. She has a deep love for Sam and her children and she could never turn her back on them. When you love someone, you love them with your whole heart and being. This is not his fault. She knows that. It is just that this is a weird situation. David thinks that they are going to get through this. David knows that there are times when Sam thinks of Ivy and the child that they had. David doesn’t’ want her to look at her marriage with rose-tinted glasses. Grace is not stupid. Ivy knows that she doesn’t have a prayer with Sam. All she wants is to be with her kids and with Sam. When she is in her husband’s arms, everything is okay. She wants him to stop blaming himself for everything. He is sorry that he caused her so much stress. She can handle it. David is going to make up a bed for her and put her to sleep until they can get out of there. He hurts his arm and she worries about that. He assures her that he is tougher than he looks. Grace turns to God and asks him to keep Sam and her children safe. She falls asleep sitting down and David walks her over to the bed that he has made for her and lies her down on the bed. If only things had been different for them.

Julian is trying to explain to Whitney but she knows the whole story. She tells him that everybody is coming to his suite to find out if he has been sleeping with Theresa or not. Whitney thinks that Gwen, Rebecca and Luis are going to kill him. Theresa is sleeping on the bed and Julian explains that she is very sick. Whitney isn’t going to help him anymore. He offers Whitney some money, but she didn’t do this for money. Luis is going to kill him. Whitney tells him to get out of there right now.

Gwen and her mother and the others are running the halls looking for Julian. Luis is ready to tear Julian apart if Theresa is with him. They can’t find what they are looking for. They continue walking. The get to Julian’s room as he is trying to leave and he jumps back in the room. Whitney is in there and they listen to the warnings for Luis and Ethan warning him to open the door or they are going to break it down. Whitney decides to help Julian again but only for Theresa’s sake. Whitney goes to let him out of the balcony, but the door is stuck. Luis decides to kick the door in. Whitney is still trying to get at the door. The kids all burst into the room. Ethan finally says, "Oh, no!" Theresa is sleeping very still. They see that she is okay and Whitney is there but not Julian. The patio door is locked. That means that he should be around somewhere inside. Rebecca shouts out that he can run but he can’t hide. Only Whitney knows that Julian is hiding under the bed from the group of kids. The kids tear the place apart and find nothing. Rebecca drops her mascara and it rolls right to Julian’s nose. Luis offers to get it for her.

The spirits are telling Tabitha and the kids on the island that they have to do what they are told or they are going to die. They have one hope and one hope only. If they want to live they have to give them the one they want. Timmy knows that the warlock is talking about Tabitha. Tabitha knows that they are after her… Simone thinks that this is all Kay’s fault. They would have been home now if it wasn’t for Kay. The spirits thinks that the kids are stupid. "Give us the one we want, or no one will get out of this cave alive." Tabitha knows that the chosen one is her. She is the only chance that the kids have of surviving. The princess has a problem. The spirits are willing to kill them all to get the one that they want. Miguel doesn’t know who the spirits are and he doesn’t care. Miguel gives the spirits the warning. Miguel is not scared of them. They have survived the battles of hell and these spirits are lame. Timmy can see why Charity loves Miguel. Tabitha thinks that Miguel is very stupid. The spirits offer to show Miguel its powers. Miguel thinks that the spirits are just big losers. The spirit starts blowing on them and a great wind comes and knocks them all to their feet. Looks like Miguel has pushed the spirits too far. The spirit blows again and the kids cover their faces to protect from the falling rocks and debris. The spirit warns them again to deliver the one that they want. Then it just disappears. They all saw the spirit, so this really did happen. Charity did really see the warlocks. Miguel thinks that no one is going to die. The wind moved the rocks and they think that they finally can get out. The kids all split up to go and find a way off the island. Tabitha doesn’t want to go with the others and Reese thinks that she is doing that because she wants to be alone with her little doll. Miguel orders Reese to stop picking on Tabitha. His imagination is far too active. Reese agrees to behave. The kids start walking in their designated directions. Tabitha doesn’t follow Reese and Jessica right away. She tells them that she will follow them later. Tabitha doesn’t know if she will be able to get away from the spirits. If the warlocks find her, they are going to kill Timmy too.

Sam is with Ivy under the bridge and she is very ill. Sam needs to get her to a hospital. She was struck by lightening. His cell phone is working. He dials a number and calls for an ambulance. He is not sure if the message got out or not. She doesn’t care about the call. All she needs is him. She wonders what her life would have been like if she had been with him instead. She is not sure that she is going to make it, so she wants to come clean with everything. When she learned that David came to town, Ivy thought that maybe Sam would be with her. She gets it now. Even with David in the picture, it seems that Sam is never going to give up on Grace. She is never going to really get a shot at Sam. She never had a shot. Sam wants her to save her energy until the ambulance gets there. Even if they give her something for the pain, she is never going to really be fixed. Soon the ambulance attendants arrive and start working on Ivy. Sam learns that TC has headed out to look for the kids. The attendants were just at the shelter and they didn’t see Grace there. this worries Sam greatly. Where is his wife and what has happened to her? Sam thinks that maybe Grace is at Tabitha’s house. Sam offers to go with Ivy, but she tells him to go and find Grace. She is sure that she will be fine. She is really something. She is really being strong. Sam leaves to find his wife. Sam returns to the shed to see the tree blocking the door to the shed where he last saw his wife. He shouts to her that he is there. he hears no answer and tries to move the tree. He gets past the tree and opens to door to find his wife sleeping in David’s arms content as can be.

Simone and Kay are walking alone through the caves trying to find a way out. Kay remembers the legend. She doesn’t’ want Charity to die she just wants Miguel. She should care about Charity but she doesn’t. Kay and Simone find some railroad tracks. People have been there before. There is some light ahead of them and they split up to see what they can find. They will meet again at this spot. Kay looks down into a black pit.

Miguel is with Charity trying to find a way out. Miguel tries to calm her down. he promises her that he is not going to let anyone or anything hurt her. They don’t realize it but they are walking at the bottom of the pit that Kay saw… Charity offers to wait there for Miguel who is going to return soon. She will look for an exit while he is gone… Up above, Kay is trying to see where the light is above and she knocks a rock into the pit. The rock falls and Charity hears the rock falls. She thinks that someone may there, but no one answers. Up above, Jessica teeters on a piece of wood as she looks up to try and find a way out of there. Suddenly the piece of wood that she is standing on gives way and falls to the bottom of the pit. It is a long way down and Kay can see that it is going to hit Charity in the head. Kay suddenly says to herself, "Oh my God, it is going to kill her." She can’t help but smile quietly.

Tabitha and Timmy walk through the caves to another dead end. If they don’t find a way out they are going to be history. Timmy finds paintings all over the walls. The pictures on the wall are of the warlocks. This is a pictorial record of the warlocks’ history on the island. They flew through the trees and had meetings. She also sees a picture of herself giving the wrong scepters to the warlocks. If the kids see this picture, they will know that she is the one that the warlocks want and they will then be able to get home safe and sound. They must prevent the kids from seeing the picture. Tabitha gets a great idea to put some mud on the picture to conceal it from the kids. They hear people coming and Tabitha stands up looking very guilty. Reese and Jessica find her standing there and Reese demands to know what she is hiding.

The attendants are with Ivy in the ambulance. She is hooked up to machines and suddenly she flat lines.

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