Passions Update Monday 9/17/01



Passions Update Monday 9/17/01

By Eva

In the shed, David continues to try and make Grace remember that they were married.
Grace refuses to believe him because she would remember making love to him and she
doesn't remember that at all.  Grace says she doesn't want David to have a special bond with her like a husband has with a wife because she has that special bond with Sam and her children.

Meanwhile at the beacon tower, Ivy continues to remember Sam and Ivy's past.  Sam urges Ivy to stay strong until help comes for her children's sake.  Ivy asks Sam if he still loves her.  Sam doesn't answer her question.  

In Bermuda.  Julian is relieved that Ethan and the group left before they heard Theresa
cry out.  Theresa begins to come out of her drugged stupor and gets off the bed and tells Julian "no you out I don't want you here I want Ethan" she starts to head towards the door and opens it to look for Ethan.  Julian manages stop her before she gets into the hall.  He pulls her back into the room quickly when he sees Rebecca and Gwen knocking on the door of the room next door.  

Ethan, Luis, and Chad question another maid in Julian's room.  The maid tells them that she has seen a pretty young lady with dark hair in the hotel but not wit Julian.
Luis calls the harbor patrol to check if there is any news on Sheridan but there is still no news.  Ethan asks Whitney if she knows the number of Theresa's room.

On Warlock Island, Everyone survives the cave in with no injuries.  They try to find a way out of the cave but they are blocked in on all sides.  Everyone starts to panic fearing they will all die.  

Meanwhile in Bermuda, Whitney tells Ethan that she doesn't remember the number of Theresa's room because all the rooms look the same in the hotel.  Ethan vows Julian will pay if he so much as touches Theresa.  Rebecca and Gwen continue their room by room search for Julian and Theresa.  Rebecca vows that Julian will pay for cheating on her.  

At the Beacon Tower, Ivy continues to remember her past with Sam.  Ivy asks Sam to kiss her like he used to when they were in love.

In the shed, David shares his frustration with Grace about the situation that they are in.  He says he expected to have a joyful reunion with his wife but instead his wife doesn't remember him and all he can do is cause her pain.

On Warlock Island, Tabitha tells Timmy the warlocks are trying to kill her.  Simone blames Kay for the situation because they would all be home by now if she hadn't put water on the signal fire.  Reese thinks the warlocks caused the cave in because they were trying to kill Tabitha.  

At the Beacon Tower, Sam refuses to kiss Ivy because he can't betray Grace.  Ivy asks Sam to tell her the story of the first time they made love.  He refuses to do so because the memories are too painful for him to remember.  

In the shed, David's injury begins to bleed again and Grace tends to him.  David tells Grace how much he misses her.  

In Bermuda, Ethan calls the hotel desk for the number of Theresa's room and finally gets it when he threatens to sue the hotel.  Ethan says "when I catch Julian I'm going to kill him."  Julian puts Theresa back in her bed and tries to escape.  

On Warlock Island, Miguel tells Reese to stop all the silly talk about warlocks. A warlock appears demanding a death and if their demand isn't met they will all die.

At the Beacon Tower, Sam tells Ivy that thinking about their past is too painful and he feels that even thinking about another woman is like being unfaithful to Grace.  Ivy tells Sam he can't be unfaithful to Grace because she isn't married to him Grace is married to David.  

In Bermuda, Someone walks into Theresa's room and Julian tries to explain his prescience.  

On Warlock Island, The Warlocks tell the kids to give them the one they want or they will all die. When the kids ask who they want the warlocks refuse to answer.
Tabitha fears the only way the others will get out of the cave alive is if the warlocks get her.  

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