Passions Update Monday 9/10/01



Passions Update Monday 9/10/01

By Eva

On Warlock Island, Charity accuses Tabitha of being a witch.  Miguel wonders why Charity is making such an absurd accusation.  Tabitha tells Miguel that Charity needs some medical help.  Charity tells Miguel that the warlocks told her Tabitha was a witch. Nobody thinks Charity is telling the truth except Reese.  

Meanwhile in Harmony, David and Grace discover they are locked in the shed where they had been gathering supplies for the church shelter. Grace is worried about how Sam will rescue the kids on Warlock Island as the storm gets more intense.  David vows that he will find a way out of the shed to get Grace back to Sam and her kids if that will make her happy.

While Sam is trying to fix the beacon tower the tower is struck by lightning. Ivy is hanging on by a thread.  Sam tells her to hang on as he climbs halfway down the tower to help her up.  

In Bermuda, Luis continues to hack at Julian's door with an ax and he tells Julian " if you are in there with Theresa your a dead man."  Julian frantically searches for a place where he and Theresa can hide.  

On warlock Island, Charity says the warlock showed her visions of the future. She begins to tell everyone what she saw when she passes out.  It takes several minutes for Miguel to revive Charity.  Kay is happy because she thinks the legend of warlock island is going to come true.  When Charity finally wakes up she doesn't remember that she accused Tabitha of being a witch.  Reese puts pressure on her to tell the truth but she says Kay it was you.  

In Harmony, Grace prays to God for the safety of Sam and her children.  A tree falls outside and breaks the shed window.  David gets hurt by flying glass and Grace tends to his injury.  David tries to get Grace to accept the fact that he is her husband.  He tells her that she changed his life when they met.  He would wander around aimlessly from town to town but when he met her he took up photography.  He also asks her if she still likes to read mystery stories. Grace tells him she does.  David also asks her if she still keeps a pad of paper by her bed in case she remembers something important  she can write it down.  Grace is more confused because a total stranger knows such personal details about her things that only Sam knows.

At the beacon tower Sam manages to grab Ivy's  hand after some struggling but her hand slips away from him because of the slippery conditions.  Ivy falls to the ground and doesn't move .  Sam rushes to her side but can't find a pulse.

In Bermuda,  Luis, Ethan Gwen, Rebecca , Chad and Whitney finally get into Julian's room.  Everyone searches the room from top to bottom but Julian and Theresa are nowhere to be found.  Everyone decides to break off into teams to look for them.  

On Warlock Island,  Charity slowly begins to remember the visions the Warlock showed her and tells Miguel making love to Kay.  Miguel tells her she must have been dreaming because that will never happen.  Charity also tells Miguel that she saw Luis and Sheridan in a boat explosion and that she saw Theresa crying while she looked at a picture of Ethan. Charity says she saw a man standing behind Theresa but she couldn't figure out what the man's face looked like.  

In Bermuda,  When no one can find Julian or Theresa after searching they meet back in Julian's room to search it again.  Julian is trying to get Theresa back to her room using the connecting balconies but while he does that he makes a noise that everyone hears .  Ethan figures out where they may have gone and leads everyone back to Theresa's room.  Julian puts Theresa back down on her bed but everyone starts knocking the door outside the room before Julian can escape.  Luis uses the ax again and starts hacking away to break down the door.

Meanwhile at the Beacon tower ,  Sam tries using his two way radio and his cell phone to get help for Ivy but neither one will work because of the storm. After Several minutes Ivy wakes up but she thinks that she and Sam are at the place where they used to meet to make love.  She starts telling Sam how wonderful the summer has been and how he doesn't have to leave because they can stay a little while longer.  Sam tries to leave to go to the highway and get help for Ivy but she begs him not to go.  

Meanwhile at the shed.  David tries to get Grace to doubt Sam's love for her by saying Sam still has unresolved feelings for Ivy.  Grace refuses to talk about Ivy and she tells David Sam doesn't have feelings for Ivy anymore.

Meanwhile at the beacon tower.,  Sam has memories of his past with Ivy.  He once again tries to leave and get help but Ivy begs him not to let her die alone.   Sam gently places ivy's head in his arms and holds her.  

Meanwhile on Warlock Island,  The warlocks pressure Charity to destroy Tabitha but she refuses to follow their orders.  Miguel grabs Charity's hand and everyone gets ready to leave the cave but Charity is terrified of leaving because she says if they leave the warlocks will kill them all.  When Miguel tries to pull her toward the cave opening the cave begins to shake and the cave walls begin to close in on everyone.

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