Passions Update Friday 9/7/01


Passions Update Friday 9/7/01

By Glynis

The kids are looking for Charity… Kay thinks that this is a lost cause and that they should get on with it. Simone tells her that she is heading for a big fall. Kay has lost it and she should stop wishing for her cousin’s death or she may be dead herself.

Grace is getting ready for the hurricane. She gets blankets and the cell phone to prepare for the storm. She calls Sam who is outside getting ready for the hurricane. She can hardly hear him. The connection is weak and could go out anytime. She is worried about the kids and the storm. Sam is going with T.C to get the kids. Grace warns him to be careful. There is lightening out there. He is sure that he will be fine. He promises her that he will be fine. They tell each other that they love each other. The phone cuts out. She can’t call him back. Grace prays to God that her children and Sam will be safe. David arrives in the house where Grace is. She tells him that she is going to be fine taking all these things to the church by herself. He still offers to help. He reminds her that when they reenacted their wedding she remembered everything. The memories are clear to her now. She doesn’t know what to think. He knows that she knows that they were really married. She only wants to talk about setting up the emergency shelter. He takes some of the supplies and picks them up for her. He remembers her telling him that she was never happier in her life. She doesn’t remember that. He is sure that she will remember the things that she has forgotten. These things are inside her. Maybe by law, David is her husband but Sam is the only man in her life and she loves him. When she kissed him in church the other night, he could sense that she still loves him like he loves her. She can’t believe that he loved her all these years. On their wedding day he promised to love her before God and he will never break that promise. She is the only woman for him and he will love no one else. She feels like something terrible is going to happen. He remembers that she said that the last night that he saw her before she disappeared. She had a feeling that she would never see him again and that is what happened. She remembers she was stranded and Sam found her. She didn’t have a bit of memory left. He is sure that she can remember him with her. He is not going to lose her again. Grace thinks that they should get going. Suddenly, the storm makes a noise outside. Grace wonders what that was. David offers to find out what the noise was outside. He can’t open the door. It looks like a tree feel in front of the door and they can’t get out.

Outside, Sam is getting ready for the trip to get the kids and Ivy shows up. She came to help him. She thinks that she has what he wants. He tells her to go home. He doesn’t want to have to take care of her too. She refuses to leave. She tells him that she is tougher than he thinks. She is going to help him whether he likes it or not. The kids are not her worry but she is still connected to them. He wonders if she can stand up to this. She was married to Julian, she can certainly do this. He uses her to hold a light so that he can do some work. She is sure that he will be killed. She warns him to be careful. He tells her that if the storm is too much for her, she should put the light down and go home. She is not going to leave him no matter what. Sam starts climbing and Ivy dutifully holds the light. Sam loses his footing and slips. Sam is fine and he starts climbing again. This hurricane is huge and he has to get the beacon hooked up to navigate so that they can get the kids. He gets to the top of the tower and drops his equipment. Ivy offers to climb up there and bring him the equipment. She takes off her shoes and starts climbing. She carries the piece of equipment with her. Ivy makes it all the way up the tower. She brings the equipment and Sam tells her to go back down the ladder. He is impressed with her trying to help him. She starts down the ladder again. Sam is working and gets the light hooked up. Suddenly, there is a flash of lightening and Ivy is hit. Sam sees her take the volts of lightening and she shouts to her. "Ivy, Ivy! Hold on." She is holding on to the ladder with a thread of her life. He tells her to hang on. He is coming for her. She holds on to the ladder with both her hands, her feet dangling in the air.

Whitney sends Chad with the others to go up to Julian’s room. He leaves and Whitney knows that she has to try to call Julian again and warn him that people are coming up to the room to catch him at whatever he is doing.

The group is in the elevator on their way up to Julian’s way. Ethan and Luis are sure that Theresa is up there. If Theresa is up there, Rebecca will tear them both apart. Chad wants them all to calm down. Theresa could be off somewhere grieving. They looked everywhere for Theresa and they couldn’t find her. Luis knows that if his sister is there, she was lured there by Julian.

Up in Julian’s room, Julian tells Theresa as she sleeps that this is going to be the most exciting night of her life. She calls for Ethan. He tells her that Ethan and the others died at sea. He believes that this is the only way that he could get away with being with Theresa without getting himself killed. He tells Theresa to brace herself. He is about to stake his claim. Theresa opens her eyes and thinks that she is in bed with Ethan. "Yes..yes.. Make me yours my love." The phone rings and Julian jumps at the sound. Whitney is calling and she is hoping that he will answer the phone. Julian grabs the phone and Whitney tells him that she has to speak to Theresa . He will not let her. She tells him that Ethan and Luis are alive and they think that Theresa is up there with him and they are on their way up there with Rebecca. Julian realizes that he is doomed. Julian jumps out of bed and tries to wake Theresa. She is not moving. He is going to have to dress her himself. He grabs a bathrobe and tries to revive her. He pulls her up, but she is all floppy. How do morticians do this? He gets the robe around her and tries to make her stand up, but she can’t. HE drags her to the door and stands her up against the wall. He looks out the door and he hears Luis threatening to kill her. He goes back in the room to get her, but she has fallen on her face behind the door. HE imagines that the group is coming after him to kill him. He is going down in flames… Outside, the group has arrived at Julian’s door… Inside, Julian slaps Theresa’s face trying to wake her and then he hears it. Banging at the door. He knows that there are people out there trying to get in to catch him trying to get a fast one with Theresa. Julian doesn’t answer. He goes to the phone instead and calls the operator. He calls security and tells them that terrorists are trying to get in the room. Whitney shows up at the door of Julian’s room and she tells Chad that she has taken care of what she had to do… Theresa starts getting up and she awakes… Outside, Whitney says that she thinks that Theresa is probably downstairs. Ethan and Luis are going to get in one way or the other… Inside, Julian turns to see Theresa walking to the front door slowly. She is still in a deep sleep and Julian panics at her actions. He runs for her and grabs her bringing her back to the bed. He tries to quiet her. Luis decides to do something drastic. He goes to grab an ax. "Hold on Theresa, we are coming in. Julian grabs Theresa and tries to put her into an armoire. He has to lift her up to get her in there. Next, he grabs her legs to fold them into a kneeling position to hide her. Luis starts chopping away at the door to get in. Julian trembles with fear at the noise. He can’t get the door open so he takes Theresa out and tries to find another place for her to be hidden… Outside, Luis is still pounding away with the ax on the door. Whitney trembles with fear at the thought of her friend getting found out this way. Ethan will never forgive her.

The spirits are trying to get Charity to kill Tabitha. Charity tries to shout to her friends, but the spirits warn her that she has to help to free them. They tell her that if her friends try to free her, they will be destroyed. The spirits knock her out and they tell Charity that they will tell her more secrets if she helps them. If Miguel tries to take her before she kills Tabitha, they will kill her and her friends.

The kids are still trying to find Charity and they are having a terrible time… Kay is very unhappy at this. Suddenly, they find Charity and she is lying at the edge of a big deep pit. She suddenly turns as if she is going to roll into the pit. Miguel sees the danger. He gets to her in time and carries her off. It is clear that Kay is upset. She doesn’t care, the legend says that she is going to die anyway. Charity and Miguel are hugging and Kay sees them. Miguel couldn’t live without her. He would go to the ends of the earth for her. Charity can’t remember how she ended up there. the kids tell her how they found clues to her whereabouts. Reese thinks that Tabitha may have something to do with this. Suddenly, Tabitha falls to the ground in front of the kids’ feet. Reese demands to know where they came from. Tabitha tells him that she was in the forest walking and then she fell into the pit. She tells him that a hurricane came in and hit the island. Timmy was the one that caused the hurricane with his spells on the scepter. Charity is remembering the spirits telling her that Tabitha was the horrible witch that trapped them on the island years ago. Charity knows now. She turns to Tabitha and tells her, "You are a witch!" The kids stand by and watch her accuse Tabitha.

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