Passions Update Thursday 9/6/01


Passions Update Thursday 9/6/01

By Glynis

Tabitha and Timmy are in the pit and they are very afraid. Norma comes to the pit and shouts down to the duo. Timmy tells Norma that they will be her friends if she lets them out of the pit. They will be nice to Norma and sing her praises. Norma doesnít care for that. She jokes that they canít get the scepter to work. Tabitha thinks that Norma may have won. Timmy is not ready to give up. He grabs the scepter and does a spell. Tabitha warns him to be careful. Timmy doesnít care. Bugs are falling into the pit with them. Tabitha regrets losing her powers and Timmy tries to make her feel better. She is a disgrace to witches everywhere. They hear a noise. Timmy feels something on her head. Something wet like rain. Suddenly it starts pouring and Tabitha is happy that he Timmy saved the day with the rain. Timmy made a miracle. They rejoice in the pit. Norma tells them that they are wet, but they are not going to get out of there alive. She gets a big giant rock and starts rolling it to the opening to the pit. Tabitha and Timmy look up and she that Norma is about to roll a giant rock into the pit on top of them. They have other things to worry about. If they donít get out of there soon, they are going to drown. Timmy didnít mean any harm. She told him that she is going to have to pay for her actions many years ago. The earth is trying to suck them down. The earth is shifting. They are slowly being sucked into the earth.

Kay has fallen into a pit. The kids know that she is hanging by her arms and they have to try and help save her. Kay starts asking forgiveness for her sins. The kids see her. Miguel knows that they canít save Kay and Charity at the same time. Jessica wants to help her sister. Kay is shouting for help. Reese begs Miguel to help. He finally agrees. Reese knows that they canít leave Kay and help Charity, Kay will be dead. Reese was looking up the cave that they are in and he came across a legend. Some kids came there a long time ago and they were never heard from again. Jessica thinks that they should listen to Reese. Every legend that Reese has told them about has come true. Reese wants to be the one that saves Kay, but Miguel offers to do it instead. He has a rope tied around his middle and he slowly lowers himself down into the pit. Reese holds onto the rope. Kay can see that Miguel is coming to save her and she is scared. Miguel tells her that she is doing great. He wants her to let go with one hand and grab his hand. She canít reach him and the rope is not giving anymore. She has to stretch to reach him. She tries really hard and almost loses her footing. They need some more rope. Reese gets an idea. He gets Simone and Jessica to hold on to his legs and give him some more length. Miguel is able to grab Kayís hand and he drags her up. Miguel shouts up for the kids to get him out of there and slowly they are dragged to the top of the pit. All the kids hug each other and lie on the ground. Kay is hugging Miguel and Reese is a little jealous. Now Miguel wants to finds Charity. Where could she be? Simone sees Kay smiling and Simone wants to know what is up with her. She must know something about Charity. The kids start looking for Charity. Simone thinks that Kay fell into the pit because she is so evil. Simone tells her that Miguel didnít want to save her over Charity. Kay thinks that the girl that gets to live, gets the boy and Kay is sure that she will be the one.

Eve and Pilar are looking at the moon and it is suddenly dark out. Hank wants his brother and Grace to get back together and Ivy stands by and watches waiting for an opening to get to Sam. Sam is not sure who his wife is. Should he stay? That is up to him. He doesnítí want to fight anymore. Grace doesnít either. Their entire marriage could crumble. T.C shows up to warn everyone that a hurricane is coming and they have to make sure that they are safe. The kids are out there somewhere and they have to reach them. They canít phone them. Sam tells Grace not to worry about the kids. T.C found out that the boat is missing and the captain is not with them. he was hit over the head and left for unconscious. There are hundreds of boats out there. Grace begs Sam to make sure that nothing happens to their girls. Everyone goes into the church for shelter. Hank is sure that the kids are able to take care of themselves. Sam thinks that the kids are going to be alright. Grace feels like she is being tested. David wants to help her, but Sam wants him as far from him as possible. David will do what he can to help her kids. Hank wants David as far away as possible. David thinks that it is interesting that Sam is so threatened by his presence. Hank warns him that he is never going to get his wife backÖ Eve wants a call as soon as T.C hears about the kidsÖ Ivy thinks that David is right. He should be able to help and she wants to help too. It is just David, Sam, Ivy and Grace now. Sam wants David to stay put and wait. He turns to Grace and kisses her goodbye. He leaves Grace with David and Ivy. Ivy rushes off and David goes over to Grace.

Everyone is looking for Theresa. They donít know where to look. Gwen thinks that Theresa is with Julian somewhere. Ethan thinks that Theresa would never be with Julian. Luis knows his sister and she wouldnít be with Julian. Luis thought that Theresa was the one that Julian was messing with before, but Sheridan kept telling him that she wouldnít do that. Luis is really worried for his finance. He sees someone from the storm patrol. The storm is over and he really wants the storm patrol people to go out and find his woman. The officer tells him that as soon as they can get a chopper up, they will go out and find Sheridan for him. Luis vows to go out there again. Rebecca is sure that Theresa is with Julian and she is willing to bet her engagement ring on it. Gwen canít understand that Ethan would care for someone that would cheat on him. She thinks that Theresa came down there to grab Julianís millions. Luis thinks that Gwen and Rebecca act that way, but Theresa is not like that. What if Rebecca is right though? Would Ethan still want to defend Theresaís honor so vehemently? Ethan will not dignify Rebeccaís thoughts with an answer. Chad can see that something is terribly wrong with Whitney. She moves away from the crowd. Rebecca is going to marry Julian, or so she thinks. Gwen thinks that if Theresa is in Julianís room, then they are only doing one thingÖ Chad whispers to Whitney that she should be defending Theresa, but she is not. Whitney knows that Theresa was heartbroken when she thought that Theresa was lost at see. Chad is going to check out that Theresa is off somewhere crying her eyes out over Ethan. A woman from the hotel comes by and says that Julian shouldnít be disturbed. He is with a pretty young woman with long dark hair. Rebecca is sure that is Theresa. Ethan thinks that Rebecca is wrong. Ethan is going to prove to everyone that Theresa is not in Julianís room. Whitney is sure that Julianís room is the last place that Theresa would want to be. Luis still wants to resume the search for Sheridan. Ethan wants Sheridan to be alive too, but how could she have survived the explosion. Luis refuses to give up. Chad returns, he has not found Theresa anywhere. Something is going on and Rebecca is going to find out what it is. Gwen wants Ethan to be prepared for what they are going to find in Julianís room. Rebecca leads the way to Julianís room. Gwen wonders how Ethan is going to find it in his heart to forgive Theresa if she is up there. Chad is going to have to keep Ethan from committing murder if Theresa is up there. Whitney stays behind and tries to reach Julianís room again.

Julian is lying in bed with Theresa and she is sleeping. He is playing Ďlittle piggiesí with her fingers and she is in a dull sleep. She is dreaming of Ethan and her honeymoon with him. Julian thinks that he is the one that is putting the smile on her face. Julian thinks that Allister will be thrilled to find out that Theresa is his new daughter-in-law. She will be his arm candy. He figures that they will be together for about 20 years or so. He is the luckiest man alive. She is still dreaming that she is with Ethan and she thinks that Julian is him. Julian would like to remember their first night of wedded bliss. It doesnít matter, they can start their wedded bliss that night. Theresa is moaning and thinking of Ethan. She is not aware that she is in bed with the Crane. The phone starts ringing. It is Ethan checking to make sure that Theresa is not there. He refuses to answer the phone. Ethan decides to go up to Julianís room to see what is going on up there. everyone follows him. Julian gets another call and this time he answers. Whitney asks if Theresa is there. She tries to warn him of what is going to happen, but he doesnít listen and he hangs up on her before she tries to warn him of the crowd of people that are on their way up there.

The group reaches Julianís room and Gwen knows that Theresa is in there. Gwen is happy to think that Theresaís goose is finally going to be cookedÖ Inside the room, Julian is over Theresa and thinking that he has been married for more years than he cares to remember. He never thought that he could be happy. He leans over her and starts kissing her cheek.

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