Passions Update Wednesday 9/5/01



Passions Update Wednesday 9/5/01

By Eva

On Warlock Island, Timmy and Tabitha dig for their lives to try and get away from the bugs that will eat them.  In the cave, The Warlocks show Charity a glimpse of the future.  They show her Miguel making love to Kay on their honeymoon.  As Miguel and the others look for Charity Miguel hears Charity shout "Please Miguel don't make love to Kay."  Miguel wonders why Charity would have a premonition of him making love to Kay. Kay tells him she has absolutely no idea why Charity would have such a vision.  

In Bermuda, The Justice of the peace tells Rebecca he will tell her all the details of Theresa's wedding.  Whitney is shocked and happy to see Ethan, Chad and Luis in the resort lobby.  Ethan asks Whitney where Theresa might be and Whitney tells him that she went to get Theresa some water and doesn't know where she is but maybe she went to her room to lie down.  Ethan decides that he will go upstairs to get some dry clothes on and he will call Theresa from his room.  Before going up to Change his clothes Ethan tells Whitney that there is no way Sheridan could have survived the storm. In his bedroom, Julian gets into bed with a sedated Theresa he wonders what it will be like making love to her when he isn't drunk.  Gwen overhears Bruce saying he must warn Julian but when she tries to clarify what he said he covers and says that Julian will be happy that everyone has returned safely. Bruce wonders what Rebecca is scheming when Gwen tells him Rebecca is in the chapel. He heads over there to tell her the news that Ethan Chad and Luis are back.

In the Chapel, The Justice of the peace struggles with the ethical dilemma of whether or not he should tell Rebecca about Theresa's wedding.  He decides to tell Rebecca everything.  

In Julian's bedroom, Julian begins to kiss Theresa's hand in her heavily sedated state she thinks Ethan is the one kissing her.

Meanwhile on Warlock Island, Tabitha and Timmy try to stomp the bugs to death but they don't have much luck.  An eager Norma watches and waits for them to die.  Timmy tries one more time to use the septa to cast a spell.  A strong wind comes up and Timmy thinks the wind will blow the bugs away. The Harmony teens continue to search for Charity.  The Warlocks continue to pressure Charity by telling her she will lose Miguel to Kay if she doesn't destroy Tabitha.  Since Charity doesn't want to lose Miguel she agrees to destroy Tabitha.

In Bermuda, Bruce interrupts Rebecca and the Justice of the peace just as Rebecca is about to find out everything.  Bruce tells Rebecca that Ethan, Chad and Luis are back and she should go downstairs to be with Gwen.  Bruce warns the Justice of the peace that if he tells anyone about Julian and Theresa's wedding he will be very sorry.  As Julian snuggles up close to Theresa he goes over his plan to break the news to Rebecca and stay married to Theresa now that Ethan and Luis are dead there is nothing keeping him from staying married to Theresa.  Julian is unaware that Ethan and Luis are alive.

Meanwhile on Warlock Island, Kay tells Simone that at the rate they are going they will never find Charity she is probably lost forever.  The Warlocks show Charity the boat explosion that separated Luis and Sheridan.  The Warlocks tell Charity that Luis and Sheridan will never be together now.  

In Bermuda, Luis is determined to go back out and search for Sheridan.  Ethan tries to get Luis to face the fact that Sheridan is gone but Luis won't believe she is dead.  Bruce goes to Julian's room to tell him the news about Ethan and Luis.  In Julian's room, Theresa continues to dream about marrying and making love to Ethan.  Theresa asks her husband (Ethan) to make love to her Julian thinks she is asking him to make love to her and he begins to kiss her.  A maid interrupts just as Julian is about to make his move on Theresa.   He throws the maid out and puts a do not disturb sign on his door.  

On Warlock Island, Miguel accidentally opens a secret passage way in the cave. They discover a deep abyss and there is no way to get across. Miguel wonders how they will find Charity.

In Bermuda, Luis calls shore patrol about Sheridan and waits for news.  Ethan comes down to the lobby and says there is no answer in Theresa's room.  Luis tells Rebecca that a Young girl has been keeping him occupied ever since he came to the resort.  Julian gets a knock at the door its Bruce who tries to tell him about Ethan and Luis are alive but Julian is very angry that Bruce interrupted his plans and he pushes Bruce out the door.  

On Warlock Island, Miguel finds a log to put over the abyss.  Reese reads a message that is on the map, it says that those who are pure of heart can cross the abyss safely but those who are not pure of heart will fall into the abyss. The teens decide to cross the abyss and look for Charity but Kay is worried that she may not cross safely.  Miguel begins to cross first and almost falls in but gets back up and crosses safely.

In Bermuda, Chad tells everyone that he doesn't know how Julian could have been with a girl because Theresa was with Julian all night because she was trying to persuade him to adopt Ethan.  Luis and Ethan begin to put the pieces together and Ethan says "oh God Theresa."  Julian begins to kiss Theresa again.

On Warlock Island, The Warlocks explains to Charity that Theresa thinks she is with Ethan.  Charity says there is no hope for Theresa.  All the Harmony teens cross the abyss safely except for Kay who falls into the abyss.

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