Passions Update Tuesday 9/4/01



Passions Update Tuesday 9/4/01

By Glynis

Sam is telling Grace that she shouldn’t be believing the memories of her being with David. She tells him that the priest remembers them. She knows that she was married to David. She is his wife. Ivy is listening nearby and she is glad of what she is hearing. Now she can get Sam for herself. She hears Sam and Grace talking. Sam wishes that David was dead. grace hates that he says that. Sam can’t understand her defending him. She is not defending David. Sam is sure that David is a liar, but Grace doesn’t agree. She thinks that he is admirable for trying to save his marriage. Sam tells her that she is his wife and he is not going to let anyone take her away from him.

Tabitha has used the scepter and it seems to be working for them. She is going to get them free in now time.

Norma is pretending to look for Charity but she would really like to go and get her hands on Tabitha and Timmy. She tries to sneak away again from the group of kids. Miguel sees her walking away and he stops her in time again to ask her if she is still looking for Charity. She tells Miguel that she is still looking for Charity. She actually will try harder to give the kids the slip.

The kids see that Charity’s blouse has gotten embedded in the rock… Simone tells Kay that this is all her fault. Simone knows that Kay made Reese look away so that Charity would be lost. Kay is sick and tired of Simone saying that she has caused this. How could her blouse get embedded in the rock like that? They shouldn’t be surprised. Stranger things have happened while being around Charity.

Inside the rock, Charity is levitating and she promises the spirits that she will do whatever they want.

Theresa is being confronted by Rebecca and Gwen. They want to know what secrets she could possibly have with Julian. Rebecca wants to know what the big secret is. Julian’s friend is very interested to see how Julian gets out of this one. Julian tells his fiancée to give the envelope back to Theresa. Rebecca still wants to know why she should do that. What is in the envelope? If Rebecca sees the picture, she is going to know that Theresa is married to Julian and Rebecca will kill her. Rebecca doesn’t understand why she can’t see a simple photograph. Rebecca hates that Julian seems to be defending Theresa. Why does she care what is in the envelope. Theresa can’t believe that Rebecca is carrying on about an envelope when Ethan, Chad and Luis are out at sea. Gwen is holding Theresa responsible for the trio being out to sea. Julian thinks that they should prepare themselves for the inevitable. Julian thinks that Ethan is already dead. Theresa refuses to believe that the boys are out there dead.

Chad and Ethan are searching for Luis, but they can find him nowhere. He never resurfaced after going down the first time. Now he is missing and Ethan and Chad are trying to save their own lives. Chad is sure that Luis is dead. he can’t be found anywhere. Ethan sees Luis holding on to a big piece of wood and he and Chad swim towards him.

Hank thinks that David should leave Harmony. Pilar and Eve agree with him. David tells them that he came to get the woman that he loves. Eve tells him that Sam is the only man that Grace remembers loving. Sam used to love another woman but then it was broken off. Ivy was tricked by her father into thinking that Sam didn’t love her. Ivy married Julian as an arrangement. They were torn apart by circumstance like Grace and David were torn apart. Deep down inside, David believes that Grace still loves him like Ivy might love Sam.

Rebecca goes back to talk with the Justice of the Peace and he promises to tell her everything.

The boys appear and Ethan wants to see Theresa. He doesn’t care that Gwen is there. Whitney doesn’t know where Theresa is. Ethan hopes that she is okay.

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