Passions Update Thursday 8/30/01


Passions Update Thursday 8/30/01

By Glynis

The kids are looking for Charity. She has disappeared behind a stone wall, but they got there too late to see where she went. Simone is sure that Kay is behind this. Kay remembers talking to Reese as Charity went missing. Kay watched Charity get up and walk off into the woods. She doesn’t tell Simone that she let Charity go missing. Simone threatens to tell everyone what Kay has been all about all alone. Simone thinks that Kay is pure evil. Kay tells her friend that it is not her fault that Charity is gone. If something happens to Charity that night, Kay is sure that it will be because of Charity and not her. Kay is the reason why they haven’t been saved. Charity is lost and they are stranded. They are never going to make it home thanks to Kay.

Miguel is off with Jessica and Reese and they are in front of the stone wall where Charity was sucked in.. Behind the wall, Charity is lying unconscious on the ground. She wakes up remembering that she was being sucked in to the rock. She gets visions of her friends being dead on the sand and turning to skeletons on the island.

Over in Bermuda, all are in the hotel watching the weather and they find out that the storm is going to be worse than they think. Rebecca is in Bermuda now. Julian’s friend reminds him that he is unable to marry Rebecca now. Julian plans on keeping Theresa for himself now that Ethan seems to be lost at sea. Julian orders another drink and a waiter is only too glad to give him one. Julian goes back to his conversation and is glad that he will be stuck with Theresa instead of Theresa. When Rebecca finds out that Theresa has married her fiancée she is going to be furious. Julian is sure that Rebecca will deal with what has happened. Julian is not thinking. What if Luis makes his way back and he finds out that Julian has married his baby sister. Luis would rip Julian’s head from his shoulders. The weather report is back and the storm is still going. Julian would much prefer to be with Theresa than Rebecca and she will get used to the idea. She can even be his sometime mistress if she is good. Marrying Theresa is going to be the beginning of a brand new life for him.

Rebecca and Gwen show up at the place where Whitney and Theresa are spending time together looking at the horrible wedding pictures of Julian and Theresa. Rebecca and Gwen would like to see what Theresa is looking at. What is she clutching to her chest so delicately? Theresa is sure that Rebecca is not going to be interested in the picture at all. Rebecca tries to reach for the picture but Theresa keeps it from her. Rebecca insists on seeing the picture. Theresa puts the picture away. Gwen blames Theresa for letting Ethan go out on this adventure at sea. Gwen wouldn’t put the life of the man that she loved in danger. Rebecca sees the envelope where Theresa has stashed the picture. The envelope has ‘Wedding Pictures’ written on it. She grabs the envelope and sees that a brochure has fallen out. It is the brochure for the 24 hour chapel and it has the picture of the man that married Theresa and Julian and Theresa and Ethan. Rebecca is sure now that she is about to find out the truth about Theresa. Theresa tries to get the pictures back, but Gwen and her mother will not let Theresa get the pictures. She holds on to the envelope tightly. Rebecca questions why Theresa is there. Maybe she was trying to have a quickie wedding with Ethan. Rebecca turns back to the envelope and starts taking out the contents. The women start arguing and Julian hears them in the other room. He comes over and finds out that Rebecca stole an envelope from Theresa. Julian’s friend confirms that Theresa didn’t marry anyone so there is no reason to look in the envelope. Julian feels that there can be no harm looking in the envelope. Rebecca agrees and continues to pull the contents out. Theresa grabs the envelope from her hands and turns to Julian. Rebecca runs up to Theresa and takes the envelope back. Julian tells Theresa that there is no big deal about her finding out about the wedding. She is going to find out soon enough anyway. Julian decides to help instead. He goes to Rebecca and tells her to reconsider looking in the envelope. She notices that he is rushing to Theresa defense again and she wants to know what is going on between he and Theresa.

Tabitha and Timmy are in the cave with the scepter and they are trying to figure out a way out of the cave. Timmy thinks that the princess is able to get them out. Timmy did some magic before. Timmy tried to do the magic and instead he turned Tabitha into a mouse. Tabitha remembers that in horror. She is not going to let him do anymore magic. The scepter is powerful. The warlocks used it as a way of destruction. Anyone who gets close to the scepter will invite certain death and she knows that Timmy doesn’t want that. He worries about Charity and Tabitha hates that he is always concerned for her. She tells him to forget about the scepter. Tabitha doesn’t have her powers and doesn’t think that she can get them out. Timmy tries to get her to try to do the job. Whenever she tries to do something on the island, it backfires. She remembers that she was trying to help and she ended up undermining the warlocks plan. If she even touches the scepter she will be blown to kingdom come. Timmy begs her to save him. Norma is thinking of cooking them and he is really afraid of that. Tabitha decides to try to use the scepter and she reaches for it slowly. She touches the scepter and nothing happens to her. They are overjoyed. Now she can figure out how to use the scepter to get them out of the pit. She uses the scepter to cast a spell and it seems to be working.

Out at sea, there has been a wreck and Ethan is the first to surface. He calls for Luis or Chad. He sees no one. The sea is dark and scary and the thunder lights the sky. Chad appears and Ethan swims over to him. They have to find Luis. They hold on to part of the boat and shout for Luis. Luis is no where to be found. They have to wonder if he is still alive. A huge tidal wave is coming. Maybe they will all be doomed.

Miguel, Jessica and Reese think that they are in the right place for finding Charity. Miguel goes up to the rock and feels it. The kids continue looking for Charity. Kay is sure that nothing is going to happen to them. she doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. Simone can only hope that Kay is right and that nothing will happen to them. Reese finds Norma sneaking around and she lies saying that she has been looking for Charity. He tells her that they have already checked that area. Reese walks off and Norma talks to her father’s skull. He assures her that she will kill Tabitha and Timmy when the time is right. She wants the duo to die a slow and painful death.

Kay tries to comfort Miguel and Reese comes up saying again that he thinks that Tabitha is a witch. Simone thinks that this time he may be right. Strange things are starting to happen. Miguel sees a piece of Charity’s shirt in the rock. He shouts for her to tell them where she is… The fabric seems to be embedded in the rock. Miguel keeps trying to find her shouting to the rock and feeling it.

Inside the rock, Charity is sleeping still and the spirits come to her again in her dreams and implore her to come to them. "Come to us Charity… Come to us…Charity…" She remembers rising and being afraid of stepping into the fire. The spirits tell her that they will tell her of the great danger that her aunt faces. There are things that will tear her marriage apart. She wants to be told from outside the fire. Only she has the power to help them. They want her to come closer so that they can tell her everything. She is still sleeping and she turns her head, "NO…." As she sleeps, the spirits stand over her…"Charity is here. She will help us and then she and her friends will die." The spirits surround her, "First you will help you and then you will die." The spirits chant over Charity telling her that she will help them achieve their end. Her unconscious body starts to rise from he ground and glow. The spirits tell her to use her power for them. She becomes upright telling the spirits that she will help them. She will use her power to help them.

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