Passions Update Wednesday 8/29/01



Passions Update Wednesday 8/29/01

By Eva

At the Wedding Chapel, While Grace is kissing David during the reenactment of the wedding she remembers being at a wedding and having a wedding ceremony but she can't see the face of who she is marrying.  

In Bermuda, Julian tells Bruce that if Ethan dies out in the storm searching for Sheridan, Theresa will need someone to comfort her and he is the perfect man for the job.  Rebecca and Gwen arrive in Bermuda because Rebecca wants to marry Julian.  Gwen comments on how lucky they are that their plane made it safely to the ground.  Rebecca talks to Gwen about how she will be the envy of all her friends when she becomes Mrs. Julian Crane.  The search for Sheridan grows hopeful when Ethan spots something white in the water.  Luis dives into the rough waters to save Sheridan.  Gwen worries that Ethan and Theresa may already be married but Rebecca is sure Theresa has already found some way to make a mess of things.  Julian tries to comfort Theresa by saying it must be awful to think that the man she loves drowned in a stormy sea alone.  He only succeeds in making Theresa angry because she doesn't think Ethan is dead.  

Meanwhile at the church, Grace tells Sam that David's kiss made her remember the wedding.  Sam still refuses to believe that Grace was ever married to David.  Father Mike remembers Grace mentioning that after the wedding she was on her way to Boston to take some classes.  Grace tells Father Mike that Boston is where she and Sam met.  Sam and Eve want Grace to tell them exactly what she remembered.  Grace informs them that she remembered being at an altar of a church with a man but she can't remember the face of the man she was kissing.  

In Bermuda, Whitney worries that Julian may be right about no one being able to survive the storm.  Ethan and Chad spot Luis in the water and he has got something with him.  When they pull him back into the boat they notice he has a white shirt that Sheridan had borrowed from Luis.  

Back at the church, Grace grows more anxious and confused when Father Mike says that even though it took him a while to remember he is 100% sure he married David and Grace.  

In Bermuda, Theresa and Whitney continue to worry about the men they love. Theresa tells Whitney "I couldn't survive without Ethan he is the air I breathe." Theresa decides to tell Ethan the whole truth when he comes back but she is worried he won't forgive her this time.  Rebecca and Gwen arrive at the resort Julian is shocked to see them.  He is even more shocked when Rebecca wants to get married in Bermuda.  Bruce informs Julian that if he and Theresa commit bigamy they could both go to jail according to Bermuda law.  A huge wave is headed straight towards the search boat.  Julian informs Rebecca and Gwen about what has happened to Sheridan and that Ethan is out searching for her in the storm.  Gwen says that she would have never let Ethan go out in a storm and if Ethan dies it will be Theresa's fault.  Gwen and Rebecca are both surpassed when Julian defends Theresa.  The Justice of the peace gives Theresa her wedding pictures.  Theresa worries that if someone sees the pictures and shows them to Ethan before she has a chance to explain Ethan will never forgive her.  

Meanwhile at the church, Sam continues to deny Grace was ever married to David.  Grace tells Sam she must have been married to David and loved him because she would never marry someone she didn't love.  Grace urges Sam to think like a cop and not a husband.  She tells him to look at the facts she is David's wife.  

In Bermuda, Ethan Chad and Luis head straight into the wave because it is their only chance.

Meanwhile at the church, Ivy is introduced to David and Father Mike.  Ivy tells David about her past with Sam.  Pillar and Eve worry about Sam and Grace's future.  David watches Sam declare his unshakable love for Grace.

In Bermuda, Julian confides to Bruce that he plans to stay married to Theresa because Ethan has most likely died in the storm there is no reason for him to dissolve the marriage.  Rebecca and Gwen scheme to uncover whatever is going on with Theresa.  Rebecca asks Theresa why she is hiding a picture.  
The huge wave crashes against the search boat.

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