Passions Update Tuesday 8/28/01



Passions Update Tuesday 8/28/01

By Glynis

David has the handcuffs taken off him. Sam has to admit that the things that David are saying are starting to make sense now. Grace is having trouble remembering the wedding. Sam believes his wife and insists that she was never married to David. The priest that married them remembers everything now. Her hair color is different now, but that doesn’t make a difference. The priest remembers that her sister Faith couldn’t be there for the wedding. Grace is convinced now. Pilar and Ivy are listening from the hallway. Eve thinks that she can get Grace to remember right now. She has an idea. They are going to relive the ceremony to see if that jogs Grace’s memory. Ivy prays that will work so that she can get a shot at Sam. The priest starts the ceremony. David takes Grace’s hand in his and he repeats his vows to her. She watches him as he speaks trying to feel something deep inside that tells her that she married this man once. Ivy prays that Grace remember the ceremony. Ivy is upset that Pilar wants Sam to be married to Grace. Pilar just thinks that would be best for everyone… Grace says her vows to David and Sam cringes at the sound of her voice saying that to another man. Sam interrupts the ceremony, but Grace tells him that they have to continue for the sake of the truth. She kisses David and Sam can hardly hold himself from tearing David apart. Suddenly, Grace gets a memory of the wedding that everyone thinks that she never had.

The kids are together on the island and they are discussing Charity going missing. Miguel is suspicious of Kay. Reese says that it is his fault that Charity went missing. Reese feels terrible about the girl going missing.

Tabitha and Timmy have found each other again. They are into a pit and Norma is going to get some logs and start pitching them into the pit while on fire. At least Tabitha and Timmy have each other. They try to dig their way out of the pit before Norma comes to get them and kill them. Timmy has found something. It is a warlock scepter. It could destroy the entire island.

Julian talks with Whitney and Theresa and he tells them that he will have time soon to erase all traces of the marriage that he entered into with Theresa

Chad sees Ethan floating in the water and he needs to be rescued. Chad throws the life jacket over and then jumps in to get to him and bring him back to the boat. Luis watches as a giant wave comes and sweeps over them. they survive and get on the boat. The male bomber sent out with them to help make a rescue party is found out and they tie him up and make him sit on the bottom of the boat. Luis decides that he has to make another effort to get Sheridan and he goes jumping into the water again against the wishes of Chad and Ethan.

Charity has been lured off by the spirits and they are trying to lure her into danger. The kids are looking for her and they search everywhere. Norma is there too hoping that this doesn’t take very long… Charity is about to walk into a cave with a mist coming out of it. She hears Miguel calling for her and she tries to get to him, but a vacuum sucks her into the cave and she gets dragged in there.

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