Passions Update Monday 8/27/01



Passions Update Monday 8/27/01

By Glynis

Sam has found the guy that apparently married Grace and David and the priest doesn’t remember marrying either Grace or David. Grace doesn’t care what Sam finds out now. This isn’t over for Grace. Sam tells her that the only proof that they had that David was who he says he is was David’s say so. Now they have Father Mike to tell them the truth about what really happened and he did. She should accept that in his eyes and believe that David is a con. Sam only wants David out of their lives. David is in handcuffs and he tells the Father Mike that Grace wanted to be married in a special chapel that the priest remembers. The only thing that the priest can’t remember is their faces.

The kids in Bermuda learn about Luis being rescued and Sheridan being lost at sea. The coastguard tells that they were not able to save Sheridan. They didn’t even see her. Luis is unconscious. Julian is there and he sees the two bombers that were hired to do the explosion. Julian thinks that they did a job well done. It is better that Sheridan died rather than he… Theresa and Ethan take a moment to talk privately. Luis gets up and he wants to go out again to find Sheridan with the rescue crew. Julian returns and the bombers leave. Ethan wants to know why Julian hasn’t set up a search party yet. Julian reminds him that a storm is coming and he doesn’t want to risk any more lives. Luis, Chad and Ethan are all going to look for Sheridan and Julian is asked if he is coming alone as well. Julian gets the male bomber to come and help with the rescue of the crew. Theresa is worried about her man. She tells him to be careful and to come back to her.

Pilar is trying to make Ivy see that Grace and Sam are back together and that there is nothing that she can do to get between them. Ivy feels that if Grace is married then she has a clear and fair shot at getting him to be with her. Without Sam, Ivy is nothing. She wants to have hope and she finally can. They hear Sam’s voice in the church and they walk over to a window and listen… The priest is not remembering their faces. Ivy and Pilar go into the church and stand close to the door so that they can listen better. Sam thinks more and more that David belongs in jail… Pilar asks Ivy now if she will give up. It seems certain that Grace belongs to Sam and he is not free for Ivy… Sam turns to David and offers him either jail or a ticket out of town. They start leading David out and the priest asks if Grace’s hair was always that color. David tells the priest that Grace’s hair was not that red color but another. The priest remembers her. David walks to Grace and tells her that he was right that they were married a long time ago. Sam thinks that David only tricked the priest into remembering the detail from talking about it so much. David has another test for the priest and that will prove beyond a doubt that he actually married Grace and he. He whispers to her about the ring that was for her. It wouldn’t fit on her finger. He turns now to the priest to ask him if there was anything that he remembered about the Grace’s finger. Sam thinks that this is stupid and will prove nothing. David offers to leave if the priest doesn’t remember this piece of news. The priest remembers the thing about the finger. She had a Band-Aid on and she couldn’t fit her ring on her finger, so she had to remove the Band-Aid to get it on. For Grace, this is proof that he is her husband. The priest remembers everything now. They were so happy and in love. Eve can’t believe that the priest remembers this. Hank thinks that this is an unbelievable mess… Outside, Ivy sees that Sam is free to be hers again… David realizes that finally Grace has the truth. She is his wife. Sam shakes his head at them. This can’t be.

Kay is alone with Reese and he tells her that there are things that he would like to tell her. Charity is walking off into the woods and Kay sees her doing it, but she ignores her and continues talking to Reese… Charity goes off into the bushes and the spirits talk to her telling her that she has the power to see everything that is coming.

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