Passions Update Friday 8/24/01


Passions Update Friday 8/24/01

By Glynis

The coastguards are bringing Luis in from almost drowning twice. They were not able to find Sheridan out there. The guards have never seen a man as determined as Luis before. Sheridan is gone now. She must be dead.

Kay is pretending to cry to get close to Miguel. She hugs him close as he tells her that nothing is going to happen to Charity.

The spirits in the fire are calling Charity to them. they want her to go into the fire and join them in the fire. She slowly starts walking by herself. Another step and she will be with the spirits. She reaches the fire and is about to step in it. Simone returns in time to find Charity about to step in the fire. Simone shouts at her and runs to grab her. The screaming alerts the other kids and they all come to save her from the fire. Charity snaps out of the trance and she tells the kids that she was called to learn secrets. She points to the fire and is the only one that can see the spirits calling to her. The kids are really worried about her now. They can see nothing. Charity snaps out of it and Miguel realizes that he has to get Charity home so that a doctor can look at her. Tabitha is certain that no one is there on the island with them. Someone has to stay and watch Charity and Kay volunteers, but Simone tells her no. Reese will stay with her. The others are going to search the island and find a way out of there… Kay tells Simone that she can’t stop her from getting with Miguel, no one can.

The Justice of the Peace arrives and is stunned to see Julian and Theresa there. They were the drunken couple that he married the night before. Julian gets the Justice alone and threatens him and tells him that he will marry Ethan and Theresa that night without another word. The Justice finally agrees to marry the couple but knows that it is terribly wrong… Whitney still thinks that Theresa should be telling Ethan the truth. They don’t understand how this happened, but Theresa is sure that if she tells the truth, she is going to lose the man that she loves once and for all. There is no forgiveness left. Whitney is sure that things can still work out for her. Theresa will be committing bigamy and that is a crime. Theresa is sure that Julian is going to manage to make the marriage go away. Ethan comes to get Theresa. He has waited for his bride long enough. Ethan will not wait any longer. He tells her that there is going to be a big storm and they have waited long enough. She goes to the Justice of the Peace and Julian and sees that Julian has arranged everything to work out without them getting found out. Theresa is shaking like a leaf. The ceremony is starting and voices are in Theresa’s head telling her that she is committing bigamy. She shouts for the Justice to stop. She tells Ethan that they can’t have the wedding. Theresa starts trying to explain about the night before. They suddenly hear voices outside. The kids all go running out of the chapel and Julian goes to Theresa and tells her that no matter what she does, she cannot tell Ethan about the marriage the night before.

Eve visits with Grace. Eve thinks that Grace should have let David go, but she couldn’t. the marriage with Sam is strong enough to withstand all of what is going on. David waited for her to come back. Eve is still not sure that David is as innocent as he sounds. David dropped everything to find her. For him to have done that means that they must have shared a strong love.

Norma is digging graves for Tabitha and Timmy and she is surely going to get them this time. They are going to be goners. She goes and finds Timmy alone in the woods and she puts her hand over his mouth telling him that he is not going to get away this time. Tabitha has walked off thinking that Timmy is behind her.

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