Passions Update Thursday 8/23/01


Passions Update Thursday 8/23/01

By Glynis

Kay is announcing to Simone that she is in love. Simone will not hear it. She thinks that her friend is talking selfishly. Kay thinks that Charity is going to die and she is going to end up with Miguel. She should be ashamed of herself. Simone knows that they should be on their way home. If anything happens to Charity, it is going to be Kay’s fault.

Charity is thinking and she has visions of them all going to die and ending up as skeletons. They are all doomed according to her… Norma comes over to Tabitha and Timmy and she tells them that they are not going to leave the island alive… Charity is so cold and Miguel instructs the kids to put more wood on the fire… Norma warns Tabitha and Timmy not to go anywhere. She walks off and Tabitha knows that there is nowhere for her and her doll to hide from that crazed killer. Norma can’t hurt them while the kids are around. Timmy thinks that they are doomed… Miguel is with Charity when she passes out. He thinks that she is dead. He tries to wake her but finds that he can’t. The kids all come running. There is nothing that can be done for her. Reese can tell that Charity is only in one of her trances. He mind is protecting her by sending her into a trance. That seems to make sense… Kay thinks that her wish is going to come true… Norma comes over and unfortunately hasn’t had any medical experience. She ran a hotel once and she was a butcher, but that is it. She turns and smiles at Tabitha and Timmy. Tabitha and Timmy are trying to figure out if Charity is really sick. They think that this isn’t good at all… Simone knows some first aid and she checks Charity’s pulse. She is in a trance and she is cold and that is not good… Norma announces that she needs some help with the wood and she asks Tabitha to help her. Tabitha doesn't want to help but she does because Jessica offers to help. Norma whispers to Tabitha to be careful or she will not come back from the trip in one piece… Simone is really worried about her friend. Kay only cares that she is the only girl that is going to make Miguel happy. All she can think of is Miguel. Simone thinks that she is really crazy now. Kay wants a chance with the love of her life. Kay gets an idea. She knows how to get Miguel away from Charity and she may not have to die for this to happen. Kay goes over to Miguel and suggests that they go and get some wood to keep Charity warm, but Miguel will not leave her side. Simone and Reese go running off and Kay is glad because that gives her more of a chance to get with Miguel. Kay sits and pretends to be crying. Miguel hears her and calls out to her. She tells him where he is and he gets up and goes over to her leaving Charity alone on the ground. He sits with Kay and Kay says that she is so scared that they are not going to make it off the island. He assures her that they are going to make it off the island… Charity is left alone and the fire beside her starts to flare up. Sprits call her name. She awakens and is told that they have much to tell her and that she has to do exactly what they tell her to do. The spirits are calling Charity and they tell her that they can help her save Theresa and Sheridan and Luis. They call her to come to them. She rises and takes steps towards the spirits. They want her to join them in the fire.

Miguel is with Kay and he assures Kay that Charity is not going to die.

Tabitha, Norma and Jessica are off looking for wood. Jessica is worried about the premonitions. She is worried that Charity is able to see the future and that the future isn’t that good. Behind Jessica’s back, Norma makes scary motions to Tabitha. Norma goes to be alone and she talks to her father. She is trying to get Tabitha and Timmy alone so that she can kill them. Her father tells her to get Tabitha and Timmy to separate. That will make it easier to kill them both. Norma returns and tells Tabitha that she should put her doll down to make the wood gathering easier. She puts the doll down telling him that she will not be gone long. She tells him to stay close and not wander off. Tabitha and Jessica walk into the woods and Timmy is alone. Norma sees her chance and she comes running after Timmy who gets a head start and runs away from her. Tabitha and Jessica return and Timmy is no where to be found… Timmy is walking in the woods and Norma is following him. Norma is going to make her father so proud of her. She will chop Timmy up and he will be dead.

Julian is talking to Whitney who now knows the truth and she is trying to help him come up with a solution to Theresa marrying Ethan. They reach the Justice of the Peace’s office and are trying to get to Ethan before Theresa spills her guts.

Chad and Ethan are talking to the Justice of the Peace and he tells them that he married a scandalous couple the night before. The woman was considerably younger than the man. He is looking forward to marrying the woman that Ethan is going be later that night. The Justice has left Chad and Ethan and Julian bursts into the room glad that he has beaten Theresa there. Julian wants to talk to them. Ethan understands that Theresa wants this day to be perfect. This is going to be a day that they will never forget. Ethan tells Julian about the bizarre couple that was married the night before. Julian hears the story and realizes that the Justice was talking about him and Teresa! The man was supposedly older and the woman was younger. Julian tries to put a spin on everything that he hears. Ethan wonders why Julian would defend a person like that. Julian thinks that they shouldn’t attack people that can’t defend themselves. Ethan thinks that Julian knows everything about the wedding. Julian doesn’t know what he is talking about. Ethan doesn’t buy that. He thinks that Julian knows exactly what he is talking about. He thinks that Julian is a leech. He can’t believe that he ever thought that he was a Crane. Ethan wants to go and find Theresa, but Julian talks him out of it. He will go and get Theresa instead and tell her that Ethan is waiting.

Theresa is trying to conjure up the courage to face Ethan and tell him that she made a terrible mistake, but she did marry Julian the night before.

The Coastguard is looking among the wreckage on the water trying to find survivors. Luis seems to be okay, but he can’t find Sheridan. He remembers the time that they were having on the boat together. They thought that they were going to have a wonderful life together. He remembers her screaming for him when he returned to the boat. That was when it happened. He wonders now where she is. He is rescued by the Coastguard and they will not let him go back into the water to get Sheridan. Their radios are broken and they have to get Luis back to the show. They fight Luis to keep him on the boat. He is not going anywhere. They are having trouble holding him down. They warn him that if he goes back into the water, he will be a goner. They are sure that Sheridan is gone. They let go of Luis and start maneuvering the boat to bring Luis ashore. He is closely watched because if he goes over the side again, he will surely be a dead man. Luis lies in the bottom of the boat thinking of Sheridan and the times that they have shared. He can’t have it end this way. He gets up and heads to the side of the boat and throws himself over. The guards go to the side of the boat and shout to him, but they can’t see him anymore. They finally see him and have to rescue him again. They shine the light on him and drag him aboard again. He tries to get away again, but they throw him down to the bottom of the boat. They shout to the driver to get moving again. The guards are amazed at the love that he must have had for her. They try to make him understand that Sheridan is dead and that she is not coming back.

Whitney finds Theresa outside the chapel and she is sitting down feeling woozy. She can barely sit up. Whitney offers to get her some water. Whitney knows that there is only one Justice of the Peace and Theresa can’t marry Ethan at this time anyway. That sends Theresa into a panic again. Whitney feels that Theresa has to tell Ethan before he finds out some other way. He will be terribly angry with her if she doesn’t tell. Julian shows up thinking that they have to come up with an excuse for Ethan. He has to get the annulment. Whitney doesn’t want her to listen to Julian. The only way out of this is the truth. Theresa thinks that Julian is right. Ethan is not going to want anything to do with her if he hears the truth. Whitney is right, but Theresa can’t tell Ethan the truth. Ethan has come out of the room and hears Theresa saying that she can’t tell him the truth. He asks her, "What can’t you tell me Theresa?" Julian tells him that she is too nervous to say. He says that Theresa would prefer to wait until they go back to Harmony. Theresa denies that she wants to wait. Ethan takes her hand and leads her into the room where the Justice of the Peace is going to marry them. Theresa tries to tell him then about the secret that she has. She tells him that she has changed her mind. They can’t get married there now. Ethan thinks that she is only nervous. He assures her that she will be fine soon. Ethan thinks that they should be married that night, right now. She refuses. Ethan doesn’t understand at all. He knows that there is something that she is not telling him. She doesn’t feel right. Ethan wants her to take her fears and put them away. He knows that she wants that too. He wants her to marry him again at home. They should do it now. Whitney thinks that maybe now is the time to wait. The Justice comes out and sees Theresa and Julian and he is appalled to see them again.

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