Passions Update Wednesday 8/22/01



Passions Update Wednesday 8/22/01

By Eva

At the Bed and Breakfast ,  David tells Hank he is not leaving Harmony until Grace tells him to leave.  Grace and Sam talk outside. Grace tells Sam  she wants David to stay until she is sure that David isn't her husband.  David interrupts Sam and Grace's conversation and Sam asks Grace to tell David she doesn't believe his story is true.  Grace says she can't do that because she is more confused then ever about the truth.  

In Bermuda, Theresa finally tells Whitney the whole story about how she married Julian and slept with him.   She asks Whitney's advice on what to do now.  Ethan nervously waits with Chad at the chapel for the Justice of the peace to arrive.  Luis looks for Sheridan in the water as the boat wreckage floats around him.   He calls her name and dives under water several times searching for her but there is no sign of her anywhere.  

Outside the Bed and Breakfast , Sam is still confused because Grace wants David to stay in Harmony.  Grace explains by saying " I want to resolve my past so I never have to be afraid for my future again.."  

In Bermuda, Julian desperately tries to find a way out of his messy situation. His friend Bruce doesn't offer much support because he tells him even the all powerful Julian Crane can't get out of this mess.  A helicopter passing overhead spots  Luis in the water.  Luis waves his arms in the air to signal them.  Bruce tells Julian some more details about his wedding to Theresa.   Bruce explains that he and Theresa were both so drunk Bruce wondered if they would get through the vows but they did and then Julian planted a big kiss on Theresa.  Julian wonders why he can't remember any details of what happened.  

At the Chapel, the Justice of the Peace looks at photos of Julian and Theresa's wedding and puts them quickly back in the envelope just as Ethan enters his office to make wedding plans.  When Ethan discusses the Chapel photographer he asks to see the photos from last night's wedding.  The Justice of the Peace tells him he doesn't want anyone to see the pictures because the wedding was a shame.  He goes on to explain to Ethan that the groom was considerably older than the bride and they were both very drunk.  

Meanwhile at the Bed and Breakfast,  Sam asks Grace to tell David to leave but Grace thinks David may be the key to unlocking her past.  Surprisingly David agrees with Sam that he should leave so Grace can get on with her life .

In Bermuda,  Whitney wants Theresa to tell Ethan the truth because Whitney says that Ethan loves her and will forgive her but only if she tells him the truth . Theresa is determined not to hurt Ethan anymore. Theresa is scared that if she tells Ethan the truth he will never love her again.   Julian is afraid that Ethan  and Luis will kill him when they find out about his wedding to Theresa. Julian takes some solace in the fact that Luis may already be dead.  A rescue boat gets Luis out of the water and he begs them to search for Sheridan.  They say they will send a search party out in the morning when they can see better but now they must get him to a doctor because he has lost a lot of blood.  

Meanwhile at the Bed and Breakfast, David tells Grace he is leaving because he loves her and he doesn't want to cause her any more pain.  Sam takes that as a sign that David isn't really Grace's husband because if he were her husband he would stay and fight for her.  David says he will write Grace a letter telling her as much as he can remember about her past and if she has questions she can write him letters.  He says goodbye and wishes Grace and her family a happy life.

In Bermuda. Theresa worries that no relationship is strong enough to survive this situation.  Whitney says the only shot she has is to tell Ethan the truth..  Theresa decides to head to the chapel.  Julian worries that since the chapel only has one justice of the Peace he will recognize Theresa and tell Ethan the truth.  He goes next door to stop Theresa from going to the chapel..  Luis jumps off the rescue boat to look for Sheridan.  The rescue crew says he is too weak and will never survive the water.  Julian finds out from Whitney that Theresa went to the chapel.  Julian tells Whitney that there is only one justice of the peace and he married Julian and Theresa.   They rush off to stop Theresa..  Theresa is in the chapel foyer trying to get her courage up.  

The rescue crew loses sight of Luis and assume he's dead.

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