Passions Update Tuesday 8/21/01



Passions Update Tuesday 8/ Passions Update Tuesday 8/21/01

By Glynis

Ethan is asking Theresa to marry him that night at the 24 hour chapel. Julian is standing there and he remembers that she can’t marry him because they were married the night before. Ethan doesn’t know that she has married anyone and he can’t understand Theresa’s reluctance to jump at the chance to marry him like she always wanted. Ethan thinks that this is the perfect time to get married. Chad and Whitney are there and can stand up for them. Whitney and Chad can tell that something is terribly wrong. Ethan can tell that something is wrong. Does she still want to marry him? Yes she does. He grabs her by the hand and drags her to the door. She tells him that she can’t get married. He turns to her as everyone else does to see what she is going to say next. Chad knows that this has been something that Theresa has always wanted to do. Ethan asks Theresa point blank why she doesn’t want to get married. Julian offers an explanation. He is not Ethan’s father, but he thinks that he knows what is going on. This is a sacred time for a woman as it is going to be remembered forever. Julian is sure that Theresa has been fantasizing about her wedding for years. She doesn't want her marriage thrown together like nothing. This has to be a perfect day. Theresa probably wants to be married in a church and her mother is not there. Theresa admits that she does miss her mother. Ethan promises her that when they get back home, they can have another ceremony for the family, but tonight should be for them. They should get married right away. Ethan promised himself that as soon as he saw her, he would make things right. He begs her to marry him that night. She finally says yes. She can’t say no to Ethan. She agrees to marry him. Julian wonders what the hell she is thinking. Julian takes Theresa aside to talk to her. Whitney can tell that something is going on. She is going to find out what it is… Julian has Theresa on the patio to ask her how she is going to pull off getting married when she is already married to him? He gets an idea to have their marriage annulled after she marries Ethan. They can get married again in Harmony and that marriage will be legal. Julian can get the marriage dissolved and they will both be in the clear. Theresa thanks Julian for the idea. Theresa goes back into the room and she talks with Whitney. Julian enters the room again and heads for the door. There are a few things that he has to take care of. Whitney demands to know what is going on with she and Julian. Theresa thinks back and remembers kissing Julian. The thought makes her sick… Julian is outside the door of the hotel and his friend arrives and he thinks that they should be celebrating. Julian tells his friend that he should have stopped the marriage. Julian explains the trouble that he is in now that Ethan is there as well.

Tabitha and Timmy and with Norma and the kids. Norma is acting as nicely as ever. She has to pretend that she is getting the kids rescued, but all she really cares about is getting at Tabitha and Timmy’s necks. Tabitha and Timmy think that this time they really are dead meat. Tabitha thinks that Norma should be locked up somewhere because she is a nut. Norma comes up and hears what Tabitha has said. Norma is hurt and talks to her ‘father’ to discuss finishing off Tabitha and Timmy that night. Jessica runs over to them and tells them that they have wood over at the campsite. Tabitha and Timmy volunteer to go back to the campsite with Jessica. Norma will not hurt them as long as they are with her.

The kids are ready to light the wood and the people on the boat that is passing are going to see them and save them. Charity has been having feelings and she is sure that they are never going to get off the island alive. She tells the kids that all of them are going to die. She starts crying and Simone tells Kay that if anything happens to them it is going to be her fault for delaying them getting off the island.

The bombers have just watched the explosion of the boat carrying Sheridan and Luis. They are very happy that the explosion went off as expected and they celebrate. Nothing is moving out there. The woman bomber thinks that her cohort is sick.

Out on the water…there is just bits of wreckage burning atop the water…Nothing else seems to be moving. A few feet away, it looks as if Luis is floating face down in the water, but that is all.

Whitney wants the news and wants to know why Theresa won’t get married in the dress that she has with her? Theresa finally says the truth. She hid the dress because she has already been married in the dress.

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