Passions Update Monday 8/20/01



Passions Update Monday 8/20/01

By Eva

At the site of the Bennett's new house, Sam and Grace continue to talk.  Sam encourages Grace to forget about David because he is a fraud.  Grace remains confused and scared about the situation.  David watches Sam and grace talk from his window at the bed and breakfast.  He tells Hank "I will leave Harmony and never come back ," he says he doesn't want to cause Grace anymore pain.

On Warlock Island, Charity tells Miguel she has a feeling something will prevent them from lighting the signal fire.  While Kay continues to pour water over the logs so that the signal fire will not light, Simone tries to persuade her friend to stop and think about what she is doing.  Kay remains determined to do anything she has to do to get some extra time on the island so she can sleep with Miguel.  Norma gets her ax ready to kill Tabitha and Timmy.

In Bermuda, Ethan asks Theresa why she is wearing a wedding ring.  Luis and Sheridan get closer to deep waters as the clock on the bomb timer slowly ticks down.  

Meanwhile at the Bed and Breakfast, David goes upstairs to pack his bags.   Hank wonders if David is leaving Harmony because he doesn't want to hurt Grace or if "he is getting out while the getting is good."  

On Warlock Island, Norma goes to dig graves for Tabitha and Timmy and when she gets finished she says she will chop them into tiny little pieces.  

In Bermuda, Ethan tells Theresa he knows the reason why she is wearing a wedding ring.  Ethan thinks it is because she wanted to keep other guys from hitting on her while she is in Bermuda.  Whitney tells Chad she has a feeling Theresa is in big trouble.  Joan asks Basil if he is sure the bomb is in its final phase.  Basil says "nothing can stop it now Sheridan and Luis are as good as dead."  

On warlock Island, Charity tells Miguel that she has a strong feeling that by the time they get of the island it will be too late to save Sheridan and Luis because there is a count down on their lives and they are doomed.  

Meanwhile at the Bed and breakfast, Hank tells Sam and Grace that David is leaving Harmony.  Sam is pleased but Grace is confused.  While Sam is getting all the information from Hank on what caused David to change his mind Grace goes upstairs to talk to David.  

On Warlock Island, Tabitha tells Timmy to get her out of the trap before Norma returns.  Timmy tries to cut the trap with a rock but has no luck.   Next Timmy loosens the not which is tying the trap to a tree Tabitha falls to the ground but doesn't move.  Timmy thinks he killed Tabitha.  

In Bermuda, Sheridan has a feeling that something bad is going to happen to her.  Luis calms her down and tells her that he won't let anything bad happen to her.

Meanwhile at the Bed and Breakfast, Grace asks David if it is true that he is leaving Harmony.  David says yes and that he is leaving because he doesn't want her to be in pain anymore.  He says even though it will be hard saying good-bye he knows that she is safe loved and happy.  He tells her to enjoy her life.

On Warlock Island, Timmy is delighted when Tabitha wakes up and they run off to find the kids for protection.  Norma runs off after them.  

In Bermuda, Bruce one of Julian's friends from the divorce squad knocks on the door and says that he has come by to take Julian and his new bride to dinner.  Everyone in the room is shocked but Julian manages to stop Bruce before he spills the beans.  Julian tells Ethan that he and Rebecca were
supposed to be married in Bermuda when his divorce was final and Bruce didn't know that Rebecca couldn't come.  Luis begins to pull up the anchor to make their way back but it is stuck so he dives in the water to get it.  Luis sends Sheridan in the galley for coffee. Joan worries that Sheridan will find the bomb.  Sheridan finds a strange piece of equipment (the bomb) and wonders what it is doing in the galley she begins to touch it.

Meanwhile at the bed and breakfast, Hank and Sam offer David a ride to the airport.  Before he leaves David gives Grace a drawing of her which he drew. He picks up his suitcase and heads for the door followed by Hank and Sam when Grace says David don't go I want you to stay.

In Bermuda, On closer inspection Sheridan sees that the device is dynamite on some kind of a timer.  She finally figures out its a bomb that is about to go off and screams for Luis.  Whitney tells Theresa to let her know if she is in trouble so she can help her but Julian spies them talking and shakes his head no so Theresa doesn't tell Whitney.  Ethan asks Theresa to Marry him in the 24 hour wedding chapel tonight.

On Warlock Island, Jessica introduces Tabitha to Norma who has agreed to help them with the signal fire.  Charity has a vision that they are never getting off the island and they are all doomed.  

In Bermuda, Sheridan continues to scream for Luis as he hears her and calls her name the boat explodes.

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