Passions Update Friday 8/17/01


Passions Update Friday 8/17/01

By Glynis

Luis and Sheridan are on the boat running out to sea. They have a bomb on the boat and they are not aware of what awaits them. The get into their swimsuits and swim for a while and soon they will be in deep water in minutes. The bomb, still unseen by them is showing, "Final Phase" on its monitor.

Timmy has been saved and is grateful to his Tabitha for saving his life. Norma sees them on the island and she knows that they can run, but they canít hide. Norma decides to set a trap for Tabitha and Timmy. She fixes up a net and later on Tabitha walks by and gets trapped in the net. Norma sees that she has caught something in the net and she is as happy as can be. Timmy is up ahead and not yet aware of what has happened to his princess.

Julian and Theresa are still in Ethanís room and Ethan is just outside the door knocking. They donít know what they are going to do. It seems that they have gotten married the night before in a drunken stupor. They canít even remember it. Theresa thinks that they will be able to tell Ethan the truth. Julian tells her that he canít have her tell anyone that he married and slept with her. Ethan is outside the door telling the maid that he really has to get in the door. He tries to get her to open up. Julian hears what Ethan is planning to do and tells Theresa that Ethan is going to be inside any minute. Chad gets a security officer for the hotel and he is going to open the door to Julianís room, but the kids had better be right. The guard knocks at the door saying that he is security and that he is coming in. He opens the door and Everyone walks in. Ethan demands to know what is going on. He finds only Julian in the room. Theresa is hiding in the back and she hears that Ethan is asking for her. Ethan was sure that she was there. Julian tries to show him the door and get him out of there. Ethan sees that Julian was having a great night. He finds a champagne bottle. Ethan accuses him of having some slut from the bar in his room. Theresa drops something and makes a noise. Ethan runs to the patio where the scream came from. Theresa goes to the patio and backs into the maid cleaning the room next door. The maid screams and the kids with Julian know that something is terribly wrong. The maid tells Theresa that she is going to call security because of her being there. She begs the maid to be quiet. Just then, Ethan goes to the door next door and enters the room from the front door. He finds Theresa with the maid and calls to her. She tries to act surprised. Chad and Whitney come into the room too. They have been looking all over for her. Julian walks into the room and he is fully dressed now. The maid tells everyone that this is not Theresaís room. Theresa explains that they are in Theresa and Sheridanís room. She is looking guilty and holding her clothes and shoes in her hands and trying to hide them. Julian approaches the maid and tells her that everything is just fine. Ethan says that he will explain what went on to the front desk.

Jessica really wants to get off the island. They are now stuck on the island and they have to figure a way off. They decide to build a fire for a plane to see them. Charity has a premonition that something terrible has happened to Theresa. Charity doesnít know what has happened, but it may threaten the rest of her life. The kids are gathering wood to make a big fire to save themselves. After the kids disappear looking for more wood, Kay comes over to the wood that has been already collected and she pours water on the wood so that later on it will not light. Simone tries to stop her from doing that, but Kay thinks that in some way, doing this will get Miguel closer to her.

Sam and Grace are together and they are remembering times when they thought that they wouldnít survive. They have their family and friends and their love. They look at their house and they know that it is their future and it is going to be rock solid. That is reality. David has no part in their future. They have survived much more than this. Grace doesnítí know if she has anymore life in her. What if Davidís truth is going to break them up? Nothing in his eyes will ever break them apart. David is in the house watching Grace with Sam. Hank is pushing him around and doesnít like the guy one bit. Hank thinks that if David really loved Grace, he would leave her alone and stop frightening her. David loves a woman that he knew 20 years ago. Coming back has only upset Grace. Grace is in pain and David doesnít want that.

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