Passions Update Thursday 8/16/01


Passions Update Thursday 8/17/01

By Glynis

Chad, Whitney and Ethan arrive in Bermuda and they find out that Luis and Sheridan are in the same hotel as Julian. Ethan rings Julianís room, but no one is answering. He leaves a messages for Theresa to know that he has arrived. Maybe she is at the beach or having breakfast.

Theresa and Julian are still in his room and they are starting to figure out the night before. She is wearing a matching bathrobe to the one that Julian is wearing. They canít let anyone find out that she was in his room. They have determined that she probably didnít make love to him. She is going to go to her room and get a shower and then she is going to go back to Harmony. She sees a brochure on the table and finds that it is to the Chapel. They are afraid that they got married last night when they were drunk. They canít exactly remember. One of Julianís friends comes to the room and tells the two that they did in fact get married the night before. He has papers that prove that they were married. Both Julian and Theresa fall on the bed, stunned by the news.

Grace is thinking and she has gotten a premonition. David is there to take her back from one of her premonitions. He knows about her having the premonitions, she used to have them way back when. He canít stand to lose her again. He would leave her, but she used to be happy with him once. They belong together. Sam walks in and grabs David. Sam tells David that he is to leave them and get out right now. Grace tells Sam that David will stay. David understands how Sam feels and he would feel the same way. Sam is flailing trying to find something wrong with Davidís story. David is sure the FBI background check is going to prove that everything that he has said is true. Sam asks what kind of juice does Grace drink every morning? David knows that this is another test. Sam asks the question again. David answers correctly and everyone is freaked out. David leaves the room and Sam thinks that still doesnít mean anything. He goes to his fax and reads that David is a photo journalist and he has won prestigious awards. It is true then, David is her husband.

Chad, Whitney and Ethan get to the hotel and Ethan gets some memories. It is hard not to fall in love in a place like that hotel. Ethan is going to find Theresa and tell her that he forgives her for everything. He sees a brochure about a 24 hour chapel and he thinks that if he finds Theresa, they can get married there. He canít wait another day to be with his bride. Theresa is going to be so surprised.

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