Passions Update Wednesday 8/15/01



Passions Update Wednesday 8/15/01

By Glynis

Luis and Sheridan are on the boat being alone again. This is her lucky day because they are going to do a lot of things together that they want. The bombers are reveling in the fact that the boat that Luis and Sheridan are on is going to blow up very soon. The bomb is stuck to the wall and it has the lights lit on it. Soon, it is going to blow and take Luis and Sheridan with it. Luis has to run off for a moment and take care of something. He is going to leave Sheridan on the boat for a bit. Luis is glad that Theresa is home and safe. If she were with Julian and Luis found out, he would kill Julian. He leaves and Sheridan is on the boat by herself thinking of how lucky she is to be with Luis and she relives memories. The bombers are watching Sheridan alone on the boat. They come up with an idea and whisper between themselves.

Chad and Whitney show up on the plane and talk with Ethan. Ethan can’t believe that Theresa ran to Bermuda like that. Whitney tells him that Theresa is just that way. Whitney and Chad are sitting on the plane and Whitney is finding him impossible again. She gets up and goes to the restroom. Chad tells Ethan that Whitney has been determined to shut him out of his life for the longest time. Both guys are thinking that they should have done other things to be with the women that they love. Chad thinks that they should just look at their obstacles as tests.

Theresa has just awakened up in Julian’s bed. He slept with her while she was drunk the night before and she didn’t’ even remember it. Julian had the time of his life, but Theresa is heartbroken that she has betrayed her loved one and basically screwed up her life. Julian tries to comfort her and tells her that no on is going to find out about them getting it on together. She cries and cries as this is the worst thing that she could imagine. She can’t believe that she slept with him. She is sure that it didn’t happen. He shows her the sheets and tells her that they both were naked. She was drinking and she is not used to alcohol. She was trying to get through to him about Ethan and then they came up to his room. He tells her that everything was okay. He assures her of that. She is worried about Ethan. She tells him that she wouldn’t have willingly done anything with him. Julian assures her that she wasn’t forced to do anything. She doesn’t know what she is going to do. She remembers that her brother is staying in the hospital and she wants to tell him what has happened. Julian is worried about that. Luis has been knocking on the door and Julian is trying to convince Theresa that she shouldn’t be upset at having sex with Julian. She wants to hear nothing else from Julian and she throws things at him making noises in the room. Luis is nearby and hears the noise. He tells Julian that he better open the door or it will be broken down. Theresa runs to the door and Julian panics that she will open it and let that killer in. Luis gets in on his own and doesn’t see that his sister is there. she is hiding behind a door. He searches for the girl even though Julian says that she is gone. Julian explains that the girl was a little high strung and that is why the room is such a mess. Luis calls out to the girl wherever she is hiding to come out. He shouts out that the girl should get away from Julian as fast as possible. Luis turns and leaves the room and Theresa comes from her hiding place. This is a nightmare for her. Julian tells her that the trouble is over. Theresa is sure that things are going to get even worse.

Luis returns to his fiancée on the boat and the bomb is still ticking away getting ready to blow while they are on it. They step aboard. As soon as they hit the high seas, the bomb is going to go off. Luis starts the boat up and they move out to sea.


By Eva

 Ethan's plane is late taking off and he is not at all happy about it.   Whitney and Chad board the plane and inform Ethan they have decided to go to Bermuda with him to see if Theresa is ok.

In Bermuda on the boat, Sheridan tells Luis about a dream she had when she was in school.  She tells him about being with the man she loved and have a day where they were free to do anything they wanted without having to worry about anything.  Luis is glad he could make another of her dreams come true.   Luis decides that before they can go sailing there is something he must do.   Sheridan assumes that since he has been so worried about the young girl in Julian's room he wants to go back and have another chat with Julian.  Luis tells Sheridan that although he is worried about the young girl because he is very protective of any young girl in that situation because young girls remind him of Theresa he just needs to go back to the hotel to get the sun tan lotion.

Back at the resort, Julian and Theresa make love in Julian's dream When Julian wakes up Theresa asks "what are we doing in bed with each other." Julian says "making love of course " Theresa screams no.

Meanwhile on the boat, Luis tells Sheridan that ever since he tried to help the young girl in Julian's room he has been thinking about Theresa and that if Julian ever laid a hand on her he would kill him.  Sheridan tells Luis she wishes that she had a brother that Luis could like, respect, and would be a
wonderful uncle to their children.  Sheridan also tells Luis she hopes Theresa knows how lucky she is to have a brother like him.  Luis gives Sheridan a kiss and goes to get sunscreen.  

On the plane, Chad tries to get Whitney to talk about their non-relationship. Whitney closes the subject and heads to the bathroom.  Chad tells Ethan if only Whitney hadn't made a promise to God when Simone was in a coma their relationship would be right on track right now.  Ethan tells Chad if only Theresa hadn't scanned his mother's letter into her computer he and Theresa would be in Bermuda on their honeymoon by now.  The two friends are determined to forget about the past and work things out with the women they love.  

Back at the resort, Theresa thinks that she is having a nightmare and she didn't really make love to Julian.  Julian tells her that it was real.  He tells her that she was lying on the bed and she told him she was hot so he naturally helped her take off  her clothes.  They began to kiss and one thing lead to another. He proudly boasts that not only made love once but three times.   Theresa says oh my God what have I done."  

On the boat, Sheridan talks to herself about how happy she is about her relationship.  She also remembers happy moments with him and thanks God for bringing a man like Luis into her life.  The bombers plan to board the boat to reset the bomb.

Meanwhile at the resort, Theresa tries to remember details of the night before but he mind is fuzzy.  She tells Julian she never would have willingly done anything like that with him.  Julian says he might have done a lot of things but he has never made love to a woman without her consent.  Theresa decides that since she was having such a realistic dream about marrying Ethan and making love to him, the only explanation is that she thought Julian was Ethan. Theresa says she needs to talk to someone about what happened so she will talk to Luis.  Julian remembers Luis's warning and persuades Theresa not to talk to her brother.  When Luis arrives and is about to go into his room a maid tells him she heard a young woman crying in Julian's room.  Luis pounds on Julian's room and demands that he open the door.  

On the boat, Sheridan practices writing what her married name will be on a piece paper.  The lady bomber asks Sheridan if she can board the boat because she and her husband are planning to buy a boat.  While she distracts Sheridan the other bomber resets the timer on the boat.  

On the plane, Ethan tries to reach Theresa but has no luck.  Ethan tells Chad and Whitney that their is no way Julian would ever take advantage of Theresa because he gave him a stern warning the last time he tried to do that.  Chad reminds him that since Julian isn't his father anymore he wouldn't care how Ethan feels about Theresa.

Back at the resort, Julian begs Theresa not to make a sound or they will both be in serious trouble.  Theresa agrees but then feels guilty about not letting her brother know she was in the room.  Julian tells Theresa that her brother wouldn't be happy to find out that is sister made love to Julian 3 and behaved like something less then a lady.  Theresa gets angry and throws an ashtray against the door and shatters it.  When Luis hears the noise he tells Julian that if he doesn't open the door he will break it down.  Luis gives Julian until the count of five.  Julian rushes Theresa into the bathroom and opens the door.  Luis wants to know what happened.  Julian says he had an argument with a hooker who wanted more money.  Luis advises the girl in the bathroom to get away from this loser as soon as she can then he leaves.  

On the boat,  Luis arrives and gets the boat ready to set sail as the bombers watch from the dock. As the plane gets ready to land Ethan tells Chad and Whitney he and Theresa love each other and they are going to be together forever.  

Meanwhile at the resort,  Theresa comes out of the bathroom and has a strange feeling that her situation will only get worse.  Julian and Theresa are shocked to discover they have wedding rings on.  

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