Passions Update Tuesday 8/14/01



Passions Update Tuesday 8/14/01

By Eva

On Warlock Island, Charity informs Miguel about he latest most troubling vision.  She says she saw Sheridan and Theresa crying and she also saw everyone on the island crying out.  She fears they are all doomed. Norma vows to make sure Timmy and Tabitha "suffer a slow and painful death."  

In Bermuda, Sheridan and Luis get a very early wake up call for their trip.   Sheridan doesn't want to get out of bed so she persuades Luis to stay in bed a little longer and they make love.  The bombers go to the boat to plant the bomb. They wait for Luis and Sheridan to arrive so they can view their work personally.  Theresa lies on the bed in a half sleep state and thinks Julian is Ethan.  When Theresa falls asleep for a little while Julian strokes her legs and gets ready to make his move.  

On Warlock Island, Miguel calms Charity down she is very eager to leave but Reese informs them that they don't have any Internet or cell phone contact so they are stranded.  Miguel tells Charity that she can move her sleeping bag into his tent because she is scared.  Kay is disappointed but not discouraged she tells Simone "before we get of this Island I will have Miguel"  

In Bermuda, Julian is ready to make his move when there is a knock at the door.  He opens it and finds Ethan standing there.  He wonders what is going on when he sees Theresa on the bed.  Theresa runs over and explains she was trying to persuade Julian to let Ethan back in the family.  Julian says he has decided to adopt him.  Ethan and Theresa are so happy they decide to get married right away.

Back on Warlock Island, Timmy and Tabitha see the lights from the warlocks and worry they won't get off the island alive.  Norma vows that she will kill Tabitha and Timmy while everyone is asleep.  Norma also talks to the warlocks and says she wants first crack at Tabitha and Timmy.  

In Bermuda, Ethan and Theresa get married in Julian's room and he lets them stay there alone to start there honeymoon.  Sheridan and Luis arrive at the docks to board the boat. They slowly walk along the dock and talk about their future then they go on board the boat.

On Warlock Island,  Charity hears an awful noise outside the tent she wakes and says it must have been the wind

In Bermuda, Theresa wakes up from sleeping and tells Ethan how happy she is to be his wife.  She hugs him and asks him to make love to her again She hears Julian's voice say it will be my pleasure.  She sits bolt upright in bed and takes the cover of the persons head she sees Julian.  She realizes last night she must have been dreaming about Ethan.  She wonders if she slept with Julian.

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