Passions Update Monday 8/13/01



Passions Update Monday 8/13/01

By Glynis

The two criminals are working on the bomb to blow up Sheridan and Luis the following day. He carves Luis’ and Sheridan’s names into the clay on the bomb.

Luis and Sheridan are trying to get into Julian’s room. Julian tries to get Theresa to be quiet so that no one will find out that she is in his room. He convinces her that she must be quiet. She does as he tells her, but Luis threatens to go and get security to open the door. Finally Julian opens the door. Theresa is nowhere to be found. Luis got it in his head that there is a young girl in the room and he wants to know where she is. Luis searches the place as Sheridan watches. The only place left for the girl to be hiding is in a closet. Theresa is in there. Luis calls out to the ‘girl’. "Miss! Are you in there?" Theresa says nothing. Julian manages to get rid of the dynamic duo and he gets Theresa even drunker. She is so sleepy… his bed is so comfy. Julian takes advantage of this moment to put his hand under her dress and push it up her thigh. Theresa doesn’t realize what is happening and thinks that she is in bed with Ethan.

Tabitha goes back on the boat to save her Timmy and the kids can’t believe what they are seeing. Why would she do that for a doll? Suddenly, there is a big explosion and Tabitha surely must be blown to smithereens. The kids all shriek in horror at the explosion. Norma is watching a ways off and she smiles with glee at the idea that she finally managed to kill Timmy and Tabitha. It isn’t so. Tabitha appears again and he has her doll with her. They return to the shore and everyone is safe. Norma watches the whole scene. Norma is sure that Tabitha will eventually die by her hands.

David has another idea for showing that Grace is really someone that he knew from the past and is currently married to. He tells her that he knows what she really wants in life. Sam is not convinced. Ivy and Pilar are still at the window listening to the tests that David has been passing proving that he knows Grace. Soon Sam can’t take anymore of this and he tries to send David out of the house. David fights him off and tells him that he is not leaving. This is his wife and Grace will always be his wife.

Chad and Whitney talk about Theresa being in Bermuda being with Julian. Chad is sure that Theresa will be fine.

Luis and Sheridan return to their room and she is giving him a massage. They are discussing the following day and how long they have waited for this day to come. He is going to spend the rest of his life making her dreams come true. They kiss and fall onto the bed.

Ethan is looking at pictures of Theresa and thinking of the times that he spent with her. She is so beautiful to him. Kissing her makes him so happy and just being with her was a joy. The night after they made love, was especially special… There was the time with the fireworks and the time they spent on the trip. He is going to get to Theresa and make her his bride again.

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