Passions Update Friday 8/10/01


Passions Update Friday 8/10/01

By Glynis

Ethan is plagued with thoughts of the kind of man that his father is. He is trying not to worry about Theresa in Bermuda with Julian. Chad and Whitney think that Theresa is a very strong girl.

Miguel is trying to save Tabitha who is on the boat. The boat is on fire and she and Timmy are out cold from the smoke on the boat. Miguel has made his way onto the boat and he is trying to beat out the flames. He is calling out to her so that he can find out where she is and get her to the shore. Norma is on the shore waiting and watching to see if Miguel will be able to save Tabitha and Timmy. Tabitha wakes and tries to get to Miguel. The kids are on the shore watching him and they can’t see him anymore. Charity and Jessica shout out, "Miguel!" Miguel gets to Tabitha and he is able to get her off the boat. Tabitha realizes that she doesn’t have Timmy with her and she starts to panic on the shore. The kids have to hold her back from trying to save what they think is only her doll. She is shouting to her Timmy… Timmy hears his princess calling to him, but he only wishes that she would save herself. He promptly passes out again while lying in the middle of the burning boat.

Grace and Sam are talking with David and David is trying to make Grace see that she can remember them being married… Outside the window, Pilar is with Ivy who is listening to the conversation. Ivy is hoping that she will get news of Grace being married to David. If that happens then she will have a sure shot at getting Sam for herself. Sam tells David that his game is over now. David is sure that he has evidence that proves that he was involved intimately with Grace at one time. He tells Sam that Grace has a scar on her foot. David says that if there is no scar, they can throw him in jail and he will go after that. This is not a con he says. This can easily be proven by Grace taking off her shoe… Outside, Ivy is loving every minute of it… David feels that Sam is afraid of facing the truth. Sam feels that he knows her body and she doesn’t have a scar on her foot… Ivy loves this because if David is right, then that would mean that David knows Grace better than Sam does… Sam turns to Grace again, "Go ahead Grace take off your shoe."

There are two people setting up a bomb to blow up Luis and Sheridan the following day. They have been hired to do the job and boy are they going to do it.

Luis and Sheridan have arrived at Julian’s room and they ask him if he knows anything about the whereabouts of Theresa. Julian stalls before answering. He turns inside his room and although Theresa can’t been seen as she is in the other room, her pink purse is sitting on the table by the door. Julian manages to get rid of them without them getting wise to what he is up to.

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