Passions Update Thursday 8/9/01


Passions Update Thursday 8/9/01

By Glynis

Whitney is trying to explain to Ethan what Theresa is trying to do. Ethan doesn’t trust his father at all alone with her in Bermuda. Whitney thinks that there could be horrible consequences. Ethan wants to go over to Bermuda and get her. She should know that he loves her and she doesn’t have to do these things. He only hopes that she will be all right in Bermuda.

Kay is still in Miguel’s tent waiting for him to come and get her. She is sure that she can get herself pregnant by him and then she will have him forever. Simone hasn’t been able to convince her to leave the tent.

Tabitha and Timmy are on the boat and the boat is on fire. They have to figure a way out of there. The children are watching from the shore and they know that Tabitha is on the boat and is surely going to perish. Norma is watching too. She can hardly wait to find out that Tabitha and Timmy are dead. The kids spring into action and Reese stays and watches the boat burn. He sees Timmy on the boat banging on the window screaming for help and he can’t believe it. Unfortunately he is seeing this all by himself. When the kids return, Reese tells them that he saw the magic doll in the window of the boat. No one believes him. Miguel wants to do something to help save Tabitha. Charity gives him a one last kiss… Tabitha and Timmy are on the boat getting groggy form the smoke. They are sitting down now, sure that they are going to perish… Miguel takes off to try and save Tabitha and Norma is standing off to the side watching Miguel run to save Tabitha. Miguel gets to the boat and takes off his shirt to beat at the flames. He has a blanket and he beats at the fire some more and uses it to protect him as he tries to get to Tabitha.

Sheridan and Luis are together alone on their fake honeymoon. They are going to be on a boat the next day. The boat is called "The Island Dream". They are being watched closely by two people that are going to make sure that the boat is blown to bits while the happy couple is on it. They discuss Julian and how Luis would kill him if he ever hurt his little sister.

Theresa is still in Julian’s room and he is still trying to get her into bed. He asks her out to the balcony and she likes that idea. She is drunk and giddy and doesn’t realize that he is trying to get into her pants. He brings champagne out to her on the balcony and tells her that she looks so sweet. She asks him what she can do to convince him to talk to Ethan. She will do anything. She starts crying and she misses Ethan. Julian tries to hug her pretending to make her feel better. He tells her that he almost has been convinced that he should take Ethan back to the family. She gets up and goes to the bathroom to freshen up. She is drunker than she has ever been in her life. There is knocking on the door while she is in the bathroom. It is Sheridan and Luis. That sobers up Julian somewhat.


By Eva

 At Tabitha's house, Grace tells Sam that she is scared that David is her husband.  Sam tells Grace that he will never let anyone or anything tear them apart.

Back at the secret spot, Pillar talks to Ivy to try and persuade her not to go after Sam now that she knows about David.  Pillar cautions Ivy that just because grace may be married to David doesn't mean that Sam will come back to Ivy.  Ivy doesn't listen and gets her hopes up about a future with Sam.  Ivy begins to talk about what life will be like with Sam and Ethan as a real family.  

Meanwhile at the book cafe, Ethan misses the power and money of the Crane name when he tries as hard as he can but still can't get an earlier plane reservation.  Whitney and Ethan worry about Theresa being alone with Julian.

In Bermuda, Theresa continues to drink champagne as if it were water.  In the room next door Luis and Sheridan dance the tango and make love.  After the love making they talk about their romantic boat trip.  The too people Julian hired to set the explosion try to find the boat Luis rented.  

Back on Warlock Island, Simone tries to persuade Kay to leave the tent because the fire is getting intense but Kay won't budge. When the kids get to the boat Charity explains this isn't the fire she saw in her vision.  

Back at Tabitha's house, Sam tries to convince grace that David is lying but Grace is still scared and confused.

Back at the secret spot, Pillar tries to get Ivy to face reality but Ivy is determined to wait as long as it takes to be with Sam.

Meanwhile at the book cafe, Ethan tries to find a faster way to get to Bermuda but has no luck.  Chad and Whitney try to be supportive and say that Theresa is probably in bed by now. They all continue to worry about Theresa.

In Bermuda, Julian continues to give Theresa Champagne and she continues to drink it.  The bombers find the boat Luis rent it and begin to search for the best spot to place the bomb.

Meanwhile on Warlock Island, The kids watch helplessly as the fire continues to spread.  Reese says "Tabitha is never getting out of there alive."  

Back at the secret spot, Ivy and Pillar continue their talk. Ivy thinks fate will eventually bring her and Sam back together.  Pillar tries once again to get Ivy to face reality but it doesn't work.  

At Tabitha's house, Sam vows to protect Grace from David.  Sam hears a noise outside and goes to check it out.  Sam finds David outside he has brought Grace flowers.  Sam demands that David leave but he refuses to do so.  The two almost come to blows until Grace stops them and says they should all go inside to talk.

Back on Warlock Island, Simone finally persuades Kay to leave the tent when she tells her Miguel might be in danger.  The flames continue to rise Timmy starts feeling dizzy as he and Tabitha begin to run out of air.  Norma's father congratulates her on a job well done.  Reese sees Timmy move and yell for help.  

In Bermuda, Luis and Sheridan decide to go out on the balcony.  An extremely drunk Theresa knocks over a lamp in Julian's room and breaks it.  When Theresa laughs Luis thinks he hears Theresa's voice again.  Luis tells Sheridan that if Julian ever hit on Theresa he would kill him.  Julian takes Theresa out into the balcony.  

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, Ivy and Pillar walk by just as David goes in to talk with Sam and Grace.  Despite Pillar's advice Ivy goes to the window to listen in on their conversation.

In Bermuda, Luis and Sheridan go back in their room and don't see Julian and Theresa.  Theresa continues to drink champagne just as Julian is ready to make his move he is interrupted by the bombers who want their money.

On Warlock Island, Miguel says good-bye to charity but before he can leave to get on the boat Kay stops him.  Miguel calms Kay down and goes to get on the boat.

In Bermuda, Once Julian gets through with the bombers he brings Theresa back in the room she knocks over another lamp and breaks it.  Luis starts to go to the balcony to tell the other couple to keep the noise down but Sheridan stops him and says it would be better if they got dressed and went next door
personally.  When Theresa knocked the lamp over both she and Mr. Crane fall to the floor.

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, David tells Grace that he will tell her a story about their life together that will prove she is his wife.

At the book cafe, Ethan grows even more desperate to find a way to get to Bermuda.

In Bermuda, Theresa cries because she misses Ethan.  She gets up from the floor to go to the bathroom and freshen up.  Luis knocks on Julian's door when Julian opens the door he comes face to face with Luis and Sheridan.

On Warlock Island.  Miguel tries to put the fire out with his shirt as the flames grow more intense.

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