Passions Update Wednesday 8/8/01



Passions Update Wednesday 8/8/01

By Lisa

  Sam talks to Ivy about his marriage not being legal in the park.  He tells her that David took a lie detector test and that he passed with flying colors.  After Sam tells her this, Ivy thinks to herself,  “Sam, not married?”  

Meanwhile, Grace and Pilar are talking about the same thing. Grace tells Pilar that she doesn’t remember anything about being married to David, and wishes that she didn’t have amnesia.  Sam tells Ivy that he knows that David is a scam artist and is only trying to hurt Grace.  Ivy offers him her friendship, even though she knows it won’t matter much.  Sam swears that he’s going to find out who David really is and sets off to find Grace, to talk to her.  

Ivy tells Sam that she understands why he’s doing what he is.  Grace and Pilar continue to talk, until Grace leaves to look for Sam. Pilar says to herself that David isn’t the only one she has to worry about. That Ivy will see this as an opportunity to get Sam back for herself.  Pilar tells herself that she has to talk to Ivy, and to stop her from doing that. Sam finds Grace sitting on the couch at Tabitha’s house.  Sam tells Grace that he’s going to get to the bottom of the marriage license.  His gut tells him that that it’s a fake, and he’ll prove it.  Grace brings up the lie detector test, but Sam reminds her that people can fool those machines.  He tells her that this is all a sick joke, and they won’t lose their life together because of it.  Sam tells Grace that he’ll stay with her for the night, but Grace contradicts that, saying that it might not be such a good idea.  Sam tells Grace that he is her husband and not David.  Grace tells him to stay and comfort him for the night.  They then kiss.  

Pilar comes to tell Ivy about Grace being married legally to David, not Sam.  She finds her in the park, and is surprised to learn that Ivy had already known this from talking to Sam.  Grace has a flashback of finding out that David and she are legally married.  Sam asks her what the matter is, that he is her husband. Grace replies, “Are you sure, Sam?  Are you really my husband?”  He looks at her with a confused look on his face.  Ivy tells Pilar that maybe her getting Sam isn’t so hopeless anymore.  That if Grace and Sam’s marriage isn’t legal, then Sam is available.  This gives her, Sam, and Ethan the chance to be a family like they were meant to be.  Pilar sighs, Ivy is again going to go after Sam, or so it seems.

On the camping trip, Kay and Simone are in Miguel’s tent.  Simone tells Kay that Charity and Miguel are looking for her.  Kay decides that she’s not going anywhere, and that she’ll stay in Miguel’s tent half-naked waiting for him.  Simone calls her crazy, and Kay says, “Yea, I’m crazy - in love.”  Kay tries to hide in a sleeping bag in the tent, and retells her plan to make love to Miguel and get pregnant that night.  Simone tells her she shouldn’t do it, but Kay won’t back down.  Outside of the tent, Charity worries about where Simone and Kay are, and what her new vision means.  Miguel tells her that the vision was about Sheridan, and Theresa being in danger, not Simone and Kay.  Reese and Jessica come over to them.  Reese tells Charity that they’ll find Simone and Kay, and not to worry.  Charity has another vision of a fire, and says frantically that the fire is near them.  Timmy and Tabitha are caught in the boat, and it’s on fire.  Tabitha tries to figure out a way to escape.  She tells Timmy how Norma must have done this to them when she heard that Tabitha had planned to use the boat to escape.  Back on the docks, Norma watches the boat in flames while holding the skull.  She starts to talk to the skull, and then turns into her “father” and says, “They’re going to die, and you’ll have killed them!”  Norma gasps.  Back on the island, Charity says that the fire is very close.  Miguel, Jessica, and Reese stand beside her with worried looks on their faces.  On the docks Norma talks to her father’s skull some more.  Telling it how she’s finally killed Tabitha and Timmy.  Meanwhile, on the boat, Tabitha throws a toolbox at the front windshield of the boat’s cabin in an attempt to escape.  It bounces back, since the windshield is shatter resistant.  It starts to get more and more like an oven inside, as the boat burns.  Norma stands on the dock, smiling at what she has done. Back on the island, Jessica and Reese go off to look for Simone and Kay, who are in Miguel’s tent.  Simone tells Kay that they’re dead meat.  That when Charity finds Kay half naked in Miguel’s sleeping bag, she’s going to kill Kay.  Kay tells Simone to go out and head them off, and to tell them that she was looking for Kay in there.  Back on the boat, Tabitha says that there’s no way out.  That all the doors are locked, the windows won’t break, and they’re stuck.  Timmy walks over to one of the doors and happens to look down.  There’s a little doggy-door type thing built into the bottom of the door!  It’s the perfect size for Timmy to get through.  Tabitha tells him to save himself, and, “You’re going to live for the both of us.”   Timmy refuses to leave Tabitha behind to die.  Simone comes out of the tent, and tells Charity and Miguel that she’s been looking for Kay.  She says that Kay isn’t in Miguel’s tent.  Charity turns around and asks her why she seems so nervous and frantic.  Simone searches her mind for an answer, but luckily for her Reese and Jessica come running back. Reese has spotted the boat on fire, so all of them run down to the dock, except for Simone and Kay.  On the dock, Norma says, “Die, Tabitha, die. And your little friend, too.”  In Miguel’s tent, Simone tells Kay that she’ll never get Miguel.  Kay, as usual, refuses to give up on him.  On the dock, Norma is still talking to herself, but goes off to hide once she hears the teens coming.  Once the teens come up the boat, they see Tabitha trapped inside.  Reese says that there’s no way to get them out, and that Tabitha is going to die in there.  All four of them stare at the boat with worried looks on their faces.

On their honeymoon, Sheridan and Luis have come back inside and are taking a shower together.  They begin to make love.  Sheridan and Luis get out of the shower and Luis says that they should put some music on.  He turns on, surprise, surprise, tango music.  They dance the tango together.

Ethan comes into the coffee shop, and talks to Whitney and Chad there. Ethan asks if either of them have heard from Theresa, because he’s been trying to call her but her cell phone is off.  Whitney has a flashback of Theresa telling her that she’s followed Julian to Bermuda.  Whitney and Chad both say they haven’t heard from her.  Once Ethan turns away to call another of Theresa’s friends to try and track her down, Chad tries to get Whitney to tell Ethan that Theresa called her.  Whitney tells Chad that she can’t, because she promised Theresa that she wouldn’t.  Ethan comes back to them after his phone call, and tells them that he just hopes that Theresa isn’t in any trouble.  In Bermuda, Julian is walking with a drunk Theresa up to his room.  He gets a phone call from Alistair, who congratulates him on his plan to kill Sheridan actually having a good chance to work.  Alistair tells him that after Sheridan dies he won’t have to worry about the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s associating with the Cranes anymore like that.  As he says this, Julian waves over at Theresa with a mischievous look in his eye. Back at the coffee shop, Chad and Whitney remember about how Julian tried to bed Theresa before, and they know that he’d try it again when he finds out that Theresa has followed him.  Chad tells Whitney that she has to tell Ethan where Theresa is, for Theresa’s sake.  Ethan overhears this, and asks, “Tell me what, Whitney?”  Back in Bermuda, Julian gets two glasses of champagne for him and Theresa, who is already very drunk.  The other men at the bar where he gets the glasses congratulate him on getting Theresa.  They say that once Julian gets her up into his room, she doesn’t stand a chance. Julian walks back over to Theresa and hands her a glass.  He then walks with her up to his room.  At the coffee shop, Whitney finally tells Ethan that Theresa called her earlier that day, and that she’s in Bermuda to try and convince Julian to take Ethan back into the family.  Ethan tells her that’s crazy, but still doesn’t understand why she’s in Bermuda.  Whitney tells him that Julian went there to finalize his divorce from Ivy.  Ethan has a flashback of the time when he caught Julian dressed as a pirate.  Julian had tried to get Theresa in bed with him then.  Julian and Theresa go into his room.  Theresa goes over to the balcony, for a look outside.  Julian watches her from the door.  He closes the door and puts a “Please do not disturb” sign on the handle.  Ethan calls the hotel in Bermuda, but the worker who picks up the phone refuses to put his call through at such a late hour. Ethan says that his name is Ethan Winthrop and that he used to be a Crane." Well you’re not a Crane anymore,” the worker tells him.  They argue a little bit about this, and the worker finally hangs up on him.  Whitney suggests that Ethan call Julian’s room that maybe Theresa is there.  Ethan refuses, saying that she would know enough not to go into his room alone. In Julian’s room, there’s a knock on the door.  Julian answers it, to find the four old men from the bar there with yet another bottle of champagne for him and Theresa.  They tell him they expect a blow-by-blow recap of what goes on that night.  Julian goes back in the room, and sits down with Theresa on the couch.  She asks him, sounding extremely drunk, to take Ethan back.  Julian smiles and tells her to stop calling him Mr. Crane, to call him Julian.  She says, “Ok, Julian,” in a giggly, totally out of it way. They both drink another glass of champagne.  Ethan calls the airline, and books a seat on the morning flight to Bermuda.  Ethan sighs and says that he really misses being a Crane.  He tells Whitney and Chad that he needs some air, and he goes outside.  Once he leaves, Whitney tells Chad that she’s worried that Theresa might get herself into a situation that she can’t get out of.  Theresa tells Julian that she’s finally convinced him to take Ethan back into the family.  Julian says that he never really agreed to that. Theresa says that she won’t leave until he agrees then.  She’ll stay all night if she has to.  Julian grins that mischievous grin of his as she says this.

By Eva 

Sam and Ivy continue to talk in their secret spot. Sam tells Ivy that he still thinks David is a con artist.  Ivy offers support and tells Sam that his marriage can survive anything but she thinks to herself this could be my chance to be with Sam.

Pillar tells Grace to pray for strength to deal with the possibility that David could be her husband.  Grace wishes she could remember her past and says "I don't know if David Hastings is my husband or not but if he is God if I am legally David's wife it will tear my life, Sam's life and my Children's lives apart."  

Back on Warlock Island, Simone tries to persuade Kay to get out of Miguel's tent before they find her.  Kay remains determined to go through with her plan and refuses to listen to Simone.  Charity has a vision that the fire has arrived. Timmy and Tabitha are locked inside the boat as the flames continue to rise.

Meanwhile at the book Cafe, Ethan tells Chad and Whitney that he is still very worried about Theresa.  Ethan calls another one of Theresa's friends to see if she has heard from her.  He comes back disappointed when Theresa's friend says Theresa has not called her.   Chad tries to persuade Whitney to tell Ethan that Theresa is in Bermuda.

In Bermuda, Julian and Theresa reach the elevator but are interrupted when Alistair calls Julian to congratulate him because things are on schedule with the plan.   Luis and Sheridan talk about their romantic boat trip and decide to take a hot shower.  

Meanwhile at the book cafe, Whitney continues to worry about Theresa being alone with Mr. Crane.  Chad says that is all the more reason why Whitney should tell Ethan that Theresa is in Bermuda and what she plans to do there. Ethan asks Whitney if she has heard from Theresa.  

In Bermuda, Julian orders caviar to be sent up to his room and gets congratulations from the divorce squad.

Back on Warlock Island, Charity tells the gang the fire is very close.   Tabitha and Timmy try to break a window to get out of the boat but nothing works. The flames continue to get higher.  

In Bermuda, Luis and Sheridan make love in the shower.  

Back in their secret spot, Ivy tells Sam she will always be their for him as a friend.  Sam is determined to stop David before this mess goes too far.   Sam goes to find Grace so they can talk.

Pillar and Grace finish their talk and Grace goes to find Sam.  Pillar is worried that once Ivy learns about David she will try to get Sam back.  She goes to find Ivy and have a talk.

Back on Warlock Island, Miguel and the search party get closer to finding Kay.  Timmy finds an opening in the boat but the opening is too small and only Timmy can fit through it.  Tabitha tells Timmy to save himself and live for both of them but Timmy decides to stay with Tabitha.

At the Book Cafe, Whitney tells Ethan that Theresa is in Bermuda and that she went there to try and persuade Julian to adopt Ethan.  Ethan tries to get a plane reservation but is not able to get one until tomorrow.

Meanwhile in Bermuda, Theresa is very drunk but very determined to get Mr. Crane to adopt Ethan even if it takes all night.


By Glynis

Kay is in Miguel’s tent and she refuses to leave. She wants to get pregnant that night and then she will be sure that Miguel will want to be with her. Simone is sure that Charity is going to kill Kay when she finds Kay in her boyfriend’s tent. Simone is furious and tells her friend that she is never going to get Miguel only dishonor on her soul. Charity saw a premonition in the fire and she is sure that Kay has brought evil back into Harmony again.

Theresa is with Julian and she refuses to leave his side until he agrees to bring Ethan back into the fold of his family. He tells her that she may have to stay in his hotel room all night before he agrees to let Ethan back in his life. She is drunk now and she tells him that is exactly what she wants. Julian can’t believe his good luck. Julian gets a call and he leaves Theresa to take the call. Alistair is on the phone and he is happy with Julian because he has been taking care of the Sheridan situation. Julian is not happy with what he has to do, but he will do it. Now to get back to Theresa. He tells her that he had a business call to take. She knows that he has many responsibilities and Ethan can help him with that. Julian remembers that he has forgotten to get caviar sent up to the room with some champagne. He runs off and bumps into his friends. He tells them that he is going to his room with Theresa and the friends love the news. She is not going to have a chance once he gets her in his room. Julian gets Theresa up to his room and they are making a lot of noise but he doesn’t care because he owns the hotel and can do whatever he wants. He ushers her into his room and can’t believe his luck. He follows her into the room and she goes to the patio and looks out. This is amazing she says and he has to agree. He closes the door behind him, being careful to put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door first.

Ethan, Whitney and Chad are talking about Theresa being in Bermuda. Whitney tells Ethan that Theresa is in Bermuda trying to win back Ethan’s heritage. Ethan remembers the other time that Julian got his hands on Theresa. He feels that she is too innocent to be out there like that. Julian is can be a tyrant and he knows it.

Sam and Grace are together. She has been afraid that their life together has been a sham. Sam assures her that he is going to fix everything. He is sure that the marriage license is a fake and he is going to prove it. He finds David to be a sociopath. This has to be a sick joke and he is going to prove it. He assures her that he will prove that what he is saying is true. He will not lose his life with her. He will stay with her that night and in the morning he will start investigating again. She isn’t sure that he should stay there that night. She just might be married to David. Sam assures her that she is not married to David. She shouldn’t let him get to her. When Sam rescued her, she didn’t have anyone in her life. She assured him of that. He believed her then and he believes her now. She changes her tune and asks Sam to stay with her that night. He kisses her and holds her.

Ivy talks with Pilar and she is thinking that Sam may be free after all. If Grace is legally married to David then she has a chance to get with Sam. All of her hopes and dreams could come true. Sam and she could be the family that they always wanted to be. Pilar begs her to forget about this idea.



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