Passions Update Tuesday 8/7/01


Passions Update Tuesday 8/7/01

By Eva

Grace tells Pillar about David, She explains that she is worried her whole life is a lie.  Pillar listens and offers support and encouragement to her friend.

Sam questions Ivy about what she is doing at their secret spot.  Ivy says she is just there to think about things.  Sam says he is also there to think about things.  Ivy assumes Sam is worried about the situation with Ethan and Theresa.

Meanwhile in Bermuda, Julian continues to try and get Theresa drunk while they talk about getting Ethan back into the Crane family.  The only thing Julian has on his mind is getting Theresa into bed.  He convinces Theresa that the only way he will discuss Ethan is if she drinks some champagne with him.  Theresa agrees and takes one sip of champagne.

Back on Warlock Island.  Charity's premonitions get stronger she tells Miguel "Theresa took the drink now she will regret it for the rest of her life."   Charity's premonitions worry Miguel so Reese suggests they take the boat back to Harmony at first light to make sue everyone is ok.  The kids agree to do so and Reese offers to send e-mails of warning to Sheridan and Theresa.  Kay waits in Miguel's sleeping bag naked and ignores Simone's warnings to reconsider her plan.   Charity has another premonition about a horrible fire coming and there is nothing they can do to stop it.   Timmy and Tabitha think they are almost home free when they manage to make their way back on the boat and chart a course for Harmony. They are unaware that Norma is on the boat ready to strike.

In Bermuda, Sheridan has a strong felling she is in danger.  Alistair interrupts Julian's dinner with Theresa to make one last check of the plan.   Julian assures his father that everything is set and says "in a few hours Sheridan will be dead."   Julian comes back to Theresa's table and he continues to ply her with champagne while she states the reasons why he should take Ethan back into the Crane family. Luis talks to Sheridan on the beach, He shares his feelings and says he is worried that someone is trying to keep Ethan and Theresa apart.  Sheridan tells him she is confident they will work their problems out.  She also thinks that when they return to Harmony they will reschedule the double wedding.  Theresa begins to fell the effects of the champagne.

Grace confides in Pillar that she is afraid of what could happen to her and Sam.  She also worries about telling the kids and their reaction.  Her major concern is that she might lose the only family she has ever known.

At Sam and Ivy's secret spot, Sam defends Theresa to Ivy and says that even though Theresa had the information in her computer she never would have used it to hurt Ethan.  Ivy asks Sam to talk to Ethan and make sure he doesn't make the wrong decision.  Sam says he will invite Ethan to dinner.  Ivy invites herself along but reassures Sam that she has finally accepted the fact that nothing will ever come between Sam and Grace.

In Bermuda, Luis and Sheridan decide to continue their honeymoon in their room.  First they stop off at the dining room to get some champagne.  Luis hears the divorce squad talking about Theresa but the guys can't remember Theresa's name.  Sheridan and Luis don't see Sheridan and Theresa.  Luis thinks he hears Theresa's voice but Sheridan says its just his imagination because he has been worried about her.  Sheridan and Luis head back to their room.  

Back on Warlock Island, The kids see a mysterious light.  Tabitha and Timmy also see the light and Tabitha explains to Timmy that the light is from the warlocks who are getting restless.  Tabitha says she is glad to be getting away from them and that psycho Norma.  Norma is very angry and jumps out at them.

In Bermuda, The clock strikes midnight and Julian toasts his divorce with Theresa.

Back at Sam and Ivy's secret spot, As the clock strikes midnight Ivy realizes her divorce is final.  Sam says he is sorry about her divorce.  Ivy explains that even though she never loved Julian she has always been Mrs. Crane and now she doesn't know who she is.  She also tells Sam she better go home and pack even though she has no place to go.  Sam holds her and she rests her head on his shoulder for a few minutes before she breaks away. When Sam asks Ivy why she broke away she says that it hurts too much when he
holds her and it brings back too many memories about what she has lost.  Sam tells Ivy about David.

Back on Warlock Island.  Charity gets upset when the e-mails that Reese sent to Theresa and Sheridan don't go through because the server is down.  Miguel calms her down and says they will leave first thing tomorrow Tabitha and Timmy yell for help.

In Bermuda. Julian wants Theresa to go up to his hotel room to talk in private.  Theresa says there are other places to talk in private but Julian tells her that he may not let Ethan back into the family.  A drunk Theresa agrees to go with him.

Back on Warlock Island, The kids look for Kay.  Norma decides to set the boat on fire. The boat is engulfed in flames

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