Passions Update Monday 8/6/01



Passions Update Monday 8/6/01

By Glynis

 Kay talks with Simone telling her how she is going to plan making love to Miguel. Kay doesnít care what Simone tells her she is going to keep scheming, even if it does mean that she may ruin her life.

Theresa finally gets a hold of Julian in Bermuda. He is glad that she has found a way to get to him and not anyone else. She canít believe that he is glad to see her. He wonders if she has had any dinner. He tells her that he will order them a couple of steaks. She walks into the dining room with Julian and he seats her. His friends are sitting at the bar drinking and they canít believe that Julian has snagged such a lovely find. Julian leaves her for a minute to go and talk to his friends. He explains why she is there. He tells his friends that the girl has flown all the way there to be with him. As Theresa sits alone, she thinks about being with Ethan on the beach and telling him that he is a Crane again. Theresa knows that soon she will be able to deliver the great news. Julian is still with his friends at the bar and he continues the story of Theresa wanting to be with him. He remembers that Theresa is a virgin. She probably wants him to show her the ropes. Julian leaves his friend sand goes to the girl to tell her that the waiter will be there soon. They share some champagne and the girl is definitely nervous. Julianís friends are eagerly watching him with the young girl. Julian is telling her that he will make her very happy that night. Julian is just beginning to understand why Theresa is really there. She tells him that she wants him to take Ethan back into the family. Julian chokes on his drinks and his friends see that. He tries to save face. She assures him that if he takes Ethan back, she will make amends for the rest of the damage that has been done. She will make up for everything. She loves Ethan and all she wants is for him to get back what he lost. Julian must feel something for him. The waiter comes up and tells Julian that there is a call for him. Julian leaves the table to take the call. It is his Alistair warning him to behave himself that night. He is to keep his mind on the task at hand. The next day is going to be a big day. Julian returns to the table and tells her that what she is asking him is going to be difficult to do, but he can be convinced. He offers her some champagne to celebrate Ethan returning to the family. She refuses the champagne, but Julian doesnít like to drink alone. She drinks with him. It is clear that Julian is getting her drunk, but she canít see that. Julian keeps pouring and toasting, pouring and toasting. Theresa giggles. She is getting very tipsy.

Tabitha and Tommy are sitting by a tree on Warlockís Island and they are talking about Norma and what a dim bulb she is. Just then, a tree branch makes a deep swipe down from the tree where they are sitting and almost hits them.

Kay tells Charity that she will not be bunking with her that night. Tabitha will be staying with Charity instead. Reese tells them that he read reports of strange lights shining in the woods. Tabitha and Timmy know what that means, but the others are baffled. They heard the moans earlier and know that means trouble. Timmy panics.

Sheridan and Luis are alone at the beach and Sheridan feels that she has heard something, but Luis has heard nothing. He tries to calm her. Sheridan got a chill like something terrible was going to happen.

Charity is sitting by the fire and wrapped in a blanket. She is having another of her premonitions. She sees that Theresa is in grave danger. She whispers, "No TheresaÖnoÖDonít let it happen."

Tabitha and Timmy are trying to get on the boat to escape from Warlock Island. They have made it to the boat and now they are hearing sounds that frighten them. Tabitha is sure that they are only hearing frogs and crickets. Norma is there hiding behind a tree. She is holding her trust ax. They have to get out of there to avoid the spirits taking their revenge. The lights in the woods start shining. Tabitha canít see them yet though. Tabitha and Timmy move on further into the woods. Tabitha and Timmy make their way onto the boat and they donít realize that Norma is there right behind them. Nora raises her ax behind Tabithaís head.

Kay is setting in for the night and Simone tells her once more that she is making a terrible mistake. Simone leaves and Kay proceeds to creep over to Miguelís tent. She gets in and sips up the doorway.


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