Passions Update Friday 8/3/01


Passions Update Friday 8/3/01

By Eva

On Warlock Island, Kay plans to sneak into Miguel's sleeping bag when everyone is sleeping so that she can get Miguel to sleep with her. Kay intends to get pregnant so Miguel will dump Charity. Simone tells her to forget her plan because it won't wok but Kay ignores Simone's advice. The groans from the warlocks get stronger as they sense Tabitha's presence.

Meanwhile in Bermuda, Alistair calls Julian to make sure plans are on schedule. Julian assures his father that plans are on schedule to kill Sheridan. Julian meets four new friends who are also in Bermuda to get a divorce. The guys call themselves the "divorce squad." Julian tells the guys about Theresa who he has been having fantasies about since before he left Harmony. While he is describing Theresa he has another fantasy about taking Theresa to bed. Theresa worries that the dress she has chosen to wear for dinner with Julian may be too revealing. She remembers what almost happened with Julian the last time she was in Bermuda. She pushes those thoughts out of her mind and says everything will be fine as long as she speaks to Julian in the hotel dinning room. Whitney calls Theresa while she is getting ready to go down to the dinning room. Theresa tells Whitney she is in Bermuda to talk to Mr. Crane. Whitney says "Theresa get out of there right now before you get into something you can't get out of with Julian." Theresa ignores Whitney's advice and tells her everything will be fine. Theresa tells Whitney she has to go down to the dining room before Mr. Crane leaves and hangs up the phone. 

Meanwhile in Harmony, Chad walks in on Whitney's call just as Whitney is saying good-bye to Theresa. After Whitney confides in Chad where Theresa is and also lets him know about Theresa's plan to get Ethan back in the Crane family. Whitney also shares how worried she is that something bad will happen to Theresa.

 Ivy and Pillar continue to have the same argument about Ivy's hatred for Theresa for sending the e-mail to the Tabloid. Ivy says she misses Pillar's friendship and she hopes that someday they can be friends again. Pillar says that they can never be friends as long as Ivy continues to be angry at Theresa for something that she didn't do. Pillar tells Ivy that she suspects Rebecca and Gwen had something to do with the e-mail being sent to the tabloid. Ivy says she wouldn't put it past Rebecca but neither Rebecca or Gwen knew about the letter. Ivy agrees to compromise with Pillar she says as long as Theresa stays out of her way she will allow Theresa and Ethan's love take its natural course. Pillar agrees to be friends again.

 Meanwhile at the Police station, Sam still thinks David is pulling a scam and refuses to believe David is married to Grace despite all the evidence. Grace says she must have been married to David and she just can't remember. David asks to be released because he hasn't committed a crime he was just trying to reunite with his wife. Sam refuses his request and David threatens to sue Sam and the Harmony Police Department. Sam refuses to listen to Grace and Eve's advice to release David. Sam tells Grace that he can keep David in custody if she presses charges against him. Grace refuses to do so and begs Sam to release David. Sam reluctantly agrees for Grace's sake.

 On Warlock Island, Reese catches Tabitha reading Hidden Passions and wonders what the book is about. Tabitha says he wouldn't be interested. Norma continues to wait for Timmy and Tabitha to be alone. Miguel offers Tabitha his tent to sleep in and Charity says that Kay can sleep with her. The kids plan to go and get wood and supplies for the night and leave Tabitha alone. Kay decides to stay with Tabitha because she wants to ask Tabitha for a favor. Kay asks Tabitha to sleep with Charity. Tabitha agrees to do the favor for Kay. 

At the Police Station, Grace is confused and wants to be alone. She decides to go for a walk. Eve talks to Sam and tries to snap him out of his denial. Eve tells Sam the reason he is in such deep denial is because if he believes David and Grace are married then there is a good chance he will lose her. Sam can't listen anymore and goes for a walk. Eve begs David to leave town and Just forget about Grace but he refuses to lose Grace again. Grace runs into Pillar and unburdens herself. She tells Pillar that she has another husband. Pillar holds her as she cries. Sam ends up at he and Ivy's secret spot and runs into Ivy.

 In Bermuda, Sheridan and Luis talk after making love on the beach. They are both worried about Ethan and Theresa's situation. Theresa comes face to face with Mr. Crane.



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