Passions Update Thursday 8/2/01


Passions Update Thursday 8/2/01

By Eva

On the boat, Norma holds an ax over Timmy and Tabitha's head Tabitha puts a net over Norma's head and they make their escape they get lost on the boat and Norma comes after them again.  Just then Timmy wakes up from his dream Tabitha tells him that Norma is still on the deck and they go of to find the kids because they know Norma won't kill them in front of witnesses.   Reese tells everyone the story of Warlock Island.  People tried to settle there in the past but the warlocks who lived on the island didn't want them to live there so they decided to kill the people but a young which brought them the wrong sectors and the warlocks ended up vanishing to another dimension instead of killing the settlers.  That is the reason Tabitha is afraid that the warlocks will kill her if they find out she is on the island because she was the witch.

In Bermuda.  Sheridan and Luis enjoy their vacation by going to dinner and dancing.  Luis reveals he has romantic plans for the next day.  He has Chartered a boat for a romantic picnic.  Julian tells Alistair that he planned it so Luis would find a boat charter company brochure in his room.  Julian found out what boat they will   rent and has rigged it to explode that way Sheridan's death will seem like an accident and if Luis survives the explosion he will blame himself for Sheridan's death the rest of his life.  Theresa arrives at the resort determined to persuade Mr. Crane to let Ethan back into the family.

Meanwhile at the Police station, Sam doesn't have the heart to read the fax out loud he shows a copy of it to Grace.  David tells Grace about their wedding day hoping that she will remember something but she can't remember anything.

Back on Warlock Island, Kay watches Miguel and Charity kiss as she remembers the story that Reese told her about the two cousins in love with the same boy.
Simone tries to get Kay to face reality by telling her that the story is just a legend and will never happen.  Kay doesn't listen and thinks fate will help her get Miguel.

In Bermuda Alistair advises Julian not to let his love of bedding young women make him lose focus of why he is in Bermuda to get a divorce and kill Sheridan.  Julian tells his father that he is having second thoughts about marrying Rebecca.  Alistair puts a stop to those thoughts right away and says when he is single he picks the wrong sort of women.  He will marry Rebecca as soon as possible.  After his father leaves the room Julian has another fantasy about bedding Theresa.  Julian ignores his father's advice and goes on the prowl for pretty young women.  Theresa finds out that Julian has a reservation for dinner.  Theresa is still worried that Mr. Crane will make a move on her so she thinks if she talks to him at dinner he won't try anything.  She goes downstairs to find a dress.  

Meanwhile at the Police station.  Sam tells Grace not to worry about the fax because it is a fake.  Upon closer inspection Grace discovers that the signature on the marriage certificate is her signature.  It also has her birth date and her blood type.  It also includes a middle name Marie which she never knew before

Back on Warlock Island, Tabitha tells the kids she is there to act as a chaperone.  Every time the kids mention her name they hear loud moaning sounds.  Norma watches from her hiding place and plans to kill Tabitha and Timmy as soon as night comes.  

Meanwhile at the Police station, Sam decides to call the department of records in Hartford to verify that the fax is real.  When they return his call Sam says "the records department confirms sending the fax they claim its accurate."  All Grace can do is shake her head no.

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