Passions Update Wednesday 8/1/01



Passions Update Wednesday 8/1/01

By Eva

At the beach, Ethan and Gwen talk.  Gwen urges Ethan to see Theresa for what she really is.  Despite all her urging Ethan is determined to work things out with Theresa because he still loves her.  He just wishes he knew where she was so he could go to her and talk.

In Beautiful Bermuda, Sheridan and Luis continue their romantic hot tub bath.  They decide they will get married when they return to Harmony.  They still wonder why Julian was so eager for them to get married.  They decide to put all thoughts of Harmony out of their mind and just concentrate on each other.  Someone continues to watch them very closely.

Meanwhile at the mansion, Rebecca and Ivy continue their war of words.   Rebecca taunts Ivy saying that she will no longer be Mrs. Crane soon. She also tells her that she will never get Sam Back because he and Grace will always be together.  

Meanwhile at the Police station, Despite all the tests David has taken and passed Sam continues to believe that David isn't Grace's husband.  Sam refuses to look at the fax until David is brought in.

In Jail, David says" Sam is going to see that I'm telling the truth your my wife not his Grace."

In Bermuda, Julian calls his father to tell him that his full proof plan is ready.  Alistair says that now is the perfect time to strike because they are totally relaxed.  When Julian asks how he knows what Sheridan and Luis are doing we find out that Alistair is in Bermuda keeping tabs on Luis and Sheridan.

On the plane Theresa daydreams about Ethan thanking her when she tell him that she talked Julian into making him a Crane again.  Theresa talks to the passenger next to her about how her wedding was canceled and that she is going to Bermuda to grab her last chance at possibly marrying the man she loves.

Meanwhile at the police station, Grace shares her feelings with Eve.  Grace says she has always been afraid that something from her past would ruin her present life with Sam.

At the Beach, Ivy takes a walk to escape Rebecca and all the tensions at the mansion.  She spots Ethan and he lends support and a sympathetic ear.

Back at the Police station, David is brought in to Sam and everyone is anxious as Sam gets ready to read the information on the fax.

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