Passions Update Tuesday 7/31/01


Passions Update Tuesday 7/31/01

Norma continues to look for Tabitha and Timmy who are hiding on the boat
headed to Warlock Island.  Charity is very fearful about her latest premonition in which she saw Sam and Grace, Ethan and Theresa, Sheridan and Luis, as well as Tabitha and Timmy cynic out for help.

Meanwhile Eve has finished giving David a physiological exam which he passed.  Not satisfied with the results of the test Sam asks Eve to give David a lie detector test. Eve agrees before they give David the lie detector test Grace worries that David is her husband Sam tries to reassure her.  Eve begins to give David the lie detector test with Sam and Grace present.  

Ethan is very worried about Theresa he and Chad head to Whitney's house to see if she has heard anything from Theresa.

Meanwhile at Whitney's house, Theresa is determined to make amends to Ethan for all the pain she has caused him.  Her plan is to persuade Julian Crane to make Ethan a Crane again.  She thinks that is the only way she can save their relationship.  She makes Whitney promise not to tell anyone that she has seen her or where she is going.  Theresa doesn't want to see Ethan again until she can tell him that he can be a Crane again.  

On a plane, Sheridan and Luis head to Bermuda for their romantic pre-honeymoon trip.

Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Julian makes plans to go to Bermuda to file his divorce papers and kill Sheridan Ivy walks in just as Julian is telling Rebecca "while I am in Bermuda I can Kill to birds with one stone."  Ivy asks who Julian is planning to kill he says our marriage.

In Bermuda, Luis in Sheridan arrive they plan to take a romantic bath in their private hot tub.  

On the boat, Tabitha and Timmy are stuck on the boat headed to warlock Island.  They worry because they know they will face death there.

Meanwhile at the crane mansion, Julian and Rebecca taunt Ivy about her current circumstances.  Julian tells Ivy that all that has happened is her fault because of all her lies.  For the first time he shows his anger over losing Ethan the best son a man could ever have.  He heads to the airport to take a plane to Bermuda.  

Meanwhile at Whitney's house, Ethan walks in as Whitney is trying to put Theresa's wedding dress away.  Ethan asks why Whitney didn't tell him Theresa was there.  Whitney explains that she promised not to say anything.  Ethan tries to catch Theresa but can't find her. Ethan tells Whitney he is very worried about Theresa and asks Whitney to tell him where she went.  Whitney says she can't tell him that either.  

At the police station, Eve informs Grace and Sam that David has passed the lie detector test.  Sam remains determined to prove that David is lying but Grace worries that he is telling the truth.  Sam says he has a way to prove that David is lying.  He will request a copy of the marriage license from Hartford.  

As the boat gets closer to Warlock Island Timmy tells Tabitha that when the boat docks they should tell the captain that they got on the wrong boat and he can take them back to Harmony.  They are unaware that Norma is the Captain.  Norma says "Tabitha and Timmy don't know it yet but they are my catch of the day."  

At the Police Station, Sam gives David one more chance to tell the truth before he is exposed as a liar.  Sam calls the department of records in Hartford to request a copy of the marriage license.

In Bermuda. Julian arrives and informs his father of his full proof plan to kill Sheridan.  Sheridan and Luis make love in the hot tub while someone is watching.

Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Theresa hides outside as she hears Ivy and Rebecca say that Julian has gone to Bermuda to get a divorce.  Despite what happened with Mr. Crane in Bermuda on Theresa's last trip she decides to go to Bermuda to try and persuade Julian to make Ethan a Crane again.  

On the boat, Charity thanks Miguel for always supporting her even though she is not the normal girlfriend.  Kay secretly hopes that fate will give her Miguel on Warlock Island.  Timmy and Tabitha go talk to the captain whose back is turned.  Norma gets her ax ready.  Timmy and Tabitha are terrified as they come face to face with Norma who threatens to chop them into teeny tiny pieces.  The harmony teens have a picnic on the island as Charity's outlook gets brighter.  

Ethan continues to worry about Theresa as she gets her tickets at the airport and heads for Bermuda.  

At the police Station, Sam gets a fax from Hartford.

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