Passions Update Friday 7/27/01


Passions Update Friday 7/27/01

By Eva

Crazy Norma continues to chase Tabitha and Timmy through the sewers of Harmony.

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, Grace and Sam sympathize with the two wedding couples as they read the story of what happened in the newspaper.  Grace asks Charity if her mother (Faith) ever mentioned anything about a man named David.  Charity says she doesn't remember her mother mentioning anyone named David.  Sam decides to get proof to convince Grace that David is not her husband.  Reese prepares things for the class camping trip to warlock island. Charity tells Reese and Jessica that she senses death hovering over Sheridan.  She also says she is getting a vague sense that Theresa is headed for "some kind of huge disaster."

Meanwhile at Theresa's house, Theresa's friends and family worry because after searching all night they have no clue where she might be. Miguel calls the house to see if Theresa has come home Pillar tells him they do not have any news yet.  Luis tries to stay positive for his mother's sake but deep down he is worried about his little sister.  Ethan wrestles with his feelings of guilt because he blames himself for Theresa running away.  Kay offers support to Miguel who tells Kay to go to Tabitha's house and tell Charity that he loves her but he won't be going to Warlock Island with the class because he has to stay until his sister is found.  Kay is deeply disappointed but does what Miguel asks of her.

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, The gang is thrilled to see Simone who has been released from the hospital.  Simone tells everyone that her Mom agreed to let her go on the trip provided she takes it easy.  Sam asks Eve to do a psychological profile on David to prove to Grace that David is crazy.  Eve wonders if what David is saying could be true but agrees to do this favor for Sam.

In jail, David vows "you don't believe me now Grace but you will we're going to be together again Grace we're going to be together again."  

Inside the sewers of Harmony Norma suppress Tabitha and Timmy and swings an ax over their heads.  Tabitha grabs an old wine bottle and hits Norma over the head with it.  Tabitha and Timmy make their escape.  A few seconds later a dazed Norma rises up out of the sewer water and follows them.  

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, Charity informs everyone that Tabitha's bed has not been slept in. A suspicious Reese wonders what Tabitha and Timmy are up to now.  Grace hears noises coming from the basement and she along with Reese Charity and Jessica decide to see if Tabitha is down there.  Kay confides her disappointment to Simone because Miguel is not going to Warlock Island with them.  Simone advises Kay not to go after Miguel again.  Kay says she won't do that because fate will lend her a hand this time.  

Meanwhile at Theresa's house, Ethan apologizes to Pillar for everything that happened.  She tells him it isn't his fault. Ethan heads out with Chad to search for Theresa again because he has a feeling he may not see her again. Miguel calls Charity because he is really worried about his sister.  Charity informs him that she continues to have the same premonition of death looming over Sheridan.  She also shares that something really momentous is going to happen to Theresa something she never planned.  

Back at Tabitha's house, Grace and the kids carry their camping gear downstairs just as they hear another noise coming from the basement. Tabitha and Timmy arrive home in one piece after being chased all over town by crazy Norma.  Sam informs Tabitha that Grace and the kids went down to the basement to search for her.  Tabitha arrives at the basement door just in time to stop Grace from opening it.  Norma lurks outside waiting to make her move after everyone leaves the house and Tabitha and Timmy are alone.  Timmy advises Tabitha that they better come up with a plan just in case Norma comes back for them when they are alone in the house.

Eve arrives at the jail to give David the tests.  David informs her that he is not crazy and he is telling the truth about being Graces husband.

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, Charity continues to be troubled about her feelings concerning Sheridan and Theresa.  She senses that one of them will die.

Ethan, Whitney, and Chad return to Theresa's house after another fruitless search.  They turn on the radio to take there mind off things. On the news they hear that the body of an unidentified Jane Doe was found in an abandoned warehouse.  They fear it may be Theresa.


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