Passions Update Thursday 7/26/01


Passions Update Thursday 7/26/01

By Eva

At the church, Charity worries that death will come to the wedding.  Miguel begs her not to say anything to Luis and Sheridan.  Julian continues to wrestle with his feelings of guilt over his sister's impending death.  Pillar and Whitney worry about where Theresa has gone so they go to look for her.   In the church court yard, Theresa listens from a hidden spot as Ethan tells Chad he can't marry Theresa now.  Upon hearing those words Theresa runs off distraught and crying hysterically.  Chad and Ethan continue to talk. Ethan tells Chad that he still loves Theresa but they have some things to work before they get married.  What concerns Ethan most is the fact that Theresa didn't tell him the truth about his paternity.  Ethan tells Chad that it will be a while before he can trust Theresa again.

Elsewhere on the Church grounds, Crazy Norma holds Timmy and Tabitha by the neck.  Norma realizes that she doesn't have her ax and Timmy and Tabitha form a plan. Tabitha tells Timmy that Norma will have to let go of one of them to bend down and pick up the ax.  Norma hears them planning their escape she thaws both of them to the floor and ties them up before she bends down to pick up the ax.  Norma then swings the ax at their heads.  

Meanwhile Jessica tells Kay not to go after Miguel again because if she does evil will come to harmony again.  Jessica reminds Kay of all the evil that has happened in the past.  Kay is sure nothing will happen if she decides to go after Miguel.  Kay decides to go for a walk to think.

The argument continues between Ivy, Gwen, Pillar, and Whitney.  Pillar thinks that Gwen might be the one who sent the e-mail to the tabloid.  Gwen denies that accusation and says Pillar is trying to shift the focus away from the true culprit Theresa.  Miguel walks in and Tells Pillar that Luis and Sheridan have decided to go ahead with their wedding. Pillar and Whitney are about to leave to go back inside the church for the wedding when Theresa runs in distraught and tells Pillar through tears "Mama its over I heard Ethan say he won't marry me." Whitney and Pillar try to calm her down and say that maybe she heard him wrong.  Gwen and Ivy convince her that it is over between her and Ethan because Ethan will never forgive her.  Gwen also adds to Theresa's pain by saying that if she would have told Ethan about his paternity sooner Grace Bennett would not have lost her baby.  Theresa believes them and thinks she is a horrible person and runs away even more distraught.

Luis and Sheridan wait anxiously for their family members to arrive.  Charity has the same premonition and shouts  "no you can't get married you just can't "

While on her walk Kay meets up with Reese who tells her an interesting story about Warlock Island where their class will be going on their trip this year.  The story is about two cousins who are in love with the same boy and the boy.  One of the cousins is the boys girl friend and the other just loves him from afar.  He tells Kay that they all go to the island together and the girl who loves the boy from afar ends up marrying him.  The boy's girlfriend ends up dying in an accident on Warlock island.  Kay's hopes rise and she becomes determined to get Miguel and Charity to go on the trip.  The way Kay figures it maybe she can still be good and get Miguel with some help from fate.  

Despite Miguel's urging her not to say anything Charity tells Luis and Sheridan about her premonition.  Luis reassures Sheridan that nothing bad will happened they decide to go through with the wedding when the family is gathered.  

Tabitha and Timmy finally manage to get away in the nick of time when Theresa bumps into Norma in her hurry to get away.  Norma begins to chase Tabitha and Timmy all over the church grounds eventually Tabitha and Timmy hide in a sewer but Norma follows them.  

Pillar tells Luis, Sheridan, Ethan, Miguel and Charity why Theresa ran away.   Ethan says she misunderstood the conversation and Whitney Chad and Ethan begin the search for Theresa.  After much debate Luis and Sheridan decide to postpone their wedding.  Julian realizes that he will have to kill his sister tonight.   Sheridan gets a feeling that someone walked over her grave.  Gwen worries that Ethan and Theresa will resolve their problems but Rebecca assures her that will never happen.


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