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By Eva (and one below by Joey!)

The mysterious man takes Grace out of Tabitha's kitchen. At the tabloid office, Whitney and Chad continue to argue about whether or not Chad should tell Ethan the information in the tabloid. Whitney thinks that Chad should wait until after Ethan and Theresa are married. that way Theresa has time to tell Ethan that she knew about his paternity and they can find out exactly what proof the tabloid has to print this lie. Chad insists he has got to tell Ethan before he marries Theresa so that he can decide for himself what to do next.

At the Crane mansion, Julian decides to question Timmy before he kills him. He asks him three questions he has been curious to know about. How do you make a marTimmy? How does he know about the plan to murder Sheridan? What exactly is his connection to Tabitha? Timmy gladly answers the first two questions but refuses to answer the third question.

At the tabloid office, Whitney tries desperately to talk Chad out of telling Ethan the information saying, "when two people are in love nothing should come between them." Chad refuses but does agree to search the tabloid office for more proof that the story is true.

At Tabitha's house, Sam gets worried about Grace and goes down to the kitchen to look for her. She is no wear in sight but he finds the broken glass she dropped when she fainted. He slowly pieces together the clues and follows the footprints outside to the garden. We see Grace lying on a bed in room not far from the garden. She begins to stir while the man looks at her, and says Grace. She wakes very agitated and asks the man who he is? He says his name is David, and he has come to take her away from all this. He grabs her arms to try to calm her she struggles to get free. Sam bursts in grabs the man and starts choking him. Chad searches for the proof the tabloid claims to have to back up their story. He finds the e-mail that Rebecca sent to the Tabloid and asks Whitney if that is Theresa's e-mail listed at the top. She confirms that it is Theresa's e-mail but insists there must be a reasonable explanation. Chad is positive that now he must tell Ethan before the wedding.

At the Crane mansion, Julian is still determined to kill Timmy so Timmy tries to make a deal with Julian. Timmy will go over to Sheridan's house, and exchange the poison ring for the real one so Sheridan doesn't have to die. Timmy almost convinces Julian until Timmy lets it slip that he knows Julian is trying to keep what happened to Martin Fitzgerald a secret. Julian is determined that Sheridan and Timmy must die. Timmy persuades Julian to untie him so that he cam make some more marTimmys. Timmy throws the drink in his face and runs away screaming with Julian chasing after him. At the cottage, Luis brings breakfast in bed to Sheridan who gets a chill like someone walked over her grave.

As Ethan and Theresa lie on the beach after making love for the second time, they think about what their wedding and married life will be like we see the tabloid again.

Second one by Joey

At The Mansion

Timmy and Julian are still having their little chat as Tabitha and the man in Hecuba’s pool talk about Harmony and its residents’ pasts. Tabitha then wonders where Timmy has gone because he had left a long time ago to make a MarTimmy. Meanwhile, our little friend is reassuring a very drunk Julian that he will not tell a soul that he was forced to kill his sister with the poisoned ring. Julian then realizes that poor Tim-Tim knows more than he would like and decides to cut him open to find out what he is made of! Oh no Timmy! Julian then proceeds to tie poor Timmy to a chair and looks closely at him under the light, as if it were a police interrogation! He then tries to find out how Timmy works by tempting him with MarTimmys! LOL!  Julian then goes even as far to tell Timmy that after he is done questioning him, he is going to look inside by cutting him open!! Timmy then uses his brain and says that if Julian cuts him up, no one will believe that he is alive, in which Julian agrees. But then a skeptical Julian says that if he keeps him alive he will tell all about Julian’s plan to kill Sheridan. Julian then wonders how Timmy knows so much about his plan to kill his sister? Julian then begins to ponder and thinks that Tabitha has something to do with Timmy being alive. Good guess Julian lol!!  Timmy then totally dodges his questions, refusing to comment on his beloved princess and just then, Julian gets a pair of scissors, threatening Timmy that he will soon know all of his secrets!! Timmy then once again tries to get himself out of it and tells Julian that they can be friends. Julian then looks at Timmy strangely and says that Timmy knows way too much for them to ever be friends. Timmy then tries his luck at talking Julian out of killing Sheridan. Timmy then tells Jules that he knows that Julian does not want to kill his own sister, and even goes as far to offer his help in getting the ring back so she won’t die. Timmy says that he will go get the ring and they can clean it off before Luis and Sheridan get married. Julian then begins to consider his offer but then realizes that if Sheridan does not die, there will be extreme consequences. Timmy then lets Julian know that he knows if Luis marries into their family, he will find out what happened to his father. Ohhh Timmy!! This causes Julian to become upset to the point that he declares that Sheridan will and must die. Timmy tries to interfere and change his mind again but it is too late; the subject is closed! Julian then tells Timmy to be a good lad and make him another MarTimmy. Timmy uses his brain this time and says that he cannot make him a drink if he is tied up. So Julian makes him promise to be good and unties him. Timmy then begins mixing the ingredients and throws the MarTimmy in Julian’s face!! Timmy then makes a run for it, screaming the whole way as Julian begins to chase him! Tabitha who is still in Hecuba’s lair, wonders what kind of trouble her Timmy has gotten himself into now!

Stuck In The Middle With You: Whitney and Chad’s Stealers Wheel Moment

Whitney and Chad are still in the tabloid’s office and the two are in complete awe over the headlines. Whitney cannot believe that the story came from Theresa because she deleted the file off of her computer completely. Whitney thinks that there is more to the story and that they cannot tell Ethan about it before the wedding. Chad disagrees and says that they have to tell Ethan and if they don’t he will find out anyway because the story will be on the newsstands tomorrow. Whitney then tells Chad that he has to give Theresa the benefit of the doubt because there is no way she would have destroyed Ethan’s life like that on purpose. She even goes as far to say that this story coming out will destroy their love and that nothing should come between two people who are in such love. Chad then uses Whitney’s own words against her by saying that she did that to them. Chad goes to open up the old wound and Whitney shuts him off completely, claiming that she does not want to get into it right now. The old Whitney is back! But this does not stop Chad as he asks her why she put an end to their relationship and the two argue over Simone and Whitney’s promise. Whitney then says that she wants to forget it all because she has not been focused on her tennis career, in which Chad interrupts completing the sentence by saying “ever since you fell in love with me.” Whitney is at first taken back but then says that it is over and she wants to let it go. Chad then focuses his attention on the tabloid and finds the e-mail that was sent to the office. Whitney looks at it and identifies it as Theresa’s. Whitney is still in complete shock over the whole thing and swears that if Theresa did do something as horrible as this, she would have told her already. Chad disagrees and says that there are a lot of things that Theresa hasn’t told anyone because she didn’t tell Whitney until way after that she knew Ethan’s true paternity. Whitney still thinks that Theresa would not do something like this and is not capable of destroying someone’s life. Chad then declares that he is not going to argue over it but has to get to Ethan right away. Whitney then says that if he does do this, there will be no wedding and even asks Chad if that is what he wants? ..for there to be no wedding? Chad then tells Whitney that it is not up to him or if that is what he wants… it’s up to Ethan. Strong words!!

Speaking of Ethan and Theresa….

The two are still on the beach and finally make love. Afterwards, Theresa declares that it was completely incredible and that she is finally a woman. Theresa then tells Ethan that there is no doubt in her mind that they will be together forever and then talk about how the moment was right. Ethan then tells Theresa that he is so happy that he found her because he knows in his heart that he can count on her to be true and honest to him. Hmmmm… What a familiar speech! Ethan then says that he has no idea what he would do if he were to lose her, in which Theresa reassures him that he will never will and asks him to make love to her again. Afterwards, the two watch the sun come up and realize that this is a brand new day in their lives. Let’s just hope this will be a happy day!

At The Cottage

Luis and Sheridan are dancing the tango and just so happen to tango over to the bed! LOL! Sheridan then becomes really superstitious and says that she does not want to make love before their wedding day. A playful Luis then declares that it is their wedding day! LOL Trying to pull a fast one huh Luis? Sheridan then corrects herself and says that she does not want to make love before her wedding night because she wants it to be special and that it is bad enough that they are seeing each other before the wedding! Luis then talks Sheridan into making love and afterwards she comments on how intense it was! Whoah! But it is not the intense that we were thinking! Sheridan says that it felt like it was the last time that they will ever make love and Luis corrects her by saying as single people. Just then Sheridan gets a chill…. “as if someone was walking over her grave!” Hmm… has someone been hanging out with Charity?! LOL Luis then gets up and closes the window, that she was only cold because of the breeze.

At Tabby’s

Grace is standing in the kitchen and Tabitha’s, pouring herself a glass of water when all of a sudden she gets a feeling that she is being watched! She turns around to find David watching her!! Run Grace, run! Grace then becomes frightened and drops the glass as David tells her that she has come for her. Grace passes out cold and David catches her. He takes her to his room at the B&B, swearing that he is going to take her away from all of this forever. Later on in the show, we see Sam in the kitchen wondering where Grace is? He then notices the glass that she dropped on the floor and follows David’s footprints to the B&B! But meanwhile, David has Grace on his bed and tells her that everything will be ok now because she is finally with him. Grace then awakes and sees David staring at her. She immediately asks who he is, in which he replies “David” and that he has come for her. Just then Sam busts in and pulls David away from Grace!! You go Sam!!

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