Passions Update Monday 7/23/01



Passions Update Monday 7/23/01

By Eva

Timmy and Tabitha remember their crazy trip where they met Norma unaware that Norma is listening to them. Norma vows to the skull she thinks is her father that she will not let Timmy and Tabitha get away this time.  

Meanwhile tensions mount at the church. Ethan stands at the altar once again ready to marry Theresa.  Ivy pulls him away and begs for him not to do this. Ethan says he trusts Theresa and if she says she didn't send the e-mail she didn't do it.  Gwen continues to cry on the phone to Rebecca.  Rebecca urges Gwen to "do whatever it takes to stop the wedding" Gwen wonders if Ethan found out that Rebecca sent the E-mail from Theresa's computer. Rebecca tells her that it is impossible for anyone to have found out that she sent the e-mail from Theresa's computer.  Charity continues to get a vision of Sheridan lying on the floor of the church twisted in pain.  Gwen objects when Father Lonigan asks if there is anyone here who knows of a reason these couples should not be married.

At Tabitha's house, Norma lurks unseen behind Timmy and swings an ax at his head.  She slips on a piece of ice and misses Timmy.  

Meanwhile at the jail, Grace grows even more confused as Sam urges her not to believe this con artist.  Sam demands to see proof that David and Grace are married. David tells Grace of the many years he spent searching for her He says he had lots of proof of their marriage but it was all lost when his boat sank.  

At the Church, Gwen says she can prove Theresa is a liar and a backstabber who stole Ethan away from her by trickery.  Theresa and Pillar urge Ethan not to listen to listen to Gwen because she is just trying to get back at Theresa for getting Ethan away from her.  Ethan agrees but Gwen once again stops him by asking him this question What if I can prove Theresa is a liar If I can prove that Theresa knew about your paternity all along will you still marry her?  Ethan says "you will never convince me that Theresa lied."  Gwen and Ivy continue to try to persuade Ethan not to go through with the wedding.  Ethan asks Chad if he found any proof of the person who sent the e-mail at the tabloid office.

Meanwhile at Tabitha's house, Norma continues to lurk waiting for the right moment to strike.  As Timmy and Tabitha remember their crazy adventure they say they hope they never see that crazy old woman again.  Norma is offended at being called old and emerges from her hiding place.  She chases them ax in hand as they run for their lives.  

Meanwhile at the Church, Chad tells Ethan he found proof of the person who sent the e-mail.  He shows Ethan a copy of the e-mail with Theresa's e-mail address on top.  Ethan says that Theresa couldn't have sent the e-mail because she didn't know about his paternity until the night of their engagement party.

At the jail, Grace begins to worry that what David is saying may be true.   Sam continues to urge her not to believe David because he is making the whole thing up.   Sam is determined to investigate and get to the truth of the situation.   Grace begins to leave but David begs her not to leave him again.  He tells Grace he loves her and wants her back.  

Meanwhile at the mansion, Julian continues to wallow in his guilt.  He is also worried that Luis and Sheridan won't get married and he will be forced to kill his sister.

At the Church, Miguel reassures Charity that her premonition about Sheridan won't come true.  Ethan begs Theresa to tell everyone that she didn't know about his paternity until the night of their engagement party.  Gwen dares her to tell the truth before God and everyone.  Theresa begins to cry and runs out of the church.

At the Jail, David tells Grace that everything he is saying is true.  Grace says she can't believe him because he has no proof.  Sam and Grace start to leave than David remembers that Grace's middle name is Standish that she has a twin sister named Faith and the last time he saw her she was on her way to Boston.  Grace is stunned and says "Sam he knows me"


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