Passions Update Wednesday 7/18/01



Passions Update Wednesday 7/18/01

By Joey

At the church, Sam wonders where Grace could be.

At the police station Grace questions David about who he is.  He refuses to say anything and urges her to just look inside herself and she will remember his identity.  Grace tries to ember but is frustrated when she can't recall anything, She tells David "I truly do know who you are."

Meanwhile at the Church, Ethan nervously wonders where Ivy could be. Everyone tries to contact Ivy but no one can seem to reach her.

At the Crane mansion, Julian's pangs of guilt get stronger as he watches the wedding guests on the close circuit video from his study.  Ivy is still unable to get out of her room because the doorknob fell out of the door.  She is fuming because she thinks Theresa sent the e-mail to the tabloid.  She is frustrated because she left the cell phone just outside her room on her desk.   It continues to ring as people at the church try to reach her.

At the church, Chad worries that he might not have done the right thing by lying to Ethan about the tabloid.  Gwen calls Rebecca from the church wondering why Ivy has not gotten to the church.  

Meanwhile at the mansion, Ivy grows more and more frustrated at the situation and yells and bangs on the door "somebody help me I have to get to the church and kill Theresa."

At the police station, Grace grows even more confused by David.  She tells him she has no idea what he wants. She explains the premonition she had in which she saw that he was going to ruin her marriage.

At the mansion, Alistair tells Julian and Rebecca that if Sheridan doesn't die tonight someone will pay.  

Meanwhile at the church, the brides wait anxiously for Ivy to arrive.  Father Lonigan tells everyone to assemble in the vestibule so they will be ready to start when Ivy arrives.  Eve tells T. C.  that Grace is meeting with David at the police station.  

At the Police Station, David continues to urge Grace to try harder to remember his identity.  She is still unable to do so.

Back at the church.  The wedding couples try to decide whether or not they should go ahead with the wedding.   After a brief discussion they decide to go ahead without Ivy.  Charity worries there will be violence at the wedding. Charity also has a premonition of Sheridan lying on the floor of the church yelling in pain.

At the police station, David gives Grace a clue to his identity.  He tells Grace she knew him before she met Sam.  The clue does nothing to jog Grace's memory. She starts to leave but David grabs her by the wrist when he does this Grace has a premonition of being pulled in two different directions by Sam and David.  After a struggle David finally wins and takes her away from Sam. Grace gets scared by what she saw and gets David to let go of her wrist.   She turns to leave to keep her from leaving David yells out "Grace I'm your husband."

At the church, the brides walk down the aisle, when they reach the end of the aisle the couples stand and gaze at each other.  Some special music that Chad picked out is played by a mariachi band.

At the mansion, Rebecca discovers that Ivy is stuck in the house when she hears Ivy break a window to get out of her room.  Rebecca helps her get out and Ivy tears off still furious, to stop the wedding.

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