Passions Update Monday 7/16/01



Passions Update Monday 7/16/01

By Eva

At Theresa's house, Kay tries on Theresa's bridal mantilla, and dreams of
marrying Miguel.  While Charity watches Kay she has a premonition of Kay
marrying someone, but she can't make out who the person will be.  Kay vows to
be good, and still get Miguel.  Tabitha offers to read Pillar's tea leaves,
but Pillar refuses.

At Sheridan's cottage, Gwen tries on Sheridan's wedding ring, she begins to
get sick.  

At Theresa's house Theresa worries that Whitney knows something bad will
happen at the wedding.  Whitney reassures her that her wedding day will be

At the Park Ethan asks Chad if he found out he sent the e-mail to the
tabloid.  Chad stalls trying to prepare him for the bad news.

At the Crane mansion, Rebecca tries to pump Julian for information so she can
discover if Ivy has seen the tabloid yet.
Ivy is about to open the tabloid, and look inside when a maid enters, and
asks if she needs anything.  Ivy says no thank you, but the made sees her
loose doorknob, and offers to temporarily tighten it with a straight pin.  
Ivy says that is a wonderful idea, and goes to get ready for the wedding.  
Julian feels guilty about putting the Poisson on his sister's wedding ring,
but resigns himself to the fact there is nothing he can do about it.

Meanwhile at Sheridan's cottage, Gwen lies down on Sheridan's couch, and
yells in pain.  A scared Sheridan offers to take Gwen to the hospital, but
Gwen says she will be fine she just needs a drink of water.  Sheridan rushes
to get Gwen a drink of water.  

Meanwhile at Theresa's house, Charity asks Kay who she was dreaming of
marrying.  Kay covers, and says that when she dreams of her wedding day she
doesn't focus on a specific person to marry, but on what the day will look
like.  Tio Francisco has a talk with Luis, and wonders if he has considered
what married life will be like after the wedding.  Luis begins to sweat, and
gets very nervous.  Whitney calls Chad to beg him not to show Ethan the
tabloid while Ethan continues to pressure him to tell him if he has found out
the name of the person who sent the e-mail.  Chad promises Whitney he will
not show Ethan the tabloid.  
Chad lies to Ethan, and says he could not find a name.  Ethan heads over to
the church while Chad heads to Theresa's house to meet the rest of the
wedding party.

Meanwhile at Sheridan's cottage, As Gwen gets sicker Sheridan again asks if
she wants to go to the doctor.  Gwen says she doesn't want to miss the
wedding.  Gwen goes to the bathroom to splash water on her face. Rebecca
calls to talk to Gwen. Sheridan tells her that Gwen is not feeling well.  
Sheridan lets it slip that Gwen tried on her wedding ring.  Rebecca drops the
phone, and tells Julian the news.  they rush to Sheridan's cottage.

Meanwhile at Theresa's house, Luis worries about his future with Sheridan.  
Tabitha tells Timmy they need Kay to keep Charity from making love to Miguel
so her powers will not get stronger.
Theresa looks beautiful in her wedding dress.  The wedding party heads to the

Ethan calls Ivy to share his worries about how he will support Theresa once
they are married.  His mother reassures him that everything will be fine.  

Meanwhile at the cottage, Gwen has passed out on Sheridan's
couch.  Rebecca and Julian arrive.  Rebecca takes the ring of Gwen's finger
while Sheridan is getting Gwen more water.  They try and revive Gwen, but she
still won't wake up.

At the Crane mansion, Ivy goes to look at the envelope after hanging up with

Chad and Whitney share a passionate kiss before heading inside the church.  
Whitney vows to keep her promise no matter how much it hurts.  

At Sheridan's Cottage, Gwen finally wakes up. Julian continues to feel guilty
about poisoning his sister.  

Ethan finally meets Tio Francisco and Tia Christina at the church.

At Sheridan's cottage, Sheridan is finally ready, and heads over to the
church.  As Julian watches his sister leave he says "this is the last time I
will see my sister alive" he heads off to be alone.
Ivy finally sees the tabloid at first she thinks its a joke but when she
reads the article she screams in anger.

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